Friday, 30 April 2010

Kenya's Ethnic Diplomats

The more things change the more they stay the same. It is only in Kenya where politicians who are intellectual dwarf will never match words with action or what comes out of their mouth are not well thought of or articulated. Their though process is disjointed.It is interesting to analyse this politician who think that they can be economical with the truth all the times and take large public for a ride.

The recent appointment of Diplomats has been shrouded with cloud of secrecy as it is ethnic based and full of flaws. The Diplomats we are told have been chosen by President Kibaki,Prime Minister Odinga, Ambassador Muthaura and Hon.Wetangula. The criteria used was ethnic based and chosen from the Gema tribe , Luo Nyanza and a token for Wetangula. No seasoned or career diplomat was chosen to represent this beautiful country. The amount of secrecy in this whole saga is beyond believe.

PM Odinga has turned out to have joined the league of double speak and has now gone back to his ethnic cocoon. He previously appointed his sister Wenwa Akinyi, as Consulate-General in Kenya's mission in Los Angeles and Elkanoh Odembo who is related to him to Kenya Embassy in France.This same Odinga was the one who has been going around shouting on top of his voice and telling us that we need to appoint people based on meritocracy and not from the ethnic background that they hail from. He has been criss crossing Kenya and the world preaching professionalism should be the thing.

PM Odinga wanted the share of loot 50-50 and now since Kibaki has allowed him his first 50-50 appointment he has managed to fill it with his own relatives and tribesmen. We never expected Prime Minister Odinga to stoop so low and act as a tribal chief. It is now clear to Kenyans what Prime Minister Odinga says in public is not what he really means. He is obsessed with power grabbing that he will say anything to achieve his goals.He is economical with truth. Just study the list and put a ethnic label and you will see what we mean. Odinga was given slots to fill with Kenyans who fulfilled the criteria of meritocracy but he ended up filling the posts with his own relatives. We expected this from President Kibaki and not him.He dream of ruling this country in 2012 is now a pipe dream and tall order.

President Kibaki has turned out to be the worst omen Kenya has ever had. Ask former Hon. John Keen who knows him better than anyone living in Kenya today. Kibaki has surpassed Kenyatta and Moi in ethnicising Kenya. Late President Kenyatta played his card by dividing and ruling using all ethnic communities in Kenya while favouring his own House of Mumbi. He set up elaborate scheme to empower his ethnic community by embarking on large scale education ,handing over industries and public institution to be run by House of Mumbi. He set up the largest Kikuyu Inc by ensuring his people dominated the life of Kenyans for the 15 years he was on helm.

When President Moi took over he openly said that he was following 'Nyayo' of the Late President and began empowering his own people and started large scale re-education bringing them to a level that they easily competed with Kenyatta's ethnic group and overtook them in period of 24 years. Moi personally paid private Maths teachers a warping Ksh 300,000[large amount calculated at that period] a month to teach Kalenjin children and airlifted thousand to worldwide universities. He also allowed marginalised tribe to uplift themselves through their leaders.

In 2002 Kenyans overwhelmingly voted for a change to replace this ethnic based politics and way of life to a nationalistic outlook that will lead their country to prosperity. They voted for Kibaki and Odinga team whom they erroneously had pegged their hope and aspiration. Their dream was to be shattered sooner than later as both leaders had ethnic based agenda to uplift their own people. Kibaki oversaw the reversal of all Moi's Nyayo by appointing his own Kikuyu brethren to every single public and private institution within a short period. He achieved this magic in a span of three years what it took 15 years for Kenyatta and another 24 years for Moi.

Kenyans will not accept this corrupt and nepotistic trend to continue . The population of Kenya is now 40 million and well educated. They can tell wheat from the chaff.It is only time as this ethnic based leaders are blind and will not reform. The youth population under 35 is running up to 72% with high unemployment they have nothing to loose and will rather see the house burning down for everybody.

President Kibaki is running a Kikuyu Inc instead of Kenya. He has forgotten there are 41+ tribes in Kenya who expect equitable share of everything. He has now invited Odinga's Tribe which now makes them 2 tribes against 40+. He thinks he will get away by appeasing Odinga who was in the same league with him in the first place. The 40+ tribe with their youth will rise and take over the reign of Kenya soon.Kibaki has made sure that the security,defence,industry,public institution are all populated with Kikuyu Inc. His challenge was quick reversal of Moi's ethnic game and he has achieved it to the detrimental of other Kenyans. Time is up and we know. Is he ready???.

The so called diplomat training are being conducted in secrecy in a Nairobi hotel and when the newsmen had a wind of it they were immediately relocated to Mombasa. Why all this secrecy Mr President and Prime Minister. It is the fear of other Kenyans will know that this group of diplomats are ethnic based and will not represent the interest of Kenya but will represent Kikuyu and Luo interest. Why secrecy we know what is going on and are ashamed to be represented by tribal Ambassadors. We ask all Kenyans who are abroad to boycott this embassies and seek help from neighbouring countries embassies and high commission's abroad.

Here is the list and look at the composition yourself .....


1. Dave Arunga

2. Nancy Barasa

3. Ken Osinde

4. Peter Salim Ndemo

5. Benson Ogutu

6. Josephine Owuor

7. Josephine Ngeisa

8. Anthony Andanje

9. Karimi Mberia

10. Anthony Muchiri

11. Bill Kimaru

So you see what we are seeing ethnic based diplomats. We will not continue to be hoodwinked and forced to keep quite. There are equally highly trained and qualified Kenyans from other ethnic groups. Both so called principles should be painted for what they are ethnic chieftains.


Thursday, 29 April 2010

Kenya Moral Maze

Today we want to talk about few dedicated Kenyans who have strive to make a mark in a small way in their own backyard. They are Kenyan who are morally upright thoughtful and shun corruption. This Kenyans do not pretend they are whiter than White they work toward goals of achieving progress in a small way that make major impact. They speak less but act with magnanimity.

The global village today represent good governance with people looking forward to accountable governments. Accountability represent voters and citizen questioning the government of the day and giving them red card when they are at fault. The relationship is extraordinary in a way it keeps their leaders on toe. The country resources are used equitably and citizen work hard to promote and propel their country forward.

The few Kenyans who in a small way have engaged with their citizen have done wonderful projects to uplift their people and are accountable to their constituent. We are grateful to this few Kenyans who help their fellow human beings by defining their relationship and building a bond which is trickles down line. This few good men and women toil and carry the banner of good human nature. They have never enriched themselves nor involved in corrupt dealing. They had all the opportunity but the said no no no.

Kenya today is controlled by disjointed coalition government who have stalled all the progress that the country could have made. With disputed election which saw the massacre of 1500 and displaced 600,000 this myopic leaders led by poor and bankrupt leadership skills have placed our country in permanent state of electioneering. The poor masses who are fighting HIV AIDS and Malaria and unable to feed their families are mentally poisoned and cheated of goodies to come. They are denied by this few leaders their right to good governance and accountability.

It is time Kenyans to change their mindset and stop clapping hands for people who have enriched themselves from corruption and tax evasion.This people are evil who have snatched food from the mouth of poor babies. They should be judged in that context and not cult worshiped. It is simple and straight forward that they are number one crooks hiding under the banner of failing leadership and ethnic cocoon cover.Kenyans should promote and support fairness,justice and accountability.

Kenya has strive to bring to justice all those who looted its wealth since 1963 and no one should be spared even if you were former President who who helped himself with the wealth of his country must be brought to account on how he accumulated his wealth. No one should be immune or above the law and that is why we need the new constitution to curtail the dishing of land by head of state to his cronies and friends. The leaders of Goldberg,Mamluki,Anglo leasing and all corrupt deals should be brought be brought to book. The days are short and numbered.

There are few dedicated Kenyans who in a small way bring an impact to the arena of moral high standing. They work hard ,they are upright and shun away corrupt deals and promote good governance within their sphere of life. This few men and women make us feel that there is hope in Kenya and one day our country will have leaders with intellectual capacity to make change and guide this nation using parameters of good governance and accountability.

If you look around you will see them shining and make effective contribution to their constituencies,parliament,judiciary and all walks of life. Look for them and encourage them.Forget About Moi,Kibaki,Odinga,Kenyatta,Kalonzo and Saitoti they are morally and intellectually bankrupt. They have failed and their leadership has lead to death and poverty throughout Kenya's history. Kenya needs to stop recycling this leaders who have passed their sale date.They have failed miserably and continue to use tax payers for their personal gains. Not a single has shown leadership skills.

Mandela who was President of South Africa never enriched or helped himself from the state coffers. He is a world statesman who served his country for one term and stepped down when his term expired. President Paul Kagame when he took over Rwanda 85% of its budget was under written by Aid he has reduced that to 50 % and working toward further slashing by to 30%. He has not enriched himself and continues to work toward just society. President Kikwete zero tolerance to corruption has made Tanzania a shining example.

We take this opportunity to pay tribute to the following Kenyans
Hon.Peter Kenneth -Mp for Gatanga
Maina Kiai- Former Chaiman KNHR
John Githongo-Former Ethic PS
Judge Philip Waki
Judge Mohamed Ibrahim
Hon.Abdikadir Mohamed-Mp Mandera Central,Chairman PSC
Ahmed Issack Hassan -Chairman IIEC
Florence Jaoko-Chairwoman KNHR
PLO Lumumba-?Imminent KACA director???.
Hon Kenneth Marende-Speaker
Hon. Kilemi mwiria-Mp Tigania West


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Banana Republic

Venue: Harambee House in attendance President Kibaki,Muthaura,Michuki and few other Mt Kenya clique. Heated discussion on the ongoing cabinet boycott by Raila Odinga and the out going KAA Managing Director Muhoho and how to diffuse the recent parliamentary rejection of the Appointment of KAA Managing Director. Muthaura quips its not hard to satisfy Raila who loves pomp and glory.Had we given him little carrot during the election we Will not have had Ocampo hoovering around us now. His support of the draft constitution is the belief that he will occupy the state house in 2012 a tall order. So long as we keep him hoping we can hit him hard when and where we want. He is satisfied with small things and we can make him more merrier by increasing his outriders by two more motorcycles. Well done Muthaura you have capture the mood of the man.

The Mount Kenya clique places its cards on the table while the President keep the joker under his sleeve. Okay let the President place a call to PM Odinga who has all along been waiting for face saving situation to restart the cabinet meeting. We will give him what he has been crying for all along to show little bit of power which will mesmerise him and capture moment of his mind. We will offer to transfer Ruto to less glorious ministry of higher Education where he will partner with Hon. Ongweri and replace this Keter with his earth wile supporter Megerer.This in turn will bend him to come running to the cabinet table while we can offer Ruto carrots at some stage and in the process we will ask Hon. Kimunya to appoint our man with a stoke of a pen at the helm of KAA and Raila will be asked to keep mum or the goodies will be withdrawn and elevation of Ruto will happen instantly a veiled threat.

Ambassador Muthaura places a phone call to PM Raila who is advised that the President is about to call in a few minute to discuss important national issues. At the treasury Odinga's advisers are caught unawares and scamper for position within the office. Odinga asks them politely to leave as he will be in private discussion with the President. President Kibaki Picks the phone and the conversation goes on as Hallo Hallo wewe ni huyo Raira now lets finish this know this thing has been going for few weeks. Oh oh Mr Mr President I have been waiting for you call and I am coming to Harambee house instantly and you are blessed you have saved my face and I will do for you everything. The Mt Kenya clique have had Raila where they wanted. A man of cheap tastes and easily satisfied.

PM Raila rushes to Harambee without his advisers and is ushered straight to a room where the Mt Kenya clique have rehearsed several time and wired all over. The President places his cards on the table. Kibaki goes on to say wewe Raira we will transfer Ruto and appoint Merger and this will mend you image which was recently been battered ,dented and is a sign that we are working as coalition and in return I am asking the Hon. Kimunya as transport minister to immediately appoint Stephen Gichuki as the head of KAA and i don't want to hear you or your lieutenants discussing the issue end of story. PM who feels elated and that his arch rival Hon Ruto has been transferred to lesser ministry will show him who is the boss. Mt Kenya clique all along have advised and prepared Ruto to take it with a pinch of salt.

Kenya is a funny country which as days go start to take shape of a banana republic. Imagine an Indian national flies into its airspace and is arrested on arrival at JKIA with all the glare of press and a week down the line they are unable to identify or ascertain if this is the man who most sought after criminal Devani who with the help of some senior cabinet ministers looted billion of shilling from this poor nation which is painfully being footed by the poor Kenyan tax payers. Devani has vowed that he will never go down alone and will have to come down with several cabinet ministers who ate and dined with him. We know who is covering Devani it none other than the Mt Kenya mafia. The capture of Devani was confirmed by Immigration Minnister Otieno Kajwan'g who is prone to gaffes.

The epitome of a banana republic is reflected by the way communication is conducted among its ministers. The Minister for information Samuel Poghisio appears on national television castigating the Mandera Sheikhs who have banned DSTV viewing in video halls in what they consider to be immoral watching of pornography supported by the Nairobi Secretary General SUPKEM Adan Wachu. In a space of less than 12 hours the PC for North Eastern Mr Ole Seriani thrashes the Minister Pogisio statement claiming it was the government that has closed those pornography dens and not the Sheikhs. It was a decision taken during district security committee meeting .This is contrary to what Pogisio told us yesterday. Two government department not talking to each other.The Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe denied that Devani was not captured and was in London enroute to India.

Tomorrow President Kibaki leaves for China with a begging bowl while away he will be deputised by Kalonzo and affair that Raila regrets. We hope the President comes back safely as we are in the Banana republic where God forbid if anything happens to the President we Will have no clear cut route to follow and we will go down free fall.

Ekwe Edia

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Looting of Kenya

The looting of Kenya continues at high speed unabated while million of its citizen cannot afford basic item needed for survival from day to day. The Kibaki regime has perfected what started as Kenyatta looting game and accelerated by despotic Moi.There shall come a time when this needy Kenyans will say enough is enough and will take to the streets and bring down all those who have lived off their sweats and made this beautiful country poor and unable to rise from ashes.

Moi stole and stashed U.S $ 2billion in foreign countries where he earns colossal interest and will never see this money come back to Kenya. Moi is 86+years and old man who should be retired long time tending to his goats. This cash which Moi will not be lucky to spend even if he wanted as his time span logically tells us is already matured. This cash that he stole from the poor innocent Kenyans will be used by European clever government to feed and educate its own people while we in Kenya die of hunger,malnutrition and HIV AIDS. What Moi has is carrying a useless bank statement showing figures that he commands and his tribesmen will never be able to consume and done with even if they wanted.The money is lying in European financial houses.

Moi's Sons Philip and his Brother Gideon have looted U.S $598 and $675 million dollars which are also stashed abroad in banks and off shore web of companies. They were floored in the last General election as Kenyans wanted to do away with the past and were looking forward to a country that has done away with corrupt and evil way for only the election to be stolen in front of their eyes with the help of Moi and his cronies.Moi who with his sons have grabbed big chunks of land did just perfect the Nyayo of his predecessor Jomo Kenyatta that he was following. Today many Kenyans are poor and landless and are living in the world biggest slums. Thanks to their patience and resilience which running thin and out.

Moi with his cronies are fighting the new draft constitution which will reduce schemes to loot public coffers and to address the issue of land that was grabbed since Independence. Moi who is the biggest tribalism is using tribal instinct to fight and survive. Here are few of Moi looting report that has been recorded by Kroll associate.

The report, commissioned by the Kenyan government, was submitted in 2004, but never acted upon. It details how:

· Mr Moi's sons - Philip and Gideon - were reported to be worth £384m and £550m respectively;

· His associates colluded with Italian drug barons and printed counterfeit money;

· His clique owned a bank in Belgium;

· The threat of losing their wealth prompted threats of violence between Mr Moi's family and his political aides;

· £4m was used to buy a home in Surrey and £2m to buy a flat in Knights bridge.

President Kibaki regime which created the Anglo-leasing and has perfected the looting art is covering for Moi. The Three families Kibaki,Moi and Kenyatta continue to loot Kenya thinking there will be no end in sight. They should take cue and watch what happened To Mobutu,Nguema and the rest of African dictators their properties and funds has been appropriated by European banks and their families left without penny and languishing as asylum seekers in European capitals.

Kenyans are running out of patience and soon will take to the the streets and bring an end to chaos caused by looting.Kenya is ripe for a coup.


Monday, 19 April 2010

The Al-Shabaab Menace

The Al-shabaab terrorist outfit has again dared and attacked Kenya territory in broad daylight showing off their armoury. The ease in which they crossed our border which is manned by our security personnel has raised eyebrows.The Kenya security personnel watched in disbelief and refused to engage this terrorist for fear of being wiped out completely with their superior updated armoury.

The Al-Shabaab which is a foreign controlled outfit by Al-Qaeeda international is now rooming throughout Somalia with ease and imposing their draconian laws in the whole region and have not shied away from Kenya which they have tested and found soft spot that can be hit in a broad daylight without being fired back at. They are now busy plotting to make a substantial attack in near future according to our sources on the ground.

Kenya has been playing cat and mouse games on the Somali issue for quite sometime giving leverage to this terrorist organization who have desecrated graves,murdered children and women. Kenya has no foreign policy on the Somalia and have shown to side openly with the weak transitional government in Mogadishu and this has given ammunition to this terrorist group who are now raiding our borders daily.

The International terrorist organisation are now eyeing Kenya which is a peace loving nation whose army has never been to war. Our Army who are fed with blue band and ugali have been found to be no match when it comes to fighting. This has been proved by our local home made militia like the Sabot army who have been terrorising their own around Mt Elgon and cattle rustlers in Northern Kenya. The ease in which cattle rustlers raid Kenyan cities with the presence of our Kenya army is a proof how weak our army is when it come to engaging in battle.

The Al-shabaab have studied our army mentality and have come to the conclusion that they will face no challenge and are now engaging test runs to see further our military capability and logistic support. The army which has been demoralised since the post election chaos are not in fighting readiness. They spend most of their days drinking in barracks and chasing skirts at night.

The Somali government approached our government who were keen to recruit 2500 Somali Kenyans youth who are unemployed to fight the Al-Shabaab and prevent daily incursion in our territory. The Somali government calculated that this group of Brave Kenyan Somali youth will wipe out the Al-Shabaab and their foreign fighters starting from Mogadishu. Kenya offered full military training in Shimo La Tewa camps with British and American input. The Kenya government had in mind to deploy this youth within its borders to protect Kenya. This did not go well with the regime in Mogadishu who felt that this was a betrayal by Kenya and a diversion from the original agreement.

The President of Somalia Sheikh Sharriff has been Cris crossing East Africa to drum up support for the much delayed and awaited offensive military campaign against the Al-Shabaab terrorist. President Yoweri Museveni has been passing guerrilla tactics to His Somali counterpart and has opened the gate of NRA to Somalis. Museveni has been taking proactive role in the Somali conflict and has sent substantial number of troops to Mogadishu to back the regime which controls few block in the capital city. President Kagame and Ethiopia's Melez Zanawi have promised substantial airlift once the campaign begins.

The Al-Shabaab have threatened to blow buildings in Kampala a tall order as Uganda Intelligence community has substantial number of Somali Ugandans operatives who have infiltrated the Al-Shabaab. Ethiopia equally has used its large Somali population to run down this terror organization. Recently Al-Shabaab has invited Al-Qaeeda chief Osama Bin Laden to relocate to Somalia which has sent cold chill around the region. Fighter from Pakistan,Chechnya,Yemen,Britain and America have been seen in Southern Somalia.

This terror organization is ruthless and busy recruiting in Kenya and the rest of the world to sustain their twisted ideology. They are using Islam as a cover to sustain oppression on the people of Somalia who are now fed up with this group who have caused mayhem in Southern Somalia.

Kenya needs to put its priorities right and should not allow this terrorist outfit to dictate terms and cross its borders at will.The 2500 Somali Kenya youth who were recruited form North Eastern Kenya trained for the purpose of defending Somalia should be re-integrated in our national army to serve thee interest of Kenya and not used by foreign nations to fight their never ending tribal conflict. Kenya should openly declare war with Al-Shabaab and send this Somali Kenyan trained crack troop to fight and finish off this coward bunch of thugs who are in process of terrorising our citizen and crossing our borders at will. We should show them that Kenya is not a soft spot and will challenge and defend its territorial integrity and to be left like Migingo Island which has been occupied by Uganda.

This is the time and no other time or we will find Al-Shabaab drinking tea in our cafes with guns dangling from their bellies. The foreign ministry should issue a harsh warning that we will not tolerate a bunch of criminals crossing our borders and killing,kidnapping and destroying our properties. We will pursue them to their hideouts. They can but cannot hide.


Saturday, 17 April 2010

It's Our Turn to Eat

The book tells it all, and outlines the levels of corruption that exist in Kenya. What is amazing is that the Prevention of Corruption Act has been on the Kenyan statute books since 1956.

Examples are John saying that he had friends in the Narc administration that bought three properties at once, and were giving their wives $100,000 in spending money. The conflicts of interest that exist between donors and the corrupt regime, i.e. the World Bank director who rented his house from Mwai Kibaki. John tells us how tribal rivalry is used by the key players as a cover for theft.

I enjoyed the analysis of John Githongo. The struggles that he comes up against in challenging the system i.e., The Mt Kenya Mafia/Kiama (council of elders)/Big Men. John is not a saint, and the reader is shown how he goes through various stages of denial. He starts off believing that Kibaki is backing him to the hilt and then confronts the reality that Mwai Kibaki is in on the Anglo Leasing scam, and it becomes clear to him that he is investigating the President. He is faced with internal conflict, having to make some difficult decisions which will impact on his family, and friends.

John Githongo has a natural ability to befriend everyone, and we are shown how this enabled him to access information from various sources.

There were several bits of the book that I found hilarious. Wycliffe Muga a journalist saying that John Githongo was a coconut and a mzungu (white person) because of his commitment to transparency, honesty and accountability. Wycliffe Muga's belief system has no room for Kenyans who possess these qualities, and in his view Kenyans who are not dishonest, and corrupt, are Mzungus.Wycliffe Muga revises his opinion, after John has released his findings to the public, and acknowledges that he was wrong, and John Githongo was the right man for the job.A description of Lucy Kibaki first lady and ageing drama queen, never one to wear her privileges lightly. Edward Clay and his vomit one and two speeches, and his attempts to make a difference.

I was alarmed by the position that DFID took, or did not take on the Anglo Leasing scam. Michela Wrong illustrates the role that donors play, and the various agendas they come in with. In 2007 the UN awards Kenya with its public service award, while public servants have conspired to steal $750 million in public funds.

We are then shown how John Githongo is viewed by some of his own. Burning down the house of Mumbi. He is betraying the tribe. Loyalty to the tribe should come first. A Kikuyu woman talks about how if your mother is naked, you cover her with a blanket, and don't call the neighbours in to have a peek. The message to John Githongo is turn a blind eye, and keep your gob shut. Let the millions continue to die of hunger, we must remain billionaires. Power in Kenya must rest in the hands of a narrow ethnic clique. John has a conversation with Lands and Settlement Minister Kimunya before the elections who tells him that uncircumcised people have no right to rule Kenya. This gives you a clear idea of the mindset of some of these Big Men, who are not village idiots, but people who went to university.

Most of John Githongo's critics are Kikuyu. There were death threats against him, and I do not for a minute believe he is a coward for having left the country. We are aware of what happened to people who challenged the system in previous regimes e.g., JM Kariuki, and Robert Ouko, murder.

I can see how one of John Githongo's greatest difficulties, was seeing Mwai Kibaki for what he would have liked him to be, rather than for what he was. He acknowledges that he had difficulty coming to terms with the betrayal of his tribe and class.

Towards the end of the book we are brought to events that took place after the recent elections. Had all Kenyans believed they enjoyed equal access to state resources, there would have been no explosion.

I have the utmost admiration and respect for John Githongo. He walks the talk, and makes it clear that he was not employed by Gikuyu Inc, but employed to serve his country. He has taken some huge risks, and may never be free of the assassin's bullet. However, for those who feel he has betrayed them, I see it the other way. He has done them a favour. He is sorting out his own house first. I believe he speaks for the millions of oppressed Kenyans, and it is important that these issues are spoken about and resolved.

What John Githongo has exposed is just the tip of the iceberg, it would have been easier for him to collude with his own. However he is a man of integrity, and honesty, and this was not an easy task. There are lots of Kenyans who would rather put up and shut up, because the costs are too great. Samuel Kivuitu(the Electoral services commissioner) is a perfect example. He tells us that if it was up to him, he would not have signed off the election results, but he says he is alone and wants to live!

As a Kenyan, the book was informative, gripping, and uncomfortable reading. I thank Michela Wrong, and John Githongo for recording what is going on in Kenya today.

I understand the book was supposed to be on sale in Kenya but read an article in the Guardian that mentioned that bookshops would not risk selling it for fear of being sued. Bookshops that sold the Dr. Iain West's Casebookcasebook,about Robert Ouko were sued to the tune of 10M shillings

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Kenya's Epicentre for Corruption

The President In a stroke of a pen appoints a fellow Kikuyu to the post of Ambassador to Tripoli. This post is used to gain favours and wealth from Col. Gaddafi who has shown great intrest in Kenya and Africa. The President appoints a figure that he will trust who will looks after his financial intrest in this Beautiful Africa desert with huge tract of black gold that will go round. This post which was vacated by Fellow Kikuyu who was posted to the United Kingdom as a High Commissioner. It is only in Kenya where the President heads impunity and encourages corruption. The nepotism that Kibaki practices has surpassed Kenyatta and Moi in the few years he has held the key to State House.

Late president Kenyatta perfected his art of Nepotism and land grabbing for 15 years before the cruel hand of death took him away to the land of candy sugar. Retired president Moi took another 24 years to follow the footsteps of Kenyatta and coining the dreaded word 'Nyayo' for 24 years where he took his team of goat herders to the state house and razed down the economy of Kenya.

President Kibaki who is in his second controversial term has take less than 5 years to change the face of Kenya. Looking at the the composure of the civil service it is dotted with Kamau,Kinuthia and Nyakabi. Central province contributes 5% of the Kenya economy while it takes back 42% . This is obnoxious and will only lead this country to chaos in the coming few years. Kenya of all walk of life resent this wanton misuse of public resources to advance welfare of a single ethnic group.

It is only in Kenya where the President leads the web of elaborate set of corrupt schemes that defraud the nation it's wealth. Kibaki is all that impunity embodies. The man cares only for his family and that is why his wife keep on raiding Newspaper offices,Television newsroom and gate crushes Ambassadors parties and bringing mayhem.When the President stops the investigation of corrupt deals and tells the Anti-graft Czar Githongo to back off then he opened flood of other evil and corrupt schemes. Every body copies the President and sets up a scheme to milk the Treasury.A must read for all Kenyans is a copy of It's Our Turn To Eat by Michaela Wrong which is account of how the President and his Kiama team lead by Kiraitu Muruingu to empty the coffers of the Kenya Treasury for selfish needs.

John Githongo a patriotic Kenyan believed in President Kibaki words when he declared that Corruption will be a thing of the past only to give a U turn. He Kept diaries and tapes which were aired to the world the shameful affairs of Kenya after he went into exile trying to save lost opportunity. Kibaki went on to rig the 2007 election where by 1500 Kenyans were killed and 600,000 displaced. He gives lip service to the fight against graft and impunity. Today Kenya heads the list of countries who promote and encourage corruption and a failed state awaiting some of its leaders to be charged at the ICC in The Hague.

10 million Kenyans face hunger and starvation every night. The hospital system has collapsed. The poor cannot afford simple basic medication as it has been set far beyond their purchasing capacity. The coalition government is pulling in two different directions. One supports corruption and the other is pulling towards good governance and accountability.

The Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been fighting a lone war against graft. He has shown the way forward only to be frustrated by President Kibaki and the Kiama. He Has not been allowed to free hand to run the government he is supposed to supervise. Prime Minister Odinga stands for good governance and corruption free Kenya when he suspended Ruto and Ongeri both who were implicated in corruption in the Ministry of Education and Agriculture. If corruption were stopped today Kenya will be able to build 10 super highways every year, increase youth employment by 10%, increase hospital capacity by 150%, Increase school enrollment by 32% and feeding programme for 2million Kenyans every year. This figures are stunning.

It is only in Kenya where you have the Head of Goldenberg Architect Kamlesh Pattni rehabilitated and now has grabbed a further 4 acres government property and planning to build a seven star hotel. This chap should have been sent to Kamiti Maximum security long time but he bought his way by giving Laico Hotel to the Libyans who gave the KIAMA huge sums of money and were demanding the hotel or their money back and spill beans out the bag.In Kenya is where Businessman Merali is allowed to bring a parastatal supermarket UCHUMI to its Knee with insider trading and allowed to continue doing business as usual. It is only in Kenya that Kiplagat the Head of Truth and Justicve is allowed to hang on his chair despite his tainted past and linking to the Murder of Late Foreign Minister Robert Ouko and the heinous Genocide at Wagalla.

It is only in Kenya where a foreign company which bought Kenya parastatal Telcom Kenya in dubious way are now demanding from the government $385 million the original purchase price and a further $300 million from poor Kenyan tax payers to run its operation in the next five years. Where in the world can a foreign firm doing business in a host country dare threaten the sovereignty of the country and openly defraud tax payers???. This company which is headed by an Iranian French should be shown the door. They have joined the circle of corrupt and impunity laden Kenya. They have learnt the local way.Milk the coffers of treasury and deny milk to poor hungry Kenya babies.

In Kenya it is where a former President Who for 24 years looted and pillaged the country is allowed to enjoy his ill gotten wealth while million of Kenya children go hungry every night. He is allowed to poison the mood of the country in adopting a new constitution as this will affect the huge tract of land he grabbed during his presidency. Unfortunately the church which has a lot to answer on the accusation of paedophilia has now joined the fray of fighting the draft constitution. It is only in Kenya where the Church which is not open to answer charges of paedophilia against its clergy and are now using the clamour for constitution to cover its tract.Before the Churches talk of abortion they should come clean of what their clergy have been doing to our poor children who we have entrusted to them.

Kenya will survive all those who are working to bring it down. It is only time and we call upon all Kenyans to register and use their democratic right to vote the best President in the coming election who will fight graft and bring prosperity. Prime Minister Raila Odinga Agwambo Arap Mibei has show that he is the only leader Capable of bringing change and he has my vote.

Halkano Huka

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Patriotic duty to Register as voter

AN APPEAL TO THE CITIZENS OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA: It is your patriotic civic duty to register to vote – by Jayne and Mwalimu Mati

Fellow Citizens of Kenya,

We write to appeal to you, our brothers and sisters, to register to vote for the new proposed Constitution of Kenya at the referendum and for the leaders of your choice at the next general election.

We, like most of you, were born into an independent Kenya and into a constitution that states that Kenya is a democracy, but sadly, we have lived under bad governance and corruption for all our lives.

We write also as parents of two children because we believe that it is our duty as responsible citizens to encourage fellow Kenyans to foster a democratic environment that will create opportunities for our children and all the children of Kenya.

Every patriotic Kenyan citizen shares the responsibility for civic awareness, and civic duty. This is not the work of the media, faith groups, political parties or non-governmental organizations alone. Every citizen shares the responsibility of working together to foster democracy for the good of our country. At all times citizens must act in the interest of fellow Citizens, because by doing so, we guarantee our own individual and collective interests. Democracy involves providing opportunities for all citizens without discrimination, which also means making decisions for our children who cannot vote until they attain the legal age of 18 years. We have a Constitutional and moral obligation to each other as citizens to make the best decisions on behalf of those who are young Kenyans below the age of 18 years. Every Kenyan Citizen over the age of 18 years (eligible to vote) must register to vote for the new proposed Constitution of Kenya at the referendum and for the leaders of their choice at the next general election. And every Citizen must encourage their fellow citizens starting at home and at work to do the same.

Your Vote is your democratic and Constitutional right. Our votes allow us as citizens to do certain things or make sure that certain things are done for the benefit of all. It is only with your vote, that you can ensure that we have a “Constitution and government of the Kenyan people, by the Kenyan people, for the Kenyan people.” As Citizens of Kenya, we must play an informed role in the governance of our country. We must empower ourselves by registering to vote, because, it is only through the ballot, that we will make effective decisions about how and who we choose to govern on our behalf. It is only through the ballot that we will get a new Constitution for our country. It is only through the ballot that we will get a lawfully elected Government that will carry out the will of the Kenyan people.

As Citizens of Kenya, we all live together in our country. We therefore need to agree on how to run the affairs of our country. This agreement on how to run our country takes the form of a Constitution of Kenya. This agreement – a set of rules, agreed on by us as citizens binds all persons and is the supreme Law of the Republic. Our current Constitution says that all sovereign power in Kenya belongs to the Citizens of Kenya, and that we exercise this power through the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya. The current Constitution declares the Rights of the Individual citizen and makes the state responsible for guaranteeing those rights. But our current Constitution needs improvement to undo decades of amendments that weakened our democracy and created opportunities to destroy protective mechanisms and checks and balances. Past Presidents and Parliaments did this.

We are soon to vote on a new set of rules in the proposed new constitution – how we as citizens want to live with each other and how we want to exercise our sovereign power. Let us make that decision together, as responsible Kenyans who love our country. Voting for the proposed new constitution can be the beginning of a new true democratic era, where we vote and also get involved. Where we say that from now, we, as citizens will share the job of governing our country.

The Proposed new Constitution lays a better foundation for good governance than the current one, which since 1964 has been amended to the benefit of the Presidents of Kenya and their cohorts. The Proposed new Constitution declares that Kenya is a Sovereign Republic which is founded on Principles of Good Governance through multi party democracy, participatory governance, transparency and accountability, separation and devolution of powers, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the Rule of Law. This is how we as citizens of Kenya want to run our country.

The Proposed new Constitution recognizes that all Kenyans are born equal. That Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of Kenyans Citizens are given by God, and not by the State. That Kenyans have Human Rights because Kenyans are human beings. That protection of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms in the Constitution is because these rights are inalienable and cannot be taken away from us by anyone. And that Kenyans who occupy positions of power are subject to controls, checks and balances to ensure that they do not abuse their fellow citizens’ rights, as has been the case to date. We as Kenyan Citizens must be ready to defend these rights at any cost.

The Proposed new Constitution in our opinion, strives to achieve the goals of a democratic society; the greatest possible freedom for all Kenyans; A just society; the same rules for all Kenyans; Equality before the law; Respect for the rule of law; and Equal opportunities for all Kenyans.

The Proposed new Constitution has addressed the equitable sharing, distribution, and allocation of public resources for development among all citizens. Kenyan citizens can get rich legally. Kenyans will have the right to: Fair and favourable conditions of work; Equal pay for work of equal value; the right to form and belong to a trade union; and the right to enjoy social security. The Proposed new Constitution has constitutionalised proper fiscal management of public funds and facilitates punishment of those who steal public funds. It deals with corruption firmly.

The Proposed new Constitution has effectively dealt with checks and balances by providing for independent arms of Government and in particular has dealt extensively with an independent Judiciary.

The Proposed new Constitution guarantees in an elaborate enhanced Bill of Fundamental Rights; the right to life, the right to personal freedom, Protection against slavery and forced labour, Protection from inhuman treatment, Protection from property being taken away illegally, Protection against an illegal search or entry, the right to the protection of the law, Freedom of conscience, Freedom of expression, Freedom of association and assembly, Freedom of movement, Freedom from discrimination, the right to participate in political activity without restriction, the right to hold your own views and talk about what you think and believe, the right to relate and socialize, and to move freely without obstruction. It also guarantees political, economic, social and cultural rights.

Over the 20 or more years that Kenyans have fought and even died trying to get a new Constitution, the views of millions of Kenyans have been collected. The Constitution of Kenya Review Commission reported these views in 2002. Summarized Kenyans said:

1. Give us the chance to live a decent life: with our fundamental needs of food, water, clothing, shelter, security and basic education met by our own efforts and the assistance of government.

2. We want a fair system of access to land for the future and justice for the wrongs of the past

3. Let us have more control over the decisions that affect our lives, bring government closer to us – and let us understand better the decisions we can’t make ourselves but which affect us deeply

4. We don’t want power concentrated in the hands of one person

5. We want our MPs to work hard, respect us and our views – and we want the power to kick them out if they don’t

6. We want to be able to choose leaders who have qualities of intelligence, integrity and sensitivity that make them worthy to lead us.

7. We want an end to corruption

8. We want police who respect citizens – so they can be respected by them

9. We want women to have equal rights and gender equity

10. We want children to have a future worth looking forward to – including orphans and street children

11. We want respect and decent treatment for the disabled.

12. We want all communities to be respected and free to observe their cultures and beliefs

13. We assert our rights to hold all sections of our government accountable – and we want honest and accessible institutions to ensure this accountability

It is our humble opinion that the Proposed new Constitution has captured our views and that we must therefore vote in large numbers at the referendum to ensure that it is enacted so that we can secure a brighter future for our children. We must also remember that even with the passing of a new constitution, the rules will bind us all. That no one is above the law; this basically means that all Kenyans are equal before the law and are subject to it. Any Kenyan who makes choices has to make them according to the say so of the law. The new Constitution will only make a difference in our lives if we adhere to the rule of law.

To ensure that the rule of law is respected in Kenya is our civic duty; and the responsibility ultimately lies with the citizens of Kenya. We write to you as fellow patriotic Kenyan citizens who love our country.

Most Sincerely,

Jayne & Mwalimu Mati

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Pastor Deya Equation

The Principal Magistrate Stella Muketi who was hearing the case against Mary Deya the queen of child trafficking was abruptly transferred outside Nairobi.The Judge we believe was about to make an important ruling in this case. Mary with the help of her husband who is based in U.K were involved in miracle babies racket whereby they stole children from innocent mothers in Kenya and obtaining false birth certificates claiming that she gave the birth miraculously.

Mary is charged with stealing 5 children and many others who found their way in the couples ministries in the United Kingdom. The Deyas were claiming barren women who scientifically will have zero chances of conceiving were giving birth to Kenyan children who were smuggled out the country. Mary Deya thanks to Kenyan detectives was caught in the act and arraigned in courts. She has been refused bail and since fighting hard using money that was acquired illegally to bribe her way out of this serious charges.

The Deyas led by Amos have been making frantic call to Kenya to see that Mary is released as she is about to spill the beans from the bag.Amos has tried every door that he would/could knock on. He has used large amount of cash to secure her release. The conmen who have smelled the cookie jar have had a field day. They have set several elaborate scheme to milk Amos who sees Mary case as hindrance to their church activities in the United Kingdom.The Deya ministries in the U.K boast of 34,000 followers.Mary is languishing in jail while Gilbert Deya is enjoying a short lived freedom awaiting to be deported from the U.K. to Kenya to face similar serious charges. He is being investigated for child trafficking in Kenya nad U.K.

After failing to release Mary Deya from Kenyan Jail throughout the 2006 and early 2007 the Deya ministries hatched a plan to get through to politicians. They failed completely to make headway to Kibaki courtiers who thought that they were dealing with a group who were accused of heinous crime. Child trafficking in Africa is traditionally abhorred and associated with slavery. The only opportunity was to go after ODM who were power hungry and money hungry. It took few phone calls to ODM handlers in the U.K who fell for the scheme that was hatched by Deya ministries.

Amos approached the ODM U.K who were composed of professionals and students. The ODM meeting in London was heated and saucers were flying all over the room as section of ODM did not want anything to do with the Deyas which would have tainted party which was seeking to rid of Kenya corruption and nepotism. The meeting ended up wih ODM U.K sharply divided house. The ODM was split in two opposing sections. A section who did not want anything to do with Deya who was heavily being investigated by British Authorities and embarrassed by the whole episode while the othe section were close to Deya wanted his blessing.

The ODM U.K went and organized the biggest gathering of ODM in U.K with divided house. Amos catapulted himself and become an ex officio of the party in U.K. The ODM led by Hon. Raila Odinga were invited to London for a session which was dubbed as warming to power where they were questioned and laid down their policies to the Diaspora. Hon Raila and ODM leaders was personally chauffeured around with Deya's fleet of Range rovers

In the Run up to 2007 general election the flamboyant millioner child trafficker Gilbert Deya bragged that he will be appointed as the Kenya High Commissioner to U.K as he was even cocky and gave the date for his accession to this post as 25.2.2008. This claimed puzzled many Kenyans as they were battling with election fiasco in Kenya only to be dragged in with naming a child trafficker to very important diplomatic post . Gilbert Deya relied with his contact within ODM which he funded heavily during the campaign and election kitty.

During the ODM meeting in London Amos Deya son of Gilbert funded the reception of ODM Leaders and paid their hotel bill in return for his father being appointed to the High commissioner post in London and the case against his mother Mary Deya being dropped. The election came and ODM was not elected to government chaos followed and coalition government was appointed.So the issue of releasing Mary Deya and appointment of Deya to this prestigious post was overtaken by events.

This issue has been kept under the carpet for year. The Deyas have not been lucky this year they were confronted with a murder case where John Deya was charged with killing three year old child. Gilbert Deya feels it is pay back time after investing heavily on the ODM they want them to honour their part of the deal. The ODM has opened many fronts that they will like this issue to be dealt with behind the scenes. Deya wants this case to thrown out of Kenya courts which in turn challenge the British court to clear him a tall order.

The sudden transfer of Judge who was assigned the case for three years and was about to conclude the case raises many eyebrows. Is Deya about to get his wish in Kenya??? What will happen to those families who children were stolen??? Is Kenya going to encourage child trafficking within its borders. ODM and its leadership should come clean and disassociate themselves with this flamboyant Pastor who is awaiting deportation in the U.K.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The face of Impunity



Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Ocampo List

Cabinet Ministers
1. Hon.William Ruto – Agriculture – ODM
2. Hon.Sally Kosgey – Higher Education – ODM
3. Hon.Najib Balala – Tourism – ODM
4. Hon.Henry Kosgey – Industrialization – ODM
5. Hon.Uhuru Kenyatta – Deputy Prime Minister Trade – PNU
6. Hon.William Ole Ntimama – Culture and Heritage – ODM

Members of Parliament /Assistant Ministers

1. Hon. Franklin Bett – ODM – Planning, inciting and financing
2. Hon. Boaz Kaino – ODM Marakwet West – Planning, Inciting and
3. Hon.Fred Kapondi – ODM Mt. Elgon – Incitment
4. Hon.Kabando wa Kabando – PNU Mukurueni – ACQUISITION OF WEAPONS
5. Hon.Stanley Githunguri – Kiambu – PNU – financing
6. Hon.Elizabeth Ongoro – Kasarani – ODM – incitement, planning,
participation and financing
7. Hon.Omondi Anyango – ODM – Nyatike- incitement, planning and
8. Hon.John Pesa – ODM – Migori – Incitement and financing
9. Hon.Ramadhan Kajembe – ODM – Changamwe – participation and financing
10. Hon.Peter Mwathi – Limuru Constituency – PNU
11. Hon. Chris Okemo – ODM -Nambale – Incitement
12. Hon Zakayo Cheruiyot – ODM – Kuresoi
13. Hon Clement Waikara – PNU – Gatundu North

Former MPS and Ministers

1. Jayne Kihara – Naivasha (PNU) – Bought Pangas at Branch Kubwa
2. David Manyara – Former Kanu MP – Aided and financed
3. Mark Too – Hosted a Kalenjin Warrior cell next to Eldoret Airport
4. Moses Cheboi – Former MP Kuresoi incited and hosted meetings to
strategize eviction of Kikuyu’s and Kisii’s from Kuresoi
5. James Koskei – Former MP Kuresoi
6. Simeon Nyachae – Incitment and Financing
7. Njenga Karume – Financing
8. Patrick Muiruri

Prominent Aspirants and politicians

1. Mike Brawan – ODM Parliamentary Aspirant Nakuru
2. General Retired Koech
3. Joseph Kebenoi – Kuresoi
4. Ezekiel Kesenday – Kuresoi
5. Mayor Gikaara – Nakuru
6. Wesley Ruto


1. Rev. Kosgey – Incited communities against each other through his
2. Benjamin Murei – Seventh Day Adventist who urged Kalenjins to be
like him and even quoted a bible verse in support of the violence
3. Pastor Isaya Nyossa – Pastor in Likuyani incited flock
4. Pastor of Kirathimo Church
5. Mochorop Oyonge – Spiritual Leader – led illegal oathing
6. Joseph Koromech – led in illegal oathing

Teachers and Lecturers

1. Dr. Jacob Bitok – Moi University – Marshalled MOSOP area
2. Thomas Koech – Headmaster Kapebee Secondary School
3. Kipkoech Too – Former Head Kakiptui Primary School
4. Mr. Seretum – KNUT Sec. Gen Nandi North Branch
5. Joshua Arap Keter – Headmaster Kasacheni High School
6. Simeon Raberet – Headmaster Amoro Secondary School
7. Mr.Bii- Headteacher Tata Secondary School
8. Wilfred Bii – Former Teacher currently Board Member Mau Summit
9. Josiah Koech – Headmaster Koige Primary School
10. Mr. Maina – Headmaster Nakuru Blanket Secondary School – incited
against Kikuyu
11. Chepkwony – Teacher Murilishwa Secondary School
12. Komen – Teacher Joyland Academy
13. Pius Koech -Former Teacher


1. Joshua Arap Sang – Senior Editor KASS FM – openly mobilized people
attacks on air
2. Benjamin Akumu alias Malo Malo – Newspaper Vendor led group in
houses in Rift Valley
3. Inooro FM
4. Kameme FM
5. Kass FM
6. Radio Injili
7. Coro FM

Post Humus
Lorna Laboso
Kipkalya Kones
David Kimutai Too

The Waki Report--