Sunday, 11 August 2013

The duplicity of America’s foreign policy

By AHMEDNASIR ABDULLAHI Posted Saturday, August 10 2013 at 18:02 IN SUMMARY “I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world … In Ankara I made it clear that America is not and never will be at war with Islam … So let me be clear: no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by another. That does not lessen my commitment, however, to governments that reflect the will of the people” — President Barrack Obama, Al Azhar University, Cairo, June 4, 2009. John Kerry, America’s Foreign Secretary, in the past week commented on two political scenarios unfolding on the African continent. His contrasting comments show not only the moral bankruptcy of the Obama Administration, but also poignantly underline how low America’s stature on the global scene has sunk under Obama’s watch. The Obama Administration is chipping off and depleting at an alarming rate America’s stock of credibility and stature built over centuries. Kerry’s two statements touched on the elections in Zimbabwe and the dire situation in Egypt. He condemned the result of elections that showed President Robert Mugabe as the winner and declared that the same didn’t reflect the will of the people. Referring to the military overthrow of President Mohamed Morsy, Kerry declared that the same was not a coup and congratulated the Egyptian army for “restoring democracy”. Is this American hypocrisy? No, it isn’t. This duplicitous double speak is a simple restatement of America’s foreign policy under Obama. It is based on temporal expediency, an ad hoc address of global issues with no underlying values, no moral compass or principles. It is not even informed by selfish American self-interest, for that, in itself, would have been something admirable! Obama’s foreign policy towards the Muslim world has a sole defining pillar. Drones remote controlled from the deserts of Nevada or some satellite stations in the Horn of Africa inform and guide it. This militarist themed foreign policy has been unclothed by the overthrow of Morsy and his continued incarceration by the military junta in Cairo. The Obama Administration has refused to see the obvious that Morsy was overthrown. To the contrary, the Obama Administration holds the view that the new administration, under the de facto control of General Abdel Fattah Sisi, was constitutional and didn’t depose Morsy. How can an administration that can’t be honest about such a simple factual scenario be taken seriously on matters of global diplomacy? Cover for coup It has now come to light that General Sisi and the Obama Administration simply used the Tamarrod campaign against Morsy as a cover for the coup. Contrary to the widely exaggerated view that the demonstrators at Tahrir Square were in their millions, it has now come to light through Google counts that they were roughly about 150,000. At that point, Morsy had a popularity rating of slightly 40 per cent higher than any Western ruler. That a constitutionally elected president can be overthrown 12 months after his election, imprisoned and the West rushes to endorse the new military administration underscores very silent issues in the Muslim world. General Sisi’s Administration is a simple takeover and return by the Mubarak Administration with the explicit approval of Obama. First, America and the West, contrary to their lamentable lullabies, will never allow democracy to take root in the Middle East and North Africa. It may sound “third worldish” but such a scenario is against their interests! They are better off relying on venerable monarchies who are on the throne courtesy of American patronage. Secondly, the battle for Egyptian democracy lies ahead. The looming threat by Gen Sisi that he will clear the hundreds of thousands of Egyptians calling for the return of Morsy and the tacit brooding by the West to clear the streets will be decisive. Whoever wins that battle will rule Egypt. Ahmednasir is the publisher, Nairobi Law Monthly

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