Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Ethnicised Intelligence oligarchy

Thorn Tree-New Stanley hotel is in the middle of Nairobi and a crossroad of all activities. I have been coming to this spot where once President Obama was refused to be served and the African waiters had preference to white customers. My favourite drink is tea which i usually order anytime of the day. I had met recently a fellow classmate who works with the national intelligence organization. He looked very worried today. I have been meeting him on and off for the last 12 years in the same hotel but different spot. As we continued drinking tea while watching Nairobi pass by he poured all that was within his confines without jeopardizing national security.

Things are not well within the security organs since professionalism was abandoned. The language of communication has been ethnicised and if you are not from GEMA your contribution is expected to be nil and not valued. Hundreds of excellent officers have left the organization since Kibaki came to power due to Kikuyu oligarchy taking hold of the organization.This further has demoralised remaining staff with the constant bickering of coalition taking its tall. No body cares for the security of Kenya and defending it from internal or external threat is not a priority.

Former President Moi was a cleaver dictator who instinctively knew that the intelligence was an are that needed professionalism. Moi did not touch this organ of state and used it to consolidate his 24 years reign on Kenya psychic. Most of the intelligence officers were professional who were loyal to the state and very efficient comparing to other African states. During the clamour for multi party system they gave a huge file with a summary to code named for your eyes only to President Moi who was at liberty to do what as he pleased. It clearly emphasized the end of Moi era and advised him of peaceful handover to avoid bloodshed.

The file culminated from extensive research and eavesdropping which combined land ,sea and air of Kenya territory. Moi was advised to do the right thing which was to hand over the reign to the incoming opposition group led by Kibaki and Odinga. It was a triumph of commonsense which saved Kenyan lives. Had Moi not followed the advice to letter Kenya will have gone to flames much earlier than 2007 which witnessed the beginning of the end of Kenya Moja we knew.

President Kibaki was sworn in on a wheelchair with Kenyan public cheering him with thunderous applause when he accepted to take the keys of the house on the hill.Moi was pelted with eggs and stone during this ceremony. He promised ZERO tolerance to corruption and that it will be a thing of the past. Wananchi then believed him 100% and they took to the street and started arresting corrupt officials. The first port of call was to target police officers who were used to lete kitu kidogo. A number of corrupt officials were dealt with instantly. Then came the big bang on judiciary led by The Ringera commission. Kenyan heaved a sigh and knew that the disease that has bedevilled this nation for 40 years was coming to an end.

The President set up several commission which were open to the public scrutiny. The first one was Goldenberg commission led by Justice Bosire and was open to public who witness high drama in the noon. This was considered good omen as sacred cows were brought to public scrutiny and to answer for their devious ways. Then the corrupt cartel regrouped and recruited men the in heart of Kibaki administration.The cartel fought very intelligently by creating more corrupt schemes to loot the public wealth. Kibaki courtiers sweared to keep the Presidency in the house of Mumbi they required large stash of cash to fight future elections and the only way to do that is to join cartels and create more monsters.

The wheels of this powerful machine was set rolling and they thought was fool proof. President Kibaki after loosing the referendum in 2005 sacked most of the ministers who campaigned for him while he was in a wheel chair in recuperating in a London hospital. They were shown the door. The era of consolidation began in earnest. Kibaki with the help of polarised intelligence began appointing his tribes men who came from GEMA which was changed to read MEGA. All the top security agencies head were replaced with GEMA people and the othe tribes or Kenyans were redeployed to non strategic jobs or were sent to long term retraining to pave way for the ethinicisation of the security organ.

Ethnicisation of the security organ was the biggest mistake that Kibaki and his cronies have done. The list of the security organs looked like central province who is who. The President to bottom post ere filled with GEMA operatives. No one was spared in this drive to ethnicise security and it was done with speed without calculating the consequence and feeling of fellow Kenyans who were in the majority. This act was the choreographed by wealthy old Kikuyu men who were blind to majority poor Kikuyu interest.

President Kibaki's commitment to operate meritocracy with regard to Kenya diversity was shown dustbin. The government has become an organ of this Kikuyu old men who do who are thinking it in term of Kenyatta yerster years. There is no accountability, honesty and fairness in Kenya today. The president is Kikuyu, the Minster for internal security is a Kikuyu,The PS internal security is a Kikuyu,The Chief of intelligence is Kikuyu, The Head of CID is a Kikuyu ,The head of defence intelligence is Kikuyu and the list goes on. This is where Moi differed with Kibaki who has not followed the basic rule of keeping intelligence and security out of tribal hegemony to avoid undermining national cohesion and unity. If Kibaki did not ethnicised the intelligence we would have not had the slaughter of 1500 Kenyans with another 600,000 in IDP camps today.

Kibaki has succeeded in polarising the country and killed the spirit of unity. The intelligence which is backbone of Kenya safety and well being is in the hand of few Kikuyu oligarchy. The rest of Kenya detest that as this will only lead to the death of nation as we know.The only solution is to bring professionalise back to our security organs and advice the President on the national interest of our country. If we do not stop this Kenya will end up the Rwanda way where genocide will be the result.

Ekwe Edia

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Kenya ready for a coup

The weather today in Naru Moru is beautiful. The sun shining and radiating to this blessed land.The sky is blue joining endless horizon. I am facing Mount Kenya one of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Mt Kenya stands tall among legends. Thousand of tourist from America, Europe and far lands come here to watch and enjoy this ecstatic beautiful scenery in our country. They pay thousands of dollars to share this the privilege with us which they don't have in their distant foreign lands. God has been generous to best own on us this beautiful gift that is admired across the seas that we do not appreciate gift.

I am having palpitation as I ponder the road a head for Kenya which looks bleak and no light at the end of the tunnel. This country is sitting on powder keg just about to explode and consume all that surround or near it. Kofi Annan came calling again but this time he was more disappointed than last. He was unable to bring the two principles together to discuss the very stalled reform that will have catapulted this nation forward to sit and join the civilised nation of this universe.

Former President Moi dosed and mesmerized us with his poor theory of that we are surrounded by sea of chaos while the looting spree and violation basic right continued unabated. Moi instilled fear in every Kenyan adult and child that he held us hostage for 24 years.He was a dictator that listened to himself and his kitchen cabinet. He supervised the dismantling of Kenya institutions one by one under the guise of neutralising the runaway Kikuyu's who were out to bring his administration to an end.He created a third force that he curved from smaller tribes into a power base for his selfish use. This smaller tribe would become his whipping boys and girls who will sing to his tune. To date Kenya institution are but an extension of the executive which has no balance or counter check.

After four days in the heat of Nairobi Kofi Annan a quite diplomat was disappointed leaving behind a trail of failed meetings,low expectation and was unable to convince this two geriatric Kenyans to shake hands and consult. President Kibaki has calculated that he has Prime minister Odinga where he wants and will not badge by firing Ruto and Ongeri as this will scatter his succession plan if there is any. President Kibaki has studied PM Odinga and knows that he will always badge to achieve his love for power and motorcade.

We are now crossroad where Kenya is a about to tip on the side of total chaos thanks to our myopic leaders and greedy bunch of Mps who have refused to pay tax and are busy crusading tribal hegemony. The last 46 years has been wasted with disease of patronage,corruption and nepotism curved by leaders who could not see beyond their bellies . It was all about them and their families. No Kenyan leader has ever thought of building institution that will defend the ideals of democracy in this beautiful nation. The institutions are today the worst culprit who led us to the bloodshed that was witnessed in 2007.

The same culprit who organized and financed the chaos today are in our parliament and are actively frustrating and scuttling every legislation that is brought to the floor of the house to set up a post election tribunal. They bribe their way with loot that they stole from public coffers and always want to have their way at the expense of majority Kenyans who are hard working and innocent. They have amassed wealth through corruption and kickbacks no wonder Kenya today tops corrupt countries league.

This beautiful country lacks leaders with vision and capability to lead. The two so called principles are busy plotting against each other. They do not inspire confidence in us or themselves and lack courage. They are doing side shows and are not consulting each other to midwife this important milestone of Kenya constitution which has been elusive for the last two decades. Their actions are encouraging a military takeover soon ."A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of his actions and the integrity of his intent."A good leader inspires others with confidence in him/her; a great leader inspires them with confidence in themselves."

Kofi Annan has gone back very disappointed man. His score card on Kenya reform agenda was below zero and had no good news to give Wananchi. He summed up what he saw as one principal was in constant campaign mood for 2012 while the other was laid back and abandoned reform package. The corruption cartels are running loose destroying the fabric of the society and no accountability. The fight against corruption has been lost with both side heavily engaged in the vice and building a war chest for the 2012 election which might not be there if things go the way the are now.

Kenya is on the brink of collapse . The thing that has been holding Kenya together is the hope that things will get better. The patched plaster is now peeling off ready to reveal the ugly oozing cancerous Kenya wound. There government can no longer guarantee the security of its citizen. Kidnapping is on the rise,killings of innocent has gone up and the police has become law into themselves shooting innocent Kenyan at will.The right ingredient for a military take over has been harvested.It is only time and the boys from the barracks will be on our streets to bring an end to impunity,corruption and kidnapping.They will place sense of order and safety back to our lives. May the time come sooner than later.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

The rotten judiaciary system

The Kenya judiciary which which is the worst excess in modern Kenya at present is in deathbed awaiting last rite to be performed as it gives the last breath.Wananchi have lost faith in the system that they thought will defend justice at all cost. They have resorted in crude ways to settle scores among themselves.No wonder the Justice Minister himself was quoted recently in a national newspaper as saying that the ICC-Hague are behaving like Kenyan courts. All along Mutula Kilonzo who was former Moi's lawyer who is famous for double speak believed what Wananchi have known for decades that the courts works for the highest bidder.

The Kenya judiciary is rot who require precise surgical excision like a tumour that is about to dismember its victim . The Judges are used by Kenya ruling elite to suppress the majority and continue to loot the wealth of this beautiful nation.Time is ripe where Wananchi are about to face this monster head on and demand their rights.Recently a senior judge was acquitted from a crime that will have placed him behind bars for years. The said judged flipped during a road rage incident and stabbed his victim causing grievous body harm. The Judge who was driving carelessly and rushing God knows to where???. Imagine a judge whom they claim was of a good standing was acquitted with the intent of causing death.There is something that does not add up. This judge happens to be close to the Chief Justice???who might have due influence on this unfortunate case.

In any decent nation Judiciary is the guardian of the society and dispense justice without fear or favour.They are revered and respected as the last resort in any dispute whether political,social or economic. Judiciary are guardian of constitution of the nation. If Kenya had a robust and trustful judiciary we would have not have slaughtered our 1500 citizen and displaced another 600,000. Today we are unable to prosecute the thugs who financed and carried this massacre in modern day Kenya. We are still going round hoping and praying for foreigners to rescue us and administer justice for us.The impunity that is practiced in our judiciary led to system failure and free for all. The respect for individual rights no longer and issue and trampled on.The 2007 presidential dispute would not have risen had we good standing judiciary.The good judges would have insisted in level playing field.

It is none other than Chief Justice Gicheru who hurriedly trampled the constitution by swearing in the President in darkness and secrecy that led to the spilling of blood.President Kibaki might have won the election if it was conducted in transparent manner and there would have been no need to swear him haphazardly. The action of chief Justice which was shrouded with impunity caused the mayhem that followed that almost led to the collapse of the nation. The same Chief justice is today head of judiciary and insisting on avoiding accountability. What would you expect on the lower rank judges???.

The Judiciary in Kenya should completely be dismantled and to start a fresh as the new constitution is entrenched in the lives of Kenyans. They have created a monster in the last 46 years where judges have extensive business interest and involved in daily open bribery. There are very few decent judges who have held their honour high. They are known and their wealth counted on a single palm. They do not encourage or engage in vices.They are the true sons and daughters of this beautiful country that has been raped for the last four decades. Being a judge in Kenya today means that you can get away with anything and everything.

When the NARC administration came in it embodied new beginning for the nation. Immediately they took over President Kibaki declared corruption will not be entertained and will be a thing of the past. The radical surgery for Judiciary was started only to be stopped in the middle as Cabinet Ministers started to benefit from the rot. In just few years they managed to outmaneuver Moi despotic years and perfected the art of corruption and impunity. The Judges helped them to create atmosphere which this vices thrived. The Anglo leasing,Mamluki,passport and the rest of perfected stealing scheme set in with help and blessing of Cabinet Ministers.

Ironically Kiraitu Muruingi told the former President Moi to go and tend his goats and leave the government for them as they will show him how to govern and what is called good governance. Kiraitu was among the senior architect of impunity as taped by the former anti graft Czar John Githongo before he left for exile fearing for his life. He managed to tape and document all the schemes which is now deposited in U.K for safety.

The present regime should not think that they will be in power for long. Their days are numbered and all crime committed by them and previous regime will be brought to justice sooner than later.

Ekwe Edia

Kenya Human Rights 2009- State Department

Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

2009 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

March 11, 2010

Kenya has a population of approximately 39 million. It is a republic with a mixed presidential and parliamentary system. It has a strong president and a prime minister with unclearly defined executive powers. There is a unicameral National Assembly. In 2007 the government held local, parliamentary, and presidential elections. Observers judged the parliamentary and local elections to be generally free and fair. In the presidential election, the incumbent, President Mwai Kibaki, was proclaimed the winner by a narrow margin under controversial circumstances. Serious irregularities undermined the integrity of the presidential election results. Raila Odinga, the main opposition candidate, disputed the results, and violence erupted in sections of Nairobi and opposition strongholds in Nyanza, Rift Valley, and Coast provinces; approximately 1,333 persons were killed and more than 350,000 displaced between December 2007 and February 2008. The violence ended in February 2008 when, as the result of an international mediation process, the two sides agreed to form a coalition government. Under the terms of the agreement, incumbent President Kibaki retained his office, and Odinga was appointed to a newly created prime ministerial position. The parties also agreed to undertake a series of constitutional, electoral, and land reforms to address underlying causes of the crisis; these reforms were not completed by year's end. While civilian authorities generally maintained effective control of the security forces, there were frequent instances in which the security forces, particularly the police, acted independently.

The government in many areas respected the human rights of its citizens or attempted to institute reforms to address deficiencies. However, serious problems remained, particularly with regard to abuses by the police service. The following human rights problems were reported:

• unlawful killings by police
• police beatings and torture of detainees
• impunity
• harsh and life‑threatening prison conditions
• arbitrary arrest and detention
• use of excessive force
• prolonged pretrial detention
• executive interference in the judiciary
• restrictions on freedom of speech, the press, and assembly
• government corruption
• abuse of and discrimination against women
• female genital mutilation (FGM)
• child prostitution and labor
• trafficking of persons
• vigilante justice and interethnic violence
• lack of enforcement of workers' rights

On November 21, the government held its first national referendum for a proposed constitution. The citizens accepted the referendum result–‑57 percent opposed. Election observers did not witness any serious incidents of intimidation or violence, and stated the referendum process was peaceful and professional. In addition the government consolidated and extended some of the human rights reforms it had taken the previous two years. For the third straight year, there were no politically motivated arrests or disappearances, and prison visits by human rights groups increased.

Read it here:

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The registration of a lifetime

The voter registration in Kenya Yetu has kicked off smoothly with true leaders showing participation in the first day of this important milestonein Kenya's 21st centuary piece of history. Kenya Yangu was almost raced to ground by inept,scrupulous,myopic selfish fake leaders in the last general election thanks to the international community who saved us from total annihiliation and destruction.

Kenya of yesteryear's of patronage,rigging,sukuma twende and has all been thrown through the windows by a stroke of a pen on the electrol voter registration. The Interim Independent Electoral Commission which is a new face of Kenyans who want to do business in transparent way is led by a honest and capable Lawey Ahmed Issack has taken Kenya right in the 21st century by introducing open electronic register which is an efficient system that will not require the returning officers to disappear and switch off the phones in crucial time.The act of returning officers dissapearing at will caused Kenyans to be burnt alive in the house of God.Never,never again. The machine is noe electronic and transparent.

This is the wish and prayer for the 1500 Kenyans who lost their lives for exercising their democratic rights.Today Kenya is proud of hosting 300,000 internally displaced citizen. Imagine you are a refugee in your own country. Kenyans are registered as refugees in camps in Uganda and also in the volatile Somalia who are hosting Kenyans near Mogadishu Airport.

President Kibaki true to his leadership led the nation in kicking off the new voter registration which will wipe out all those ills that has beseeched this beautiful country. Former President Moi also led his own Troop in Sacho Baringo for the registration. Wamalwa,Balala,Kenyatta,Ruto were all in their constituency availing themselves to registration process while ODM was in campaign mode throughout this years.

Odinga and his disgruntled elements were campaigning for the 2012 in Ukambani and Meru district. They are busy wiping up the Wanachi emotions and plotting to scuttle the New Constitution. ODM knows that with the new constitution which is Wananchi driven document they stand zero chance and Will be floored in the next General Election which Will be transparent. They are fighting to retain the old constitution which they believe will give Odinga presidency on a silver platter.The ODM is fighting for a constitution that will benifit Odinga and not one that will serve Kenyans and lead this beautiful country to prosperity. Kenya The land of honey and milk and Mungu Ibariki.

This group of old school politician have placed Kenya in a state of heightened electioneering since day one of disputed 2007 election and have stagnated development. The coalition government is a joke even children know. It is impossible to have two people driving the same car in opposite direction. This is why President Kibaki has refused to share the presidency with somebody who catapulted himself in the government. Yes Jimmy Kibaki is right when he says that it is Ruto who made Odinga Prime Minister.It is the other way round Odinga should respect Ruto Thanks to the Rift Valley youth who sacrificed their youthness languishing in jails while Odinga enjoys motorcade and gives lip service to corruption which is a past time of ODM.

Odinga and gang should be kicked out of government and serve as opposition in parliament. This duties which we are sure they will excel in and Kenyans will thank them. In government they have been disaster and stalled all development project and busy engaging in corruption. 95% of the Present Members of parliament will loose their seat in 2012 no matter how hard they work to entrench themselves. The ballots will be transparent and electronic.


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

U.K will not fund corruption

UNITED KINGDOM FREEZES KSHS 2.3 BILLION EDUCATION AID TO GOVERNMENT OF KENYA: We have a responsibility to UK taxpayers to ensure their money is spent on its intended purpose – just as the Government of Kenya has a similar responsibility to its taxpayers, and to all Kenyan parents and school children

The children of Kenya though, will not lose vital education support because of massive fraud in the Ministry of Education.

Speaking in Nairobi on Tuesday 16th march 2010, while announcing that the Kenyan Government will no longer receive UK funds for Education sector programming Alistair Fernie, Head of the Department for International Development (DFID) Kenya office said “to pull out of education completely, as some have suggested we do, would only harm Kenyan schoolchildren. Their education – as future Kenyan citizens – is crucial so they can get jobs, secure livelihoods, and hold their Government to account. So we will continue to support education in other ways until we can resume funding through Government. We aim to spend around the same amount in 2010/11 as we had planned (£20m – 2.3 billion KSh) before the fraud. We will remain focused on improving the quality of and access to education in Kenya. And we will continue to help more children, particularly those in disadvantaged areas, to get the classrooms and textbooks they need. In the longer term, we are open to resuming funding through Government if financial management is sufficiently improved.”

The Kenyan Government will not have any role to play in the disbursement of UK education support funds until it conducts credible investigations and audits of education sector funding. The UK planned to provide funding for education programming in Kenya amounting to Ksh 2.3 billion for the financial year starting June 2010, but “does not believe the Government has yet done enough to address the risks of fraud to justify a resumption of its funding.”

Following today’s announcement, DFID’s remaining £5 million for KESSP and £5m for improving water/sanitation for the poorest schools, scheduled to be disbursed by the end of March 2010, will not be spent. Any resumption of funding to KESSP will need new approval by DFID Ministers.

“We are very disappointed that we have had to take the decision to stop direct funding through the Ministry of Education” said Alistair Fernie, Head of the Department for International Development (DFID) Nairobi office. “The Government has made some progress with conditions for resumption of donor funding, but these benchmarks have not been fully met. We do not have confidence that the necessary systems have been put in place to ensure that this does not happen again. And until we do, we cannot fund through the Government. We have a responsibility to UK taxpayers to ensure their money is spent on its intended purpose – just as the Government of Kenya has a similar responsibility to its taxpayers, and to all Kenyan parents and school children.”

DFID will now focus on supporting the education of Kenyan children through spending its £20 million budget for education for 2010/2011 initially outside of Government channels. Details are being worked up. Possible elements include continuing to provide support directly to schools through the form of grants for orphans and vulnerable children, infrastructure and textbooks, particularly for those in disadvantaged areas. DFID is also exploring options to improve accountability and oversight of resources at the local level – getting parents, teachers and the wider community involved in ensuring funds are spent correctly.

Though other UK aid to Kenya has not been affected, the statement is definitely a big blow to the credibility of the Kenyan Government, currently embroiled in a series of grand corruption scandals in the education, agricultural, local government and oil sectors. Nairobi hoped that investigations and prosecutions of civil servants, commenced on the instructions of the Kenyan President, would have convinced the UK, Kenya’s second largest bi-lateral partner, to reverse DFID’s suspension of support to the Ministry of Education’s Kenya Education Sector Support Programme announced late last year following the discovery of widespread fraud in the Ministry of Education by the Ministry of Finance’s Internal Audit Department (IAD) in September 2009. This suspension will now stand “until the risks of fraud are substantially reduced”.

The education fraud uncovered so far is based only on an audit of the Ministry of Education accounts for one month (June 2009). Now demands for a clearer picture from the Kenyan Government of the extent of the problem – and not just in the education sector are being made.

As Rob Macaire, British High Commissioner, puts it “Recently we have witnessed major corruption scandals in the maize, education, oil and local government sectors. All these scandals directly impact on the lives of Kenyan people, stealing funds that were meant for development for all Kenyans and which Kenyan taxpayers largely provide. Recent instruction from the President and Prime Minister to all senior civil servants give some hope that Kenya is finally willing to tackle such theft. But there needs to be a sea-change in attitudes. The Government has the opportunity now to show it is serious in tackling corruption, not just in education but across all sectors, and back up its words with action. To stamp out the theft of public money, this action must include ensuring all those who steal are held accountable, including through prosecutions. And not just those with their hands in the till – those who are responsible for preventing such fraud and who fail to act should also be held to account. The wider Kenyan public has a role to play too in continuing to demand greater accountability and rejecting corruption at all levels of society. We will support those within Government and outside of it who are genuinely trying to bring about that change.”

The Kenyan public is also unconvinced that enough has been done to punish corruption, and has taken to demanding that Ministers and politicians take political responsibility; but this is an alien concept in Kenya’s political class. A case in point involves the demands for resignation of the Education Minister Prof. Sam Ongeri who is adamant that the scam has no implications on his stay in office. Ongeri, a key Kibaki ally, was personally reinstated by President Kibaki following his “suspension” by Prime Minister Raila Odinga in February.

This story will run and run as most corruption scandals in Kenya usually do.

Facts on UK aid to Kenya’s Education Sector:

The UK, through its Department for International Development (DFID), is Kenya’s second biggest bilateral donor, with an aid budget in 20010/11 of £81 m (Kshs 9.3 billion). But only about 10% of this aid goes through the Government of Kenya, because of concerns about financial accountability.
Before the suspension of its funding, DFID had disbursed £45 million to KESSP towards teaching and learning materials, enhancing teachers’ skills, provide 11,880 new and rehabilitated primary school classrooms, enhance water and sanitation facilities and helped develop a national HIV/AIDS prevention programme for upper primary schools.
The UK was one of 4 partners (World Bank, Canada and UNICEF) who had been providing ‘pooled’ funding directly through the Government of Kenya to the Kenya Education Sector Support Programme (KESSP). DFID announced support of £55 million (~ 7 billion Kshs) over 5 years (2005 – 2010) to KESSP. This included £50 million direct to KESSP and £5 million for technical assistance managed by DFID. An additional grant of £5 million was agreed in 2009 to specifically target improving water/sanitation facilities for the poorest schools. No funding has been disbursed since the Kenyan Government announced discovery of fraud in September 2009.
The total estimated loss from the KESSP pool at this stage is Ksh 230 million.
The criteria that donors told Government they had to meet before resumption of donor funding for KESSP could be considered were:
(1) A full and complete audit report must be released to pooling partners satisfactorily addressing all of the issues raised in a fiduciary review of 9 October and including all supporting documentation. To date the Government has not validated all of the allegations in the fiduciary review.

(2) Officials found by the audit to have committed fraud must be appropriately sanctioned and their cases passed to the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) for criminal investigation and prosecution if found to have broken the law. Action is being taken against some Ministry of Education headquarters staff.

(3) All funds lost through fraud to be reimbursed to the contributors to the pooled fund on a pro rata basis. This has not been done.

(4) The Ministry of Education must provide evidence of suitable progress against an action plan agreed by all pooling partners for strengthening financial management. An action plan to strengthen financial management has been drafted but the Government has not yet taken all the actions required to reassure that fraud will not happen again.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Facing Mount Kirinyaga

The house of Mumbi shall have prosperity and no one shall die of hunger in the land that was gifted to Mumbi by creator who lived on top of Kirinyaga mountain. There were many who came from this land that will lead nation to prosperity.Kikuyu legends have it that in the beginning, a man called Gikuyu and his wife called Mireia (Mumbi) were placed on Mũkũrwe wa Nyagathanga in present day Murang’a District by God, Mwene Nyaga or Ngai. It was said that they were placed near the Mugumo or Fig tree upon the slopes of the mountain. They gave birth to Nine daughters named,Wanjiku, Wanjirũ, Wangeci, Wambũi, Wangari, Wacera Waithera, Wairimũ and Wangũi. It so happened that when they were grown up, they met nine young men from a distant land, ostensibly Axum, who married the girls and from whom the Kikuyu nation arose. A popular myth claims that when Kikuyu’s daughters came of marrying age, Kikuyu prayed to Mwene Nyaga to provide husbands for their daughters whom he duly provided by a fig tree(Exiles from Axum)

The famous seer Mugo wa kibiru prohesized the coming of the whiteman in Gikuyu land before their arrival. His prophecy was that there would come people who would have bodies like kiengere (a small light coloured frog which lives in water) and whose dress would resemble ciĩuhuruta (butterflies). They would carry magical sticks which would produce fire. Further he prophesized the coming of the railway line that would stretch from one body of water in the east to another in the west and the train which he described as an iron snake that would spit fire. Further this snake would ‘eat’ people and ‘vomit’ them out. He also predicted the coming of the famine that would signal the coming of the strangers with bodies like kiengere.

Mugo also prophesized on modern Kenya where the Leadership{presidency} will leave for a short while from house of Mumbi to to people of Rift valley and then return back to House of Mumbi where it shall never again leave. This prophesy which is widely held in Central province will come to haunt any politician who is eyeing the presidency but not descending from House of Mumbi.

President Kibaki with his development record will seek another term under the new constitution which ODM wants to scuttle as they have now smelt rat. Kibaki is about to finish his second term in office and will like to play the same card that Moi used to extend his presidency which is within his right. Kibaki has opened Kenya to where everybody has been guaranteed freedom of speech which was a taboo during Moi's autocratic rule.

With the way Kenya politics are there is no single candidate who has come out fitting the bill of ruling this nation which is about to collapse. ODM which as been all along crying for new constitution has just realized that they will not gain the key to state house unless they use the present constitution which will serve them better. With their think tanks they have burning the midnight oil to ensure that Kenya does not achieve new Constitution which will throw them out of office.

What Kibaki is doing is within his own right and fulfilling the prophecy Mugo wa Kibiru. The Leadership{Presidency} shall never again leave the house of Mumbi. The Population of House of Mumbi is now 7 million and using mathematical calculation they need a swing of 1.7% from any other group to ensure the prophecy which is not a tall order.

The house of Mumbi is now gone to full force of inventing so many political parties and political players for the ultimate game of divide and rule. They will be so disorganized and believing that they have got the blessing of house of Mumbi only to have the carpet pulled from them at last minute. They will be many rallies with greenhorn politicians being fronted as future leaders. They will be psychologically emasculated into making them believe its their turn. The House has bigger picture it must fulfil the prophecy.

President Kibaki will seek a third term ,first term in the new Constitution which ODM is very actively sabotaging. The population of Kenya are behind Kibaki who has lead this nation to prosperity and just before the bungled election he won Kenya was registering 7% growth annually. There has been large inflow of foreign investment In Kenya. So why do we Kenyan want to turn a blind eye on this excellent achievement. Lets wait and peacefully cast our vote and bring back President Kibaki to complete his economic legacy.

Karen Mbithi

Saturday, 13 March 2010

By Miguna Miguna

By Miguna Miguna,
In law, they call it an open and shut case. That’s what the rip-off surrounding the “purchase of land for cemetery by City Council of Nairobi” is. This is a fraud from the beginning to the end. Let me explain using credible primary evidence and chronologically demonstrate how this fraud was cooked and executed by senior public officers at the Treasury, Nairobi City Council and Ministry of Local Government.

A letter by then PS for Local Government, Sammy Kirui dated 25 June 2008 addressed to the former Town Clerk of Nairobi, John Gakuo, refer to various correspondence between the Nairobi City Council, the Ministry of Local Government and Treasury confirming that the “Government” had allocated funds for the fraudulent transaction. The letter notes that a meeting held at the Ministry headquarters and chaired by the Senior Deputy Secretary on 5 June 2008, stressed the need to “finalize” the transaction. By this date, no land had been identified or purchased. It is unclear how and why Sh 350 million of public funds was released by Treasury to Mr. Kirui.

On June 27, 2008, Mr. Kirui instructed that payment for the non-existent land be processed and Sh 350 million be paid out to unidentified people. The parcels of land identified for purchase were LR 23222, 23223, 23224, 23225, 23226, 23227, 23228, 23229 and 23230, measuring 75 acres to be purchased for use as cemetery. There is reference to a draft sale agreement between the City Council and some unnamed vendors.

Mr. Kirui directed payments on State Counsel E.N. Torome’s Memo dated 27 June 2008. The same day, the Principal Accountant at the Ministry, J.O. Warega, wrote to the Chief Accountant confirming that Mr. Kirui had “approved payment.” Mr. Warega instructed the Chief Accountant to prepare payment of Sh 289 million to E.N. Omotii & Company Advocates as “per the approval.” No indication why this large sum is being paid out. This happened before the land had been located and no Sale Agreement had been signed.

Mr. Kirui sent another letter to Mr. Gakuo on 8 September 2008 stating that “it is noted from your letter that identification of a suitable parcel of land for use as a cemetery through personal visits is not yielding results.” He directed that a paid advertisement be placed seeking appropriate land. Yet, payments were processed by Mr. Kirui more than six months before the required procurement conditions were met or appropriate land identified.

On 30 October, 2008, Mr. Kirui sent another letter to Mr. Gakuo stating that: “It is now 5 months since you initiated action on this matter and yet you have not concluded and advised the Ministry to effect payment. The continued holding of this payment is adversely affecting other financial transactions in the Ministry. From the date of this letter I want to get this matter concluded within a period of 5 days. At the expiry of this period the Ministry will take over the procurement process and proceed with the advertisement for the purchase of the land for the cemetery.”

The haste and desperation to conclude the fraud so as to cash the large public cheque is obvious from the contents of Mr. Kirui’s letter.

By letter dated 4 December 2008, Mr. Kirui says to Mr. Gakuo: “it is particularly disturbing that the tender documents are alleged to have been defective.” Yet, on 18 December 2008, in response to a query by the Chief Financial Officer over the same issue and recommendation that the ministry’s State Counsel peruse the documents, Mr. Kirui responded that “State Counsel perusing the agreement is just another bureaucratic hurdle” to delay the transaction. Kirui pointed out that even “the other bidders” had not complained. Bureaucratic procedure suddenly becomes an unnecessary hindrance.

None of the documents were copied to or signed by Hon. Musalia Mudavadi, in violation of section 144(2) of the Local Government Act that states that all land transactions must be approved by the minister.

On 15 February 2010, the Controller and Auditor-General forwarded his audit report on the transaction to the finance minister, Uhuru Kenyatta. He also delivered a copy to Hon Mudavadi who then forwarded it to the KACC on 17 February 2010, and requested that action be expedited on the matter. On 19 February 2010, Mr. Mudavadi sent a letter to Amb Muthaura, with a copy of the report and asked Muthaura to “take peremptory measures” to implement the report’s recommendations.

Neither KACC nor Muthaura took any action; not until the irregular leakage of an incomplete KACC report. The true value of the land in question is Sh 24 million. The transaction was sealed using a forged valuation report that inflated the price to Sh 325 million, which was paid out to among others, a sister to the PNU’s James Nyamweya. The land purportedly purchased is not the same as the nine parcels listed above. Mudavadi was not involved and never received a cent.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The radicalization Kenya Somali Youth

Two month ago the Kenyan public joined the Kenya police and security agencies in lynching,mob justice, shooting and stoning peaceful Somali demonstrators in front of Jamia Mosque. A number of innocent Somalis were killed and injured. This was the turning point for Somali Kenyan youth who were patriotic Kenyan until that day. It suddenly dawn to them after all this years they were only considered a second class material like their parents and fore fathers before them . It was painful to watch this scene unravelling in front of our eyes which has been captured vividly in YouTube. The Butchers at the council market joined the police in chasing and harassing this Innocent Somali Kenya who were demonstrating rightly or wrongly on issue that they thought touched them personally.

The issue of Somali Kenyans has now been rekindled and this incident which should never have happed in modern day Kenya has reminded them where they belong the second class citizen. It is clear that they are not considered like other Kenyans and this ripple effect have been felt world wide by Somalis of all walk of life. Who are now preparing for plan B.

Since Kenya's independence Somalis have been targeted for economic ,political and social discrimination. There province has been divided and large chunks annexed to Kenyas Eastern province . Their area is least developed in the country with ravaging drought that has brought the nomadic life to a stand still. NFD or North Eastern which is the second largest province in Kenya has no single university or referral hospital. The Education system is neglected as number of teachers per student has declined since independence. The recent result of Secondary school examination KCPE is clear indicator how this expanse province and population is treated. The first candidate in this vast province was not equal to the last candidate of the whole other provinces combined.

The recent census which had placed the population of North Eastern 3 million has been suppressed by the authorities who are now doctoring the census. The Kenya authorities will not believe that the population of Somalis has increased by 140%. This act by the government which is discriminatory will not go unchallenged in any democracy or emerging democracies. Thanks to the poor calibre of Members of parliament produced by North Eastern who are busy lining there pocket than looking at the bigger picture of developing and fighting for the right of their people. This Mps do not contribute to their respective constituencies leave alone debating national issue on the floor of parliament.

No single Mp in present and past Parliament is capable of being compared to the legendary and fearless the late Hon. Abdi Sirat Khalif who fought for the rights of his people. The present Somali Mps in th Kenya parliament who are 14 plus have not raised a finger to the open discriminatory acts caused by the Kenya against its population and land. Late Abdi Sirat Khalif fought tooth and nail with Kenyatta administration who in the end silenced him by rigging him out.

The North Eastern province has been under emergency laws for the last 46 years.The government have always dealt ruthless with population whom one time politician requested that all the well of this nomads in the province to be poisoned to wipe out the Somali population an advice that made President Kenyatta angry to the point of reprimanding that politician by telling him if he were to kill the population of North Eastern he will be left with no one to rule.

When I was young and I remember vividly during the 1977 Ogaden War all Somalis in Kenya were hounded and detained in large camps in Schools for over 3days without food and water. It is a bitter memory that stays with me till today. The harassment caused to my people is beyond imagination. I have buried it in me till the recent indiscriminate attack on Somali by Kenya security forces and the Kenyan public.

The memories Wagalla, Malka Mari,Garrisa 1984 massacre are fresh in our minds. Thousand of Somalis were massacred by the Kenya security forces without any reason. The reason was flimsy and it is that Kenya government has carried systematic genocide against people it claims to be its own citizen. No one come to Somalis aid.

Recently George Kinuthia Saitoti went to Israel and asked the Israeli security forces to help and train their Kenyan counterpart to fight Somali terrorism which is about to overtake Kenya. Yes the Kenya government now want to use Israelis to kill and maim more Somalis. What do you expect from us??? To watch when you prepare to kill our women and children? NO No No enough is enough we will no longer be bound by the rule of ballots. It is time we also took lead and armed ourselves. For me today I will be prepare to lead our people to our journey that will lead to self determination a right that is enshrine n the universal declaration of human rights. I will fight to defend my people. Brutal force should equally be met with Brutal force. The Israelis will look after its interest of not antagonizing the Somali population in Kenya.

I hope SIASA KALI will be brave enough today to publish my article which is what million of young Kenyan Somalis are feeling. The process of radicalization is irreversible and has been triggered by the recent attack of Somalis by the Kenya security forces with help of it citizens. We will not accept second class citizen. If you do not want to recognize us as your equals then it is high time we parted ways.

Sadia Ahmed

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Stealing from the dead

Mudavadi has been caught hand in the cookie jar. Yes it is all ODM double speak and double standard. When Prof Ongeri and Ruto were implicated in the Free Primary Education and Maize scandal with a stroke of a pen PM Odinga called a press conference on valentine day and famously suspended both Ruto and Ongeri only his decision to be reversed by President Kibaki.

How low can ODM hierarchy go. They stole maize meant for the poor and hungry. They made killing by using their cronies and went for full force. They were elected on platform of fighting corruption and nepotism. Today they are the leaders of corruption and just a copy of those whom they were fighting to replace.

Do not believe pollsters they are being used to promote a group and only to pull a plug at last minute like the did in the last election. Now this pollsters interview through telephone few hundred people and then tell the public that Hon Odinga is popular. This is a trap that he is falling for. If really Odinga wants to know how popular he is let him come to the Wanachi joint and not use choreographed meetings.

ODM ate the maize while 10 million Kenyans were hungry and devastated by drought. Now that we have rain they are busy scheming how to export our food and make another killing. All this is calculated to make Wananchi hungry not to demand their political rights. Everybody in ODM was party to the maize opera and the involvement was through the hierarchy the more closer you were to the heartbeat the more maize you were given to sell. Imagine even board members who were former Mps who failed in the last election were given chance to eat and make the rest of Kenyans go hungry.

Hon Mudavadi through his business associate Mr Osiemo pocketed a cool 59million Kenya shillings for doing nothing.This is criminal act which need to be punished by a jail term. They have now gone further and coined a new dictionary word of stealing from the dead. If ODM are denying Wananchi a burial right why would we vote for them in the coming years. Burial /funeral activities should be treated with respect and made a place where corruption free rains. We should respect the lasting place of our dead who have no opportunity to engage in corruption and criminal activity.

President Kibaki is on the ball and has again sacked 8 officials including the PS Kirui for their heinous act of stealing from the dead. As the president promised more heads are to roll as he declares corruption a thing of the past. He has cancelled the foreign travel conducted by the over 90 ministers who have made a business of accumulating foreign exchange during this unnecessary travel abroad. The minister who benefit from this trip take there spouses and children and claim allowance from the tax payers. President Kibaki has now put a brake to that. He has also ordered all furniture's to be ordered from Jua Kali closing another loophole where this thugs have enriching themselves. By this Presidential act Jua KAli employees and families will benefit from 500 million Kenya shillings which was stolen from the tax payers. This act will create more employment and promote local industry.Yes the president is serious and not personalising the war on corruption.

PM Raila Amollo Odinga should now show us what he means by the war on corruption. We now challenge him to dismiss or Ask Hon.Mudavadi to step aside for impartial investigation to be conducted like he did with Hon Ongeri and Hon Ruto. There is no two way about this issue of corruption being personalised. Odinga is a populist leader who likes to play to the galleries. He is at the moment mesmerised by the polls that are designed to tame him to toe down the line. Will he be brave enough to fight corruption and call on his deputy to stand aside???????.

Hon Mudavadi is being investigated by KACC and is crying foul. Instead of accounting for the 59 million he pocketed he is running wild and covering his track. Now Kenya is on the path of war with corruption. No matter who you are you will soon be exposed. The Kenya that steals from its dead, the Kenya that steals maize from the mouth of hungry is a Kenya of the past. We will rise and use our votes very intelligently this time. No more kupiga domo domo.

Will Hon Odinga rise to the occasion and ask his deputy Hon Mudavadi to step aside and make us believe that the issue of fighting corruption is not personality oriented.


Friday, 5 March 2010

The Foreign policy adventure

This old man should be asked to go quietly and tend to his goats in Tugenia. Mr Moi has been running parallel foreign policy for Kenya without the express authority of Kenya government blessing.

Mr Moi is not at peace since he was pelted with eggs and stones after his defeat in 2002 elections which he was not allowed to impose his image on Kenyans. After 24 years of looting and running aground Kenya's economy he is still actively preaching on the theory of Kenya being surrounded by sea of Chaos. His main line is look at our neighbours how they are ??? if I was not God fearing Kenya will have gone to the dogs. With this god fearing line Moi and his henchmen went on a looting spree that is only equalled to Congo during Mobutu Sseseko kuku wa Zabanda's reign.

This old man has been Cris crossing the plains of East Africa with his calling card and promoting the virtues of dictatorship and poor governance. He was recently seen in Uganda where he was campaigning for the re-election of Dictator Museveni who has been in power for the last 24 years and planning for another 24 years . Mr Moi and President Museveni did not see eye to eye during his tenure of Kenyan leadership and there was constant tension between the two countries. Now Mr Moi in his retirement travelled to Uganda to be showered and bestowed with a Ugandan Medal for supporting the re-election of Dictator Museveni. The Ugandans are not fools and will not be lectured by a fading dictator.

Kenya's foreign policy of non-alignment ,non interference with neighbours has been thrown out of the window by this single old man who is freewheeling and jumping to every invitation by dictators in this continent who want to continue to oppress their people and not giving the their Democratic right of choosing leaders of their choice. Mr Moi flew to Southern Sudan on two day mission fully pain for from the coffers of poor Southern Sudanese who are unable to feed their own people. This region which is a contentious is a volatile and will explode any minute. Mr Moi unashamedly called on the people of Southern Sudan to support Salva Kiir Mayardit and return him UN-opposed. Moi rebuked the fiery opposition leader Dr Lam Akol for exercising his democratic belief.

The Sudanese government have not been happy with Kenya's covert support to Southern Sudan which wants to secede from the North. It believes Kenya has been double dealing while arming and encouraging actively the Salva Kiir and his group it has been sending mixed messages to Bashir government. The port of Mombasa is heavily used by SPLM to import heavy weapons to destabilise the whole region. Moi during his tenure gave the SPLM open access to Kenya and exclusive use of the port. The Southern Sudan is preparing itself for another round of War in 2011. This was exposed when Somali pirates intercepted heavy tanks and artillery imported from Ukraine and heading to Southern Sudan government.

Moi with the tacit support of Kenya is now preaching for rigging of the April election in Southern Sudan to ensure the Salva Kiir Maryadit is bulldozed back to office. This will set a very bad precedent and make this region to start on wrong footing. Moi loves dictatorship and is actively encouraging others over 80'years old men to continue to rule with iron fist. He has forgotten that we are now in the 21st century where the youth will take over leadership and drive this continent to good governance.

Kenya should tread carefully when dealing with Sudan which is a large country with wealth and large population. If Kenya continues and actively encourages Sudan dismemberment then Sudan will shine it spotlight towards Kenya which can really be nasty. Kenya's is politically volatile at present with number of challenges in term of economic and security and will not be able to contain a hostile neighbour like Sudan. The unemployed population and dissatisfied Kenyans can have sympathetic ear from Khartoum who can call for pay back time to Kenya for interfering with her internal affairs. They will be able to flood weapons ,funds and training to this youth who can caused mayhem and total chaos that will look like third world war.

We Know through our network that Sudan is holding a card up it sleeve and with Kenya's trend of interfering with her affairs will happily use in 2011. Already Sudanese operative are active in Nairobi and in Turkana region keenly watching Kenya's every move and open support for the secession movement.

Moi has successfully run down the economy ,culture and the people of Kenya for the last 24 years. He should not be allowed to room around with impunity. He should give up the Kaptagat tea factory and all the land he holds in Mau which has been an ecological disaster. He should also be made accountable to the Murder of Robert Ouko and all those he tortured and displaced in exile.He should not be allowed to enjoy looted wealth in his retirement and should be made to account for every penny.

Kenya government Should place a brake on Moi adventurism that is only succeeding in damaging its already tainted image. Moi who is geriatric who is fast approaching the age of 90 and is showing signs of Dementia. Southern Sudan should not be allowed to be the grave of Kenya's independence. Kenya is better advice not to interfere with the ongoing political turmoil in that country but to promote peace,democracy and stability to our neighbours,our continent and the world. We should guard our independence jealously and promote good governance and neighbourliness.


Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Hostage Syndrome

Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga Kenya's Prime Minister has formed a special bond with President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya. This bond has become so special that it is water tight and no one can brake it. Raila sees nothing but good in Kibaki that his loyal troop are at a loss
Raila has been campaigning on Kibaki being a reformist that critics wonder if the Prime Minister who is so desperate to become the next President will go at any length to praise is enemy number one.
This behaviour that Raila is a party to is called the Stockholm Syndrome a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein the hostage Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga express adulation and have positive feeling towards his captor President Mwai Kibaki that appear to be irrational light of danger that he is exposed to.

Odinga family are desperate to capture the Presidency of Kenya which has been elusive towards them. Raila is so desperate that the more closer he becomes to his goal the further the Presidency drift away. Raila is a militant that has been given the little power trapping that has confused him. The Motorcade that Kibaki has offered him has mesmerized him that withdrawal will caused huge psychological effect on his well being. Kibaki handlers have choreographed Raila's whole personality that whatever threat he makes is watered down within seconds.
President Kibaki has mapped out the entire Odinga genome and manipulates it to his advantage and the way that pleases him .The body language that Kibaki projects while in the company of Odinga displays who is in charge and how he grades Odinga. Kibaki assumes the aura of power, confidence and fox like posture that outwits his opponent at ago.
During the cabinet building exercise at Sagana lodge Kibaki handlers laid a trap that Odinga fell for that was taped by the Kenya national intelligence and remains to haunt him today. The whole saga was contained in a Brief case that was passed to him to offset his election expenses which was so juicy that he could not resist. Odinga has poor set of advisers and relies on his Luo clique who are outfoxed on strategy and intelligence.
The question of corruption is game that is played to the gallery to keep busy Kenyans mind while underhand game continues unabated. None of the leaders is ready to roll up sleeve and work for the sake of Kenya as all of them are entangled to the corruption web. There close relatives, partners and friends are leaders in the field of corruption who are insulated from the rule of justice.
10 million Kenyans go to bed every night hungry and wake up with the same pang in the morning. The youth is 80% unemployed and are rooming in our streets idle. It is like fuel waiting for someone to strike the matchstick. Kenya is on the bring of collapse due to its myopic leaders who are selfish and are on the path of self destruction.