Sunday, 28 February 2010

Matuga People deserve the Best

The people of Matuga should consider not voting for Ali Chirau Makwere. Makwere has been the worst performing minister since Kenya attained Independence 46 years ago. In his short stint as Minister he has not supervised a single transport bill in parliament successfully. He has been busy attending Lingala concerts and singing in private parties.

Makwere owns a matatu which placed him in conflict with his ministerial duties . When asked why he will not implement Michuki's rule he said that since he owned matatu he will not shoot himself in the leg. The man beat any logic and has been arrogant and a tribalist of first class. One student who is now studying overseas went to seek his help while he was in office. When Makwere saw the student he asked him why he was carrying a name that did not resemble Digo names. The student was shocked and left Makwere's office in despair.

Makwere is an actor and a show man who failed during his stint as in the foreign office and should never have been appointed as a minister. His area is among the least developed with lowest per capita in the country as a whole. He rarely involved in development in his home area let alone the country. He does not deserve to represent the good people of Matuga.

Kenya roads have turned into graveyard for wananchi since his appointment in transport ministry. Kenya has one of the highest fatality rates in the world and loses up to 3,000 lives every year, with an average of about 8 people killed everyday. In Economic terms this has cost the country about Ksh. 6 Billion annually. Even more serious is the trauma suffered by those affected directly or indirectly by these accidents through loss of injury of their loved ones. In fact in terms of mortality, road accidents have been taken the third killer position after Malaria and HIV/AIDS.

The Data shows that the majority of accidents on Kenyan roads amounting to 85% are caused by human error on the part of road users, 11% are due to poor vehicle conditions and vehicle failure and about 4% are attributable to environmental factors. Human error occurs through various factors such as:-over speeding, driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, overloading, reckless driving, careless pedestrians and UN-qualified drivers.

Makwere has been a human disaster and face of impunity that need to be discarded. He has no place in the cabinet leave alone the parliament. The PNU brigade are making a big mistake by supporting and backing this man who is a looser. PNU should not give his nomination and if they adhere to rules of democracy they should subject him to nomination like other candidates who are vying for the post. ODM-K has withdrawn it's support from Mr Kazim Tandaza who came third and garnered 6,000 votes in the last election. ODM-K and it's leaders are opportunist who have all their lives have been singing Moi's tune and looted this country. They have short sight and unprincipled.

Sheikh Juma Ngao a former PNU and Shirikisho party coordinator has summed up all when he said that he will not support Makwere in the coming election because of his pathetic record in development of the area. Makwere destroyed the port operation by replacing capable Kenyans with his cronies. Thanks to God that he was removed before the transport ministry hemorrhaged due to his incompetence.

People of Matuga deserve the best of Brain and industrious member of parliament. We call on people of Matuga please.please,please do not elect Ali Chirau Makwere the Lingala musician.
Elizabeth Musau

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Die is cast for Amb Kiplagat

The Die for Ambassador Kiplagat is cast and the earlier he bows out as the Chairman of TRJC the better for saving the integrity of this commission which Kenya's want it to work. Bishop Desmond Tutu the charismatic South Africa leader who is a symbol of truth has put the last nail on the coffin.

Amb Kiplagat is a show man and how the parliament forwarded is name to be approved by the President is still a puzzle in the mind of many Kenyans. Kiplagat appeared before National T.V and when asked about Late Hon Ouko's death he shed crocodiles tear expecting Kenyans to sympathize with him.

Kiplagat has been entangled in corrupt deals of acquiring public land by virtue of his position during the Moi despotic regime where it was all grab anything and everything. Even public toilets in Nairobi were grabbed by Moi cronies and turned to Petrol stations. Today their are very few public toilets in Nairobi which boast as the capital city of Kenya.

Kiplagat chaired the massacre of Wagalla in 1984 where 5,000 innocent Somali Degodia clan were murdered in scorching heat of sun. He was deeply involved and has the blood of all those innocent victims who are stil crying for justice. There is no way This Man Kiplagat can head a commission that seek to redress the ills that this beautiful country has undergone in the last 46+ years.

The Death of Ouko whom killers are roaming today in Kenya and are known to Kiplagat should not expect this man carry out Truth and reconciliation. This man was all that embodied in Moi's despotic regime. His involvement in Somali/Sudan peace negotiation should not whitewash his entanglement with evil that was caused during Moi's dictatorial years.

The TRJC needs somebody with clean slate and high moral standing among the public of Kenya who will appear before the commission to seek redress for past injustices. As the commission prepares to leave for North Eastern we hope they will be with minus Kiplagat who will pose great security risk to this region. He should now be brave enough to give up the land he grabbed and acquired illegally and resign from this important commission and save himself embarrassment of being forcefully ejected by Wananchi.

Kenyans have spoke with one voice and now the world have come again to rescue Kenya. The Team of former world Truth conciliators have been given life to Kenyans to shun away with anti democratic elements like Kiplagat who want to ruin the path to reconstructive democracy in Kenya. The Era of big man syndrome is over and no one and we mean no one is going to defend the indefensible. He should not look for saviours as Moi has retired and he will also have his day very soon in court of law. No one is above the law.
Ambassador Kiplagat should have taken the cue while in Mombasa where aggrieved Kenyans walked out on him. Now the pressure is on and led by international community.
The statement by Bishop Desmond Tutu is endorsed by very eminent personalities. It read We, former chairpersons and commissioners of truth commissions from around the world, respectfully call upon Ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat, Chairperson of the Truth Justice & Reconciliation Commission’s (TJRC) to step down from his positions as Chairperson and Commissioner.We are deeply troubled by serious allegations of bias and misconduct that have been made against Chairperson Kiplagat. The allegations about his role in the former Moi government have generated a widely held perception that he labours under an unavoidable conflict of interest and that he is unable to bring an impartial mind to bear on his important duties as TJRC Chairperson.We are advised that in previous years, a statutory Commission of Inquiry as well as a Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry have made disturbing findings against Ambassador Kiplagat on matters that fall squarely within the TJRC’s mandate. The Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Illegal and Irregular Allocation of Public Land (released in 2004) makes references to instances of the illegal acquisition of public land on the part of Ambassador Kiplagat.The Report of the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the Murder of Dr. Robert Ouko includes a report from an investigation team which concluded that Ambassador Kiplagat was untruthful in his submissions. While Ambassador Kiplagat has disputed the references to him in these reports, they nonetheless have a direct and serious impact on public perceptions in relation to his fitness to hold high office in the Commission.All truth commissioners must be seen to be upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity. They need to be seen to be scrupulously independent and objective. We are constrained to point out that Ambassador Kiplagat does not meet these essential standards.We note that truth commissions must enjoy the confidence of the public to succeed. Since objective grounds of a reasonable apprehension of bias on the part of Ambassador Kiplagat exist in the minds of the public, he is duty bound to resign for the greater good of the commission and country.We believe that if the current state of affairs is not addressed the TJRC will not be able to deliver truth, justice and accountability for past injustices and gross human rights violations. For these reasons we call upon Ambassador Kiplagat to immediately step down so that the TJRC may proceed with its critical tasks of promoting justice and combating impunity in Kenya.
It was signed by Bishop Joseph Christian Humper, the former chairperson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Sierra Leone and Salomon Lerner Febres, former chairperson of the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Others who endorsed the statement included Alexander Lionel Boraine, the chairperson of the Mauritian Truth and Reconciliation Commission and former commissioners of the South African truth commission among them Dumisa Ntsebeza, Yasmin Sooka, Bongani Blessing Finca, Mary Burton, Richard Lyster and Fazel Randera.
The die is cast and Ambassador Kiplagat has only 48 hours or face forceful eviction led by Wananchi.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The End of the Battle

Kibaki management style outfoxes all that have thought of bullying him. This week the President showed us who was in charge despite his many failings he has asserted his authority for once for all. Kibaki is in charge of the ship called Kenya which is now sailing in the high seas thanks God it is not within the reach of Somali Pirates who are on the looks out to nab Kenyan goodies.

Kibaki has placed the Kenyan Psyche at rest and assured them that even powdered milk will be included in the national strategic food reserve. Well done this has been long overdue. Imagine Kenya where we have 10 million hungry Kenyans and Nyagah is playing with their lives by encouraging the Milkmen in Rift Valley to pour their milk in the drain. Nyagah who followed his brothers footstep lost his seat and thanks to Odinga who nominated him to parliament.

Kenyans have been squarely told by their President that they do not need foreign cooked solution to sort out home made problems. ODM which was the strongest party in the Parliament has now been made a laughing stock thanks to Odinga's poor leadership. It is now weak and under the manipulation of PNU who fortunes has been raising. Odinga is now quiet as the President is not ready to entertain his daily tantrums.

As the parliament opened the President has re-asserted his supremacy and told off Odinga and ODM for rushing to the international community for rescue. Kofi Annan who thought he had other busy issues to attend that attending to this minor political spat between ODM and nothing. He has gone on the record telling the to meet as soon as possible. Kibaki will not take orders from foreign leaders who have been poking hole on Kenya's democracy.The President and PNU are aware of ODM wanting to scuttle the constitution making Process and will not allow to happen as he now has the sympathy of 68% of the ODM Mps.

Odinga straight from Japan where the PNU mandarin led by Kenyatta has been keeping an eye on him arrived was only met by Luo ministers of ODM at the airport. Indeed a cold reception and he went straight to Kibera where there is a large Luo citizens where he carried an impromptu Baraza calling Kibaki tio give him a free hand in handling his part of coalition. A call Kibaki will not head to as it is competitive politics. Odinga failed by throwing Ruto on to Kibaki's lap and fold. Ruto who is planning to wrestle ODM from Odinga is not having Odinga's tantrum.

Odinga is now making another tactical mistake instead of calling for ceasefire with Ruto he has used The ODM whip to remove Ruto from the important house committee and replace him with Henry Kosgey who also has tainted past. Ruto who is smart has already mobilized fellow parliamentarian who have rejected Odinga's dictatorial tendencies. Odinga is making series of mistakes that will fasten the demise of ODM. Kibaki will have the last laugh.

Saida Ahmed

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The coalition government is dead

President Kibaki is a lucky man and has the 9 lives like the cat. He has been silent throughout his presidency using state house courtiers to run his errand which they have done with mathematical precision. Kibaki is a happy man with turn of events that has been given to him by Odinga on a silver plate and make no mistake will be using it to salvage his last years of his presidency and choreograph Kenyatta to take over the mantle.

Kibaki is no hurry to meet Odinga and he has categorically denied that their is crisis. The crisis was never there but a fig creation of Odinga according to Ruto. Ruto a schemer and student of Moi's Era and battle hardend by the Kanu youthwing 92' is on the other tail end of the phone to state house daily. Ruto has openly regreted having supported Odinga who is trying to oust him. Ruto with large following in Rift valley and pockets around the country has stricken code with anti-Odinga camp. Kibaki has given him the go ahead to downsize Odinga who is trying to usurp the Kibaki's power. Kibaki has not taken lightly this saga of episode which has caused irritation and tumbled the value of Kenya shilling.

The myth that Obama will support Odinga is a heresay. Americans and President Obama are more comfortable with Kibaki's Presidency which has given them unfetted acess to inteligience coming from Somalia which the they do not want to upset. Odinga on the other hand represent instability and side show posturing which might jeorpadize America global security concern. President Obama knows that his father was much more associated with the late Tom Mboya who was a rival to Odinga and lost his job after protesting his death. It was Kibaki who rescued Obama senior and gave job at Treasury which brought him back to the fold. President Obama was reminded as a senator during his visit to Kogelo. President Obama is keenly watching Kenya with minimal input and would prefer status quo until 2012 election.

President Kibaki is now keenly fighting for his legacy. He has lined up a group of technocrat to fight corruption and deliver the constitution. The PSC draft constitution will suit Kibaki and his group in the coming years and a bad pill by Odinga and his followers. ODM is not intrested in the constitution and are out to scuttle the process by introducing flimsy parameters whenever there is a movement towards achieving the final constitution. ODM has miscalculated the patience of the Kenyan populace who are now tired of Prime Minister who is busy complaining of Toilet and carpets behind dais. Kenyans want a presidential system and few lean cabinet to run the affairs of this beloved nation.

A week in politics is a long time and the coming weeks will shape the trend of the next two years and where Kenya is heading. Kibaki has got his eyes set on the ball and will not let it go. Odinga by being flip flop has placed himself between two hard rock which he will find difficult to disintangle. He has brought back Salim Lone to help him to build his already shattered image. At ODM house it is only Mudavadi who is calling Odinga's tune the rest have left the boat with blessing of Kibaki.

The battle will now be taken to the floor of the parliament where ODM will have a rough time gathering strength that they have lost. Jakoyo Midiwo who is the whip is also embroiled in shady deals that he recently concluded in Kisumu. He acquired large residential building just Behind Aga Khan which he paid cash. His file is now with National intelligience and will be used to shut him up and go slow in parliament. The Speaker Marende has shown that he is impartial and does not want to engage in ODM brikmanship. His time in parliament has earned the trust of Kenyans who view the 10th parliament as the most corrupt . During recent bungled election of leader of government business he played his card so well that Kenyan's are calling for him to run as President. Nothing good can be said about his deputy Farah Maalim who has tainted the office of speaker with his lack of foresight. The deputy speakers office has turned to be big shoes for him and he knowledge of parliamentary rules and law is near to nought. PNU are happy with Farah who is doing his last stint in Parliament and is concentrating and building his business profile. He has amassed huge ealth at short time and succeded in purchasing large buildings in Easleigh which he has demolished and rebuilding it as a mall. Farah who was near bankruptcy has done well to fill his liner in space of less than 2 years. He is on watch list of the Americans who have built extensive dossier on him.

ODM is so entangled in corruption which is a public knowledge that if election were conducted today they would loose 90% of their present sitting Mps. They were all elected in Euphoria of 2007 of trying to dislodge the Kikuyu's from the Presidency only to realise how recless Odinga Presidency will have been to Kenya. Kenyan's are grateful to God that the result of 2007 election was disputed with this rate corruption the country will have gone dogs long time.

President Kibaki has asserted his authority and shown who is in charge. The first 5 years of Kibaki's presideny showed ecocnomic prosperity and freedom of speech that was unprecented. Kibaki showed how to govern with the help of people and then things went pear shaped when high level of Kibaki's operative engaging in corruption just like Moi's era. To capture the presidency Kibaki handlers opened the doors for all sort of corrupt schemes to build war chest for the 2007 campaign trail and act that Kibaki has come to regret.

The coalition government is dead Kibaki and Odinga both know. There will be no more side show from Odinga as he will risk beign completelty shut from the government and will set to loose his traping of outriders and police siren. Kibaki with his State house courtiers will now have a free hand to rule as they wish and carve out the image 2012. Odinga will remain the best President that Kenya never had. He will from henseforth remain in the sidelines.The Electrol commision are busy readying for a snap general elction. The electrol regiaster and roll are geared towards readiness in the next few months. It will not be an easy task as things look grey but watch out this space

The coalition is dead long live Kenya.


Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Grave of ODM

Is it the end game for ODM??. With the storm caused by Hon. Raila of suspending Hon. Ruto and Hon.Ongeri without consultation and the blessing of the President Kibaki has opened more puzzle that Hon. Odinga could handle. President Kibaki did not take lightly the subordination caused by Raila's unilateral decision which has jeopardized the survival of the co-alition government. Kibaki handlers have been waiting on the wings for Raila to make a mistake that will place him in tight spot. Raila engages in political brinkmanship without thinking through the consequences that will trigger from his action.

Hon. Ruto and Hon. Ongeri ministries have been front of condoning corruption which is run away. Ruto has calculated his move and is out to bring down the PM. He has already put in place schemes that will destabilize the ODM from within. The PM and his Luo clique have very Little space for manoeuvre. Ruto and Ongeri have decided to stay put and are co-ordinating their troop for the ultimate challenge.

PNU handlers have been waiting for this golden opportunity that Raila has given them. It has breathed life to a party that was withering. They have spotted a kill and are going with full force. Raila now know he has no power and the idea of two principal has all been myth created by the international community who did not want to see a Rwanda happening in Kenya. there is a lot at stake in Kenya.

Raila flies in from Japan this morning and will be met with cold reception at the airport. things Will never be same again. He has been outmaneuvered and has very few followers who will stand up for him. Kenyan do not want a repeat of 2007 call by politician to slaughter each other. Kenyans will guard their country against chaos.

President Kibaki is regrating having invited Raila on board in the first place. It was Kivuitus rough handling of the result that sent 1500 Kenyans to grave. Kibaki believes that he won the votes squarely and should have called for re-run of the election. Odinga has never been comfortable with the running of governments. He believes that power should be concentrated around himself and his clique. Pundits believe if Raila is given free hand to run the government he will run It down within a period of 3 months.

President Kibaki is not keen in having any meeting with Raila at the moment since there is no crisis and if there is one it was created by Raila. Cabinet business will be as usual. Ruto and Ongeri have a large following within their constituencies despite their tainted image. Raila has played the wrong cards and this will end his dream for presidency and votes in large sway of Rift Valley.
Sadia Ahmed

Friday, 19 February 2010

Uhuru-Odinga chit chat

Uhuru '' Jomo's blood runs in me and I have a claim to the thrown''.

Raila '' Mhhhh help me to wither the storm that i raised and not to allow the coalition to collapse and the presidency is all yours''.

The General without soldiers

The English have a saying which goes by do not rise a storm that you can not ride. Hon Raila Amollo Odinga likes playing to galleries. He loves power but lacks strategy. He created a storm that he is unable to ride and has no disingenuously called for help from the international community. He created a storm that was never there and President Kibaki handlers being more smarter than ODM have given him a run for his money.

Corruption is a pastime in Kenya that needs to be handled openly without fear or favour. Hon Odinga had the message but his populist style has killed the message before it played to the public. Odinga created a storm and jumped into the plane and off went to Japan where he is now begging a meeting with President Kibaki. The Man is doublespeak few months ago he told us that Kibaki was a reformist and now he has given a u turn telling us that that Kibaki is condoning corruption.

ODM has the worst type of advisers that any leader might aspire to have. They lack strategist, planners and thinkers. Hon. Odinga relies on few Luo clique that is led by Prof Nyong'o, Orengo ,Dennis Onyango and Canadian Miguna who misinform him and end up in giving him the worst kind of advice. This group of Luo leaders who run the ODM like small fiefdom have completely lost the plot. It was naive for them to rush calling on H.E Anan to come and solve a problem that they created. Kenya needs to sort her own problem locally.

The war with Ruto might be justified but the method he choose to conduct it leaves much to be desired. Ruto is an astute leader who has oratory skills and organizer who has decided to take the bull by the horns. Ruto has already crossed the line to other side and enjoys patronage from PNU. ODM house has already collapsed and Odinga is a general without troops. He has burned the bridge that was to help him. The party discipline is out of window. Hon Odinga knows that and has been trying to make concession but very late.

Kenyans are sick and tired of corruption and see no hope in the present leadership. President Kibaki has had 4 stroke in a row and his memory is not kind to him and he is not a well man. He is surrounded by a clique that will give chance to nobody other than the house of Mumbi. Imagine the recent appointment to replace the Ps who were relieved their duties were all Kikuyus as if there is no other capable Kenyan.

Hon. Odinga is in tight corner and is praying to be rescued from the storm that he has created by the international community. He is praying that the coalition does not collapse but there was no coalition in the first place. Hon Odinga is unable to supervise his own office where corruption is rife. Pay a visit to the treasury house and you will see who is lining up to see him. Corruption should not be selective.

Hon Odinga now has been placed where he belongs. The best thing was for President Kibaki to work out with ODM rebels to ensure Kenya has a constitution by the end of the year and prepare election that will sort out Kenya's problem for good. Hon Odinga miscalculated big time and as lost large section of Kenyans who thought that he was brave enough to lead his troop to canaan. When things got hot he jumped out of the ship hopped into a plane and went to Japan .
Ekwe Edia