Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Kikuyu Syndrome

This Man Kibaki sees nothing except Kikuyu. after his inauguration he vowed never again that the Kikuyu home guards will suffer displacement that Moi initiated during his 24 years of looting spree. Kibaki has now gone a step further and appointed a Dr Nelson Githinji as comptroller of State House.

With Maina Njenga having been sidelined it is the highest time that Kibaki and his courtiers turned the whole of state operation as an Kikuyu home guard arena where even the progressive Kikuyu's will not be allowed.

Kibaki perfected his art from his hero Jomo Kenyatta who apart from grabbing large tract of land in Kenya and displacing the poor Kikuyu who fought for Independence also managed to plant and strengthen the home guard grip on Kenya government for the 15years he was in helm before his death in Mombasa State House.

Moi who formed his Kitchen cabinet followed Kenyatta Nyayo by reversing Kenyatta's gain and flooding Kalenjin in key post for the next 24 years and went into full gear to make sure his Kalenjin tribe were educated to manage the challenge that Kikuyu Home Guard were mounting. Kibaki who was his Vp watched with amazement the speed Moi displaced his Kikuyu brethren from strategic posts.

Kibaki after taking over Moi went into top gear by replacing all the security apparatus,finance ,defence, judiciary and planning with only Kikuyu's . He was re-elected in highly disputed election and now is planning his third term using a proxy. Yes with this this trend Kenya is going to be dismembered in 2012 and will be welcomed to take the Somali route.

Ekwe Edia