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Sep 28th, 2009 by Mars Group Kenya
The Kibaki administration is ruffled by the United States Government latest actions on Kenya and it has nothing to do with travel bans. Money is at stake and the soft underbelly of the regime is exposed. Although it touts itself as financially self-reliant, in truth the Grand Coalition Government of Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga cannot afford to ignore the International Community and especially the United States’ stated intention of scrutinising all loans and financial programmes for Kenya by the International Financial Institutions. Things are now very serious for the two Kenyan leaders. There is an Aid Freeze in the making. Kibaki and Odinga should ask Daniel Arap Moi to tell them what the US Government Statement actually means.
The Grand Coalition Government has been castigated by the international community and even been the subject of international investigations following the National Accord – but each time it has arrogantly shrugged off its international critics with assertions of sovereignty. But this time Kibaki is worried and we can hazard a guess as to why this is the case. His financially strapped Government is facing the prospect of having all its “vision 2030 projects” rejected by the World Bank on the say so of the President of the United States of America. The Minister for Finance doubts publicly that he can meet payroll if things continue as they are going.
October is almost here and the Government has failed to pass the Appropriations Bill through Parliament and therefore has no authority to implement its budget in full. Even though earlier this year the Government got 200 million US $ from the International Monetary Fund for balance of payment support the Government remains cash strapped for its operations and has been hoping to convince international donors to pick up the tab for several important national programmes including the resettlement of IDPs, public infrastructure development, food relief and general humanitarian aid, and recently evacuation of the water towers of Kenya. This is unlikely to be forthcoming in the current environment of a US led financial squeeze because of bad governance.
As things stand today, both Parliament and the World Bank have ordered audits into Government finances including a forensic Audit into the National budget for the past 3 years.
The Statement by the United States Government regarding consideration of future International Financial Institution projects for Kenya is most welcome to the fundamental change constituency which wishes to see the back of the Grand Coalition Government.
Kenya has not seen such a statement since the Moi era in the 1990s. What this means for the Kenya Government is that there are serious considerations for an Aid freeze to Kenya and it is pegged to the implementation of the National Accord. It is good news to those Kenyans who support fundamental reform and devastating to those who are on the wrong side of history.
The news is encouraging, because it means that the Kenya Government cannot as it has always done in the recent past ignore the demands of Kenyans for reform and implementation of the National Accord without consequences. The picture emerging is that the Kenyan public have friends and powerful friends to boot and now the Grand Coalition Government could be facing a serious reality check. You can thumb your nose at public opinion about your economic management of public resources, but there are responsible Governments in the International Community who will have none of it.
The Statement released by President Obama’s Government states “ The United States will more closely scrutinise all proposed projects, loans and other programmes of assistance to Kenya that are brought before International Financial Institutions.” This means that the United States is planning to use its immense influence over the Boards of the Bretton Woods Institutions (World Bank and International Monetary Fund) to assert its Policy towards Kenya.
Regardless of what the Government’s apologists say, a reading of public opinion as expressed in the media, shows that US policy is in tandem with what the Kenyan public wants. Between Kenyan public opinion and the US Government position there are clear points of convergence. Thus the US statement is clear “ The United States will continue to support the Insistence of the Kenyan People that Fundamental reforms be fully implemented as agreed in the National Accord of 2008”
The United States is certainly not acting alone. It acts with the support and gratitude of Kenyan Public. The latter is confirmed by public opinion polling by the Kenyan media. The sign of the times, if now seen for what it is should shock the Government into immediate action. The Kenyan Government as sovereign as it may claim to be, cannot do without Bretton Woods Support and the Kenyan public will refuse to be committed to pay private commercial loans to support a Government that is not accountable to its people. Indeed, we have already refused to pay for a wasteful bloated Government. What we want to pay for is Fundamental Reforms under Agenda 4. The Government has not provided resources for these reforms in the largest budget in Kenya’s history.
On March 30th, 2009, the Partnership for Change wrote to Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund asking the International Monetary Fund Board of Directors to consider the opinion of those Kenyans who will inevitably be taxed to repay whatever loan the Government of Kenya obtains regardless of whether or not Kenyans obtained any developmental benefit from it.
This Letter was followed by another dated June 2nd 2009, with subject title -Re: IMF’s odious loans are impoverishing Kenya through collusion with corrupt agents.
The Partnership for Change called for the Bretton Woods International Financial Institutions (especially the IMF and the World Bank) to immediately do an inventory of loans lost to corruption and public sector financial impropriety in Kenya. An independent panel of experts would determine, on a case by case basis, where responsibility lies. If it was found that their staff knowingly lent money to the Kenya Government who then siphoned it off through corruption, thereby contravening the institutions’ fiduciary mandate, negotiations about sharing liability should commence immediately. Kenya simply cannot afford more of the IMF’s unaccountable loan “medicine”. We as Kenyans were demanding the freedom to follow economic policies that protect the country from more harm.
Both letters were copied to the all multi - lateral and Bi - lateral donors to Kenya. The World Bank has already moved into action, suspending two current large projects in the last two days. Institutional Infrastructure Bond holders are now demanding to be told what projects their money is financing and the Government is being vague. When Parliament reconvenes the stalled forensic audit of the National Budget over the last 3 years will be the next urgent issue to be dealt with. And other donors apart from the United States are also enquiring into their Kenyan portfolios worried that they are being raided.
What Kibaki and Odinga should do once they next meet is face the reality that they are indeed big fish in a very small pond. And that they must take decisive steps to respond to Kenyans and International Community concerns about the stalled National Accord reform processes, and the economic well-being of the Nation. They will have to eventually make political sacrifices including dropping cabinet ministers (e.g. the Attorney General), and other senior government officials (e.g. the Chief Justice and Aaron Ringera). This is what Moi did when he faced similar actions. He sacked and arrested ministers and allowed multi-partyism by constitutional amendment. Both Kibaki and Odinga benefited from Moi’s decision, and Kenya’s democracy advanced. In reality reforms are not optional - they will come - sometimes painfully.
Mwai Kibaki has made his move, writing to Barrack Obama to complain. Kibaki has not made his letter public. Why? Instead Kibaki has continued to ignore the public and the only mandate he has, which is to deliver the reforms. Kibaki forgets or does not care that he has no electoral mandate and the reforms he is being asked to implement are critical for the survival of millions of Kenyans. Former advisors are openly calling his actions escapist.
Raila Odinga on the other hand seems delighted at Kibaki’s misfortunes falsely believing that it will assist his presidential ambitions. What Odinga forgets is that Kenyans now want fundamental Change and that the ODM is just status quo as the PNU. Odinga pretends he is not part of the problem, and yet as Prime Minister he is responsible for supervision and coordination of all Ministers. Kenyans will see him as a cynic as he tries to prepare to run without a record. Power without responsiblity.
And so to the final point. Kenyans urgently need to prepare for a democratic election. We have come to the point of diminishing returns. The more we have of the Grand Coalition Government the more Kenyans continue to suffer. Is it logical then, to keep asking those who are not prepared to deliver reforms to do so? So disadvantaged are Kenyans by this unelected Grand Coalition Government that we do not even have a voters register. We urgently need the Kriegler electoral reforms to be entrenched. Otherwise the next elections will be as farcical as the August 2009 by-elections in Shinyalu and Bomachoge where a toothless IIEC allowed ODM and PNU tn do a battle of bribery. We need the reforms to entrench a truly independent electoral referee who shall be able to control the excesses of Kibaki’s and Odinga’s political machinery. A democratic dispensation achieved through the ballot is our democratic right. Especially because the Grand Coalition is not based on an elected mandate, and rules only because Kenyans consented to a negotiated agreement to save the country from collapse. It is this agreement - the National Accord - and its reform package as set out in Agendas 1-4 that both Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga are not honouring.
We support the International Community in reigning in our rogue, insensitive, uncaring and visionless leaders. Keep up the pressure, Kenyans are totally with you. We have simply had enough.

Mars Group Kenya
For the Partnership for ChangeNairobi 28th September 2009.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Kenya's voting Equation

Mr Balala has at last let the cat out of the bag and declared what many in his community has been thinking for ages since The last Post election violence that almost brought this beautiful country to its knee. In parked luncheon with President Kibaki he said he was saddened by being misled to mislead the Muslims in not voting for him. Balala went to add that the President meant well for his community.

It is quite interesting that the dynamic and re-alignment of Kenyan politics are changing on daily basis. Balala was the first in Pentagon team members who stood down in an emotional speech campaigned for Odinga in the last election and swayed the Muslim public to vote for him through Mosque organization. He took very active part in rallying his community to vote en mass for Orange team.

Odinga signed MOU with Kenyan Muslims promising to tackle issues that were dear to them and he reneged on all the promises that he made to the community. The community were refused access to the PM who thought that they were dispensable as he had reached his target.Community activist had warned Balala and the rest that they were abusing the constitution as Kenyan citizen did not require to sign religious memorandum with any individual as that was bound to cause discrimination and was illegal. It is now appears Balala was mislead by duping the community in taking unnecessary and dangerous stand.

President Kibaki who talks less and likes to works silently has now achieved what he could not during the last election campaign. Yesterday in Nairobi he invited the Muslim big guns for an Iftar Lunch where there was free flow of ideas which impressed the Muslim leaders who were at pain to explain that they abandoned the President at the hour of need. Kibaki who was composed and calculating as always re-assured them that they were like other Kenyan citizen and will never be discriminated.
The Muslim vote account around 16% and probably 22.7% during the recent census will be crucial in the next General election and whoever will mange to sway them will be assured of capturing the house on the hill. Kibaki has done his maths and has the numbers to carry his mandate to the next level. He is surrounded by political sharks who are determined this time they are not taking for granted the political setting.

Prime Minister Odinga today is a worried man he has been deserted by the Rift valley voting block who are being courted by Uhuru team and now the Muslims votes are flexing their muscles which has left him exposed and naked. Odinga who is good organizer but lacks political strategist who will guide him through the complex public mood maze. He is always quick to get embroiled in every little issue that crops up in the day. His advisers are poorly trained to spot political trend and have let him down. They lack on spot analysis and image building.

The trip U.S has completely exposed him to ridicule and turned to a circus. His Spokesman Dennis Onyango who lacks analytical skills was a reporter for Standard Newspapers with no international background had completely turned the whole trip into disaster. He was desperate to get a photo opportunity for Odinga with President Obama that irritated The U.S secret service. He will not give sincere reading of situations to Prime Minister Odinga. Odinga's popularity is in the boots and will never recover with the present team.
President Kibaki is a lucky man everything touches turns to his favour no matter what situation he finds himself in. His silence is an art and a weapon that he never ceases to use effectively and to his advantage. He comes unscathed with every disaster he finds himself in. President Kibaki will seek a third term after the change of Constitution which will not bar him to stand and with the Muslim votes in his bag he will be elected with resounding victory this time.

Saida Ahmed

Monday, 28 September 2009

The face of dictators

Kenya is becoming a country that is sliding towards abyss faster than thought. The country is full of bankrupt politicians who will keep on recycling useless ideas that will not take us anywhere. This group of old style politician are now running from a public meeting to another preaching stale ideas to hungry wananchi who are looking for good governance.

Kenya today is unable to feed its people and very soon we will have mass death from hunger that Ethiopian famine will looks like chicken feed. This country which has never suffered under sanctions is carrying the begging bowl for food on the international scene. Zimbabwe which has had to endure more than 10yrs of international sanction with near total economic collapse is able to feed its people and has declared that it is self sufficient in food production. President Mugabe is proud man today boasting of supplying milk to Kenya.

Kenya dinosaur leaders are talking in term of building nuclear energy. This is the biggest joke that we have had in Kenya for the last century. Nuclear power ? where on earth would we get this technology and funding when we cannot supply ordinary electricity to our own capital city. This country is hungry due to poor planning,corruption and impunity. We need to replace this bunch of corrupt bankrupt leaders with leaders of 21st century with vision.

Kiraitu Muruingi is a man who is in hurry to gain and retain power at all cost. In the 90s he hoodwinked the Kenyan public by identifying himself as a man who was a reformist and joined the bandwagon for clamour of multi-party system. After 2002 election of President Kibaki he was made minister for justice where his dictatorial tendencies started becoming evident. He was taped by Githongo calling for dropping investigation against Anglo -leasing as it had figures close to Kibaki regime. Muruingi ensured all evidence were withheld and files disappeared. He was relieved his post only to be reappointed after the tribal Njuri Nceke intervened. He is back at the energy ministry where there is high level of corruption with many unanswered questions.

Kiraitu Muruingi who has very short memory is seeking advice from Moi on how to rule Kenya. Few years ago he was quoted telling Moi to go into retirement and tend his goats and leave government to them as they are better suited for that function. It is with this that Kenya was to bear and witness the largest Mega corruption in its history. Today Kenyans are suffering due to Muruingi and group support for impunity and corruption.

A picture can tell thousand words instantly. This two fellows have something in common that no Kenyan can miss telling. They love power and are dictators who want to mesmerise Kenya public with false promise and hope. Moi ruled this country for the last 24yrs with marking of dictator and the disappearance of several high ranking Kenya officials. It was during his tenure that Ouko,Bishop Muge were murdered with no investigation to date. Moi's word were law where officials were summarily dismissed using the radio at exactly 1 o'clock. Detention without trial was his best weapon. Today he is challenging the same democracy which he has benefited from and has offered him space to breath.

Moi is taking advantage of power vacuum that is evident in Kenya since 2007 and is on a mission to use it effectively for him to remain relevant . He is bitter man for his sons lost last election and his farm partly burned during the last election mayhem. Moi has been criss crossing the country seeking support from various community while campaigning openly for Kanu.

Kiaritu who has his mouth always full and loves to wear sheep skin is seeking counselling from Moi on how to rule Kenya . Well Moi will never take him anywhere he better stick with Odinga. Kenyans have made up their mind and know that presently their is no government. They are taking their security in their own hands. Moi should be better advised to retire peacefully and enjoy his 24 years of loot as the day of reckoning is just at the corner. He and Muruingi who share dictatorial tendencies will soon share a prison room 2x2feet.


Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Photo Opportunity

For the next two Weeks Prime Minister Odinga will be bombarding us with how he cornered President Obama at Metropolitan museum and they talked about governance and other issues facing Kenya. He exchanged pleasantries with President Obama and we are told that Michelle Obama asked Ida to look after Mama Sarah Obama. How cheap can this Prime Minister be???

Time and again we have come to conclusion that Mr Odinga does not deserve a second chance in any political office .His time has gone and passed. His vision is clouded and confused by the few outriders that President Kibaki has loaned him. After leaving Nairobi for The U.S he was looking forward to having lunch with Obama a wish that evaporated within minutes of his arrival in the U.S.

The Kenyan diaspora and civil societies worked behind the scene and pressured the U.S administration to drop The Kenyan leader from the list as they reneged on moving forward with agenda four and inviting him to this forum will set a bad precedent in Kenya and Africa. By virtue of him turning up at the dinner table will have endorsed the post election violence and tolerance of poor governance in Africa.

Odinga from the start of U.N summit was looking for photo opportunity with the Obama and jumped at the opportunity presented to him the cocktail party at the Metropolitan Museum. He was out of protocol which made the Obama little bit embarrassed and did not mind for it only took 2 minutes of their precious time as the U.S President had other important issues of saving the world from economic collapse and G20 needed all his attention.

The sovereignty of Kenya is sacred that no one should be allowed to challenge it weather friend or enemies. When Odinga pokes hole on t our sovereignty we should challenge him and ask him to resign as Prime minister as he has failed to defend and uphold the Constitution of Kenya.At Harvard university Odinga defended the U.S action of sending letters of threat to our legislators and civil servants. The U.S is our friend and has several channel open to them to challenge our poor governance but the Prime minister has no right to challenge the same government that has made him what he is today.

Thanks to President Kibaki though his record for impunity is on the radar he will play to the gallery and look to be defending the sovereignty of Kenya. He has instantly gained sympathy and support. This President is lucky to have a Prime minister like Odinga who is gaffe prone and childish in outlook.

Kenyans will not be fooled by a photo shoot opportunity that can be conducted by anyone who happens to be at the museum. Important government issues are not discussed during a photo opportunity but during serious engagement.The photo only exposed how Odinga was cheap and desperate to save his image which has been dipping in Kenya and abroad. President Obama has given photo opportunity to millions of world citizen.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

U.S theatens Kenya's Finance

United States Of America Government Statement Regarding Consideration Of FutureInternational Financial Institution Projects For Kenya Issued at Nairobi 24th September 2009.

The United States government continues to be concerned about the Government ofKenya’s lack of commitment to reform as outlined under the National Accordsigned in the aftermath of the 2008 post-election violence. While we welcome the indications that police reform may be moving ahead, theremaining reform agenda is extensive and should be carried out with a sense ofurgency.President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have repeatedly made clear theimportance they attach to full implementation of the reform agenda. The United States will stand firmly behind the Kenyan people as the insist onfull implementation of the reform agenda including, but not limited to,meaningful constitutional revision, accountability for perpetrators ofpost-election violence, bold and decisive action against corruption, police andjudicial reform, and the establishment of a permanent electoral commission. The United States government will take the steps it deems appropriate to holdaccountable those who do not support the reform agenda or support violence.As one additional step, the U.S. will more closely scrutinize all proposedprojects, loans and other programs of assistance to Kenya that are broughtbefore international financial institutions. The United States will continue to support the insistence of the Kenyan peoplethat fundamental reforms be fully implemented, as agreed in the National Accordof 2008. Delivering the statement on behalf of the USA government Ambassador MichaelRannerbeger had the following to say, Upon instructions from Washington, I am announcing three U.S. Governmentactions intended to press for full implementation of the reform agenda. First: Letters signed by Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Carson havebeen sent to 15 persons making clear that the future relationship of thosepersons with the United States is tied to their support for implementation ofthe reform agenda and opposition to the use of violence. While I will not bereleasing the names of those individuals, I can tell you that ministers, Membersof Parliament, permanent secretaries, and other prominent officials are amongthose receiving letters. The letters have been sent to persons on both sides ofthe coalition government, because they share responsibility to implementreforms. I am sharing with you the text of those letters – which is the samefor all. Second: The U.S. Government is indicating that it will more closely scrutinizeany proposals for Kenya in International Financial Institutions. Third: The letters we have sent -- with more to come -- will be followed bysome travel bans within the coming weeks, as warranted. These steps reflect the message that President Obama and Secretary Clinton haveclearly and repeatedly delivered: that we are deeply concerned by the lack ofimplementation on key elements of the reform agenda and that, while we want tohelp support the process of reform, we will not do business as usual with thosewho do not support reform or who support violence to achieve political aims. These steps reflect the view at the highest levels of the U.S. Government thatimplementation of the comprehensive reform agenda agreed to as the foundation ofthe coalition government must proceed with a much greater sense of urgency,because doing so is crucial to the future democratic stability of Kenya. In pressing for implementation of the reform agenda, we are supporting onlywhat the vast majority of the people of Kenya want, expect, and deserve fromtheir political leaders: peaceful, fundamental change that will end the cultureof impunity, a society governed by the rule of law, and accountability – allof which amount to the changes needed to ensure there is never again a repeat ofthe unprecedented crisis Kenya suffered last year.

Read the letter from Johnnie Carson the Assistant Secretary for AfricanAffairs:

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Chat to Ambassador

Webchat with Ambassador Ranneberger
September 23, 2009
3:00- 4:00 PM Kenya (12:00 GMT)
The enduring friendship between the United States and Kenya is a testament to the commitment the two countries share to democracy, liberty and free markets. U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger will host an online discussion with Kenyan citizens on topics of interest in Kenyan-U.S. relations. The ambassador will be available in real time to take comments and answer questions.
Students, researchers, politicians or just interested parties
All are welcome to join in!
Where: Virtually, Online. Enter webchat here:
When: September 23, 2009 between 3:00- 4:00 PM Kenya (12:00 GMT) . However you can send questions anytime prior to the event by signing in to the webchat (see instructions below)
How: All you need is a web browser such as Internet Explorer and Flash V.8 (usually installed on newer computers).
1) Using your web browser, go to:

2) Enter Webchat as a "Guest" OR type in your preferred screen name and city (i.e. Sheila-Kisumu) , then click "Enter Room"

3) Submit your question in the Chat box and in time the Ambassador will respond.
Additional instructions are below.
For those without computer access, the American Reference Center in the U.S. Embassy can help. Please call or email us to reserve a computer. We can also assist with login help if you are trying to login from home.
Questions and contact information: American Reference Center
phone: +254-20-363-6196/7

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Death of KACC

President Kibaki is man who rarely comments on issues that are of national importance. He will only summon journalist and live TV to give statement on the state of affairs of his homestead. As the head of state he is less concerned with million of Kenyans dying of hunger or the corruption and impunity that he seems to encourage and conducted by his team. The recent reappointment of Ringera was done with detailed planning and expectant result which is hoped to be the death of KACC.

Kibaki and and courtiers are having a field day. They have laid a mine trap and the target happens to be the parliament who are walking tight rope towards it. Ringera is being used to carry out this calculated mission with zeal and he will in the end be discarded like Maj Gen Ali when the objective is achieved. The objective for Kibaki is to have parliament carry out his dream job of disbanding KACC without him lifting a finger . By disbanding the KACC the Kibaki regime will have killed two birds with one stone. The files that are in KACC possession of the MEGA corruption will be lost for ever and the public will be diverted to other issues.The Parliament will have been led to where Kibaki wanted them and caused the death of KACC inadvertently.

If I was a Kenyan leader I would be very worried today than yesterday.Yes Obama snubbed Prime Minister Odinga who was rushing to meet him to whitewash corruption and impunity that is prevalent in Kenya today. Odinga did not successfully answer the charges that his Son Fidel and cronies who were accused of being involved in the Maize Saga and Second Grain handling port that has increased the hunger in this country. This issue has not died and will future prominently in the next few days.

President Kibaki is better advised not to make foreign trip for the reminder of his diminishing Presidency as he will be looked at somebody who encourages impunity and sustains corruption. He misreads the public mood and that the days of imperial presidency in Kenya is long gone away. Kibaki who is a student of Late Kenyatta is today seen a leader who has failed o steer this country to the right direction. He has ethnisized the whole security apparatus and has vowed not to give strategic position to citizen other than Mt Kenyans.

President Obama listened to the presentation from civil societies who strongly requested him not to meet any Kenya leader who want to continue with business as usual. It is obvious that with the present set up we will not achieve agenda 4 as we go to 2012 picnic. The country is polarised and charged as we write this article and just slight tilt and hell will break. The youth are becoming impatient when they see the scale of corruption that is in millions and no one is seems to care. They know the continuation of corruption as employement opportunity denied to them.

As soon as embattled Ringera arrived from Kazakhstan a country that has imperial presidency and boost of crushing opposition he went straight to State House and briefed Kibaki . Ringera come out defiant telling the press that he is there to stay enjoying the circus around his reappointment. In State House he got more ammunition and support. Muthaura and gang have laid down strategy and issued him with circus script to read and act from.

The Parliament has no authority to sack me a fighting Ringera was quoted saying. Imagine how powerful or foolish Mr Ringera a learned Judge could be???. He is now openly challenging the authority of peoples representative to dare remove him. What he doesn't know is that he has been set to play to other people's tune. The parliament is the highest law making organ and chosen to carry that mandate by citizen of this beautiful country. challenging the Parliament and defying its directive is reading riot act to the Wananchi and it is to your peril.

This man was debriefed falsely yesterday and reassured of his position. His arrogance is of unheard nature. Ringera was taped by Githongo pleading with him to drop the Anglo-leasing investigation as it involved his fellow tribesmen. How do you expect him to head anti-corruption crusade with this set of baggage. For 5 years that he has been leading this organization no one has ever been charged or convicted . He was there in the first place to cover Mega corruption conducted by the regime and their friends.

The Parliament should study this issue carefully and not give in Kibaki's wish of disbanding the KACC and destruction of MEGA corruption files. The Parliament should desist on being emotional and seek the best brain to deal with this cancer that is about to tear this country apart. There is a way round this issue and the first task will be to secure the files in hand of independent non partisan organisation and chart the future of KACC without Ringera .

In the next few hours there will be newsflash alerting us that the Integrity Centre has been burgled and all computer disc and files taken away. This is familiar line that is taking root in Kenya. Kenyans should now surround the Integrity House and carry day and night vigil so as not allow any file go missing. The culprit should know we are now watching and going to take security of this beautiful country in our own hands.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The U.S Military Operation

Mr Wetangula the Kenya foreign Minister is unhappy man today. He described the recent Killing of Kenyan Al-Qaeda operative as a lone range action by the U.S government."What I do not feel comfortable with is the fact that the U.S. would want to conduct operations in our neighbourhood without information or cooperation or collaboration," he said.

The U.S government did not carry this operation alone. It sought the support of regional security organisation and clearance from the country concerned. They had conducted aerial and ground surveillance for number of years before honing their target to car travelling to South Somalia to conduct more untold misery.The US is not some third world country that conducts operation without involving all that are concerned. They follow laid down rule of engagement.

The Somali government of Sheikh Sharriff was consulted by the U.S government and he gave the go ahead for this operation to be conducted in his country as they are unable to contain the Al-Qaeda operatives who have relocated from Pakistan and set bases in Somalia. The same transitional government is is facing well armed and equipped insurgency that virtually controls the whole of Somalia including the capital city leaving few street for Sheikh Shariff to run his besieged administration.
The U.S government supports and encourages good governance and democratic ideals around the world .It does not tolerate any violation of human right anywhere in the world and engages directly with responsible government and authorities in the World. The U.S has several organisation that conducts checks and balance. The commander in chief who is the President of the united States gives the final go ahead after extensive consultation.
Mr Wetangula should understand the remits of diplomacy instead of engaging the press to castigate actions conducted by a friendly country that is trying to make our world safe. The Al-Qaeda terrorist organization has caused so many death and destruction that they need to be confronted head on . The U.S and allies spend billion of dollars single handed in support of emerging democracies.
In 1998 over 200 hundred innocent Kenyans were murdered in the street of Nairobi and 5000 injured who today bear the scares of this deadly organisation which is trying to establish root just next to Kenya. Thanks to the U.S we are now better equipped army and have surveillance kit to abort another similar operation by Al-Qaeda in Kenya. Thousands of Kenya army personnel have benefited from intensive U.S military training and continue to do so.
The U.S consulted and briefed Kenya's top military officials on the operation in Somalia. This was high risk mission and only few individuals were kept on the loop as massive ground work was carried to make surgical attack. If the U.S advertised this operation it would have caused huge causalities and the target would have disappeared in the thin air and given another chance to conduct mayhem against innocent civilians who might have been Kenyans.

Mr Wetangula the United States is a force of good and conducts operation that benefit the whole humanity as whole. A quick telephone call to the Kenya military authority will have told you about the operation and our involvement with the U.S military. We appreciate the support that the U.S has given to Kenya military and security apparatus. There is no need to rush to the press and attack our U.S friends. U.S is Kenya's number one friend. What we need to do is to work towards good governance and accountability in Kenya.


Monday, 21 September 2009

The Parallel inteligience group

The Bakara Market in Mogadishu is an arms dealers paradise. situated in the middle of Mogadishu it is heavily guarded. A walk in the Bazaar will take off your breath the number of sophisticated weapons that this market boost off. It is well supplied market with total breakdown of normal government there is no check and balance. The Arms dealers from all over the world have converged into this market where they have their point men running the business.

The port of Mogadishu will never see the light of government as it has turned to be the busiest in the region. Controlled by warlords they unload 24/7 365 days a year weapons containers to consumers who are as far as Chad and the Congo. The transit route they use is being loosely guarded Kenya's 3000 km border that it shares with Somalia. Kenya is the most safest crossing for this merchants who can get anything safely to the other side as they have their replica businessmen on the Kenyan side who will take ''Kitu Kidogo'' to make the crossing safe and profitable.

Now placing a thriving arms market at arms length border crossing and increased armed robbery,killing and kidnapping in Kenya we are in for long insecurity spree in our country. Yes this is an emerging security challenge that will be hard to contain by Kenya's divided security with opposing loyalties. After Government lost the 2005 referendum the kibaki courtiers worked at full throttle to ensure the coming election was not lost. They set up parallel security organisation which had direct link to the state house. Top provincial administrator in North Eastern were drafted in the elite circle and was to link with Mogadishu merchants of Death. Several truck loads were loaded from Mogadishu which entered safely under provincial cover.

The Parallel security organization was co-ordinated by the courtiers who were to ensure that Kibaki did not loose in the coming election. The funding was provided by industrialist and friendly countries who were promised chunk of business in term of hotels,railways and oil refineries which were up for grabs once Kibaki was sworn in for the second term. This group were tightly knit together and had revolving meeting in Muthaiga and intelligence worked on need to know basis so nothing slipped to press which was always hovering around.

The few Editors who were sympathetic were identified and positively briefed on the consequences of kibaki loosing second term. They were encouraged to carry out disinformation to a level that was not seen in Kenya. The strategy used was to silence politicians who were openly identified with the establishment and not inflame wananchi passion for change. X-files were prepared and kept in view.The politician were told to remain on sideline as the whole operation was being run under cover with senior intelligence being drafted to the process.

As the election approached Kibaki courtiers received 2 high value reports from the intelligence which showed that they were going to take the route that Moi took in leaving the State house if nothing dramatic is done to reverse the falling fortunes. The mood in the country was charged and euphoria was everywhere and civil war inevitable. The parallel intelligence which was put to action and feelers were sent to Bakara in Mogadishu and within seconds sophisticated armoury flooded Kenya. This arms were given to powerful organization who were to ensure the ballot papers remained in the hands of the government.

The chiefs around the country were briefed and trained how not to spot the obvious rigging. they were made to understand that their job and career was in line and only will be saved by reelection of kibaki. their allowances were increase and all set and geared up to the result we have today.

This parallel intelligence community is active and powerful today and are running the show. The normal channel of intelligence has been bypassed. In normal democracies this will have have caused huge public outcry which will have led disbandment and investigation. This group are so powerful that they are now in the process of drawing contingencies for 2012. They are now better equipped with extensive experience and will not stop at anything. If change of power takes places without their candidate they stand to loose greatly. They are playing their cards very well.

Kenya has benefited from the chaos in Somalia in term of hosting the largest refugees in the world. The Somali diaspora has invested heavily in our economy creating jobs for many Kenyans who otherwise will have been jobless. The central bank figures show that Somali diaspora remittances to Kenya is equal to foreign aid that we receive in a year. Most of the big business in Mogadishu has been transferred to Eastleigh. The chaos in Somali is a blessing to Kenya and the parallel intelligence believe that it should continue to be sustained till post 2012 for their own myopic benefit.

This is a dangerous school of thought the misery that this war in Somalia has caused to its citizen can be felt beyond its borders. In Kenya it has increased insecurity and proliferation of arms. The Parallel intelligence are group of selfish Kenyans who should be exposed no matter how dangerous they are and the Bakara connection exposed. They are armed well equipped and no accountability. This loose cannon should be silence by lovers of democracy.

Saida Ahmed

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Odinga dropped from Obama Lunch List

We here in Siasa Kali have campaigned day and night and mobilised supporters to Have Prime Minister Raila Odinga dropped from the Lunch meeting that President Obama is having with African Heads of state. We contacted White House and personally contacted Ambassador Susan Rice at U.N advising her the attendance of Prime Minister Odinga will send wrong message to Kenya and Africa. We insisted of Impunity and bad governance in Kenya. By insisting strongly that there was no other option as the post election victim justice has not been carried and we still have 600000 displaced Kenyans the invitation should be shelved indefinately.

Thanks that the administration and Ambassador Rice listened sympathetically to our pleas. we are today proud of the U.S administration Achievement. We will at the right time publish the letter here in SIASA KALI.


Kenya's twisted priorities

Kenya is no longer considered the darling of West where there is abundance of wildlife,good security status,foreign investment and practice of democratic ideals on all those counts it epitomises a failed state that is on the highway to disintegration. The post election violence took Kenya of the radder and backward to 50+ years of loss of order and sanity. Kenya is bleeding slowly to death.

The WFP has today announced due to financial constraint it is no longer able to feed the 10 million Kenyans who rely on its monthly handout of food ration . This Kenyans who's lifeline depend on this philanthropic organisation to keep them alive will have the plug soon pulled out. The coalition government has no plan ''B'' for this innocent wananchi whose wealth have been looted by this few so called leaders who are corrupt beyond belief. The WFP has other priorities among to feed other nations who have been ungoverned for the last two decades. Why would they continue to feed a country that is riddled with corruption, who are not making any headway and have skewed priorities.

Kenya is now listed as a failed country that no one will take it seriously . Kenya's gaffe prone accidental Prime Minister was recently telling the world that it will host this important meeting. After leading the Kenya delegation to 18th World Economic Forum on Africa in South Africa earlier this year, Odinga said that Kenya had accepted an invitation by the organisers to host the forum and was looking for 77 million bid for hosting the conference. Odinga who is champion of not carrying his thought process through and let down by his advisers made a mistake by making this announcement. He did not study the issues and diplomacy that was involved in this process. Kenya which was scene of 1500 massacre of its own citizen and 600000 internally displaced would not have been good venue.

The World Economic Forum saw otherwise and gave this golden opportunity to Tanzania which has set example of good governance in Africa. President Kikwete has carried out a crusade against corruption which has seen his country leap to respectable league and now reaping the benefit. Kikwete has set up strong institution that will go even after the country's Prime minister and charge him with corruption. Tanzania's strong institutions are respected by its own citizen.

Tanzania is far ahead of Kenya in various sphere of life.The roads are built and repaired to international standards. Democracy is practised to village level. The President is active and makes impromptu visit inspecting development projects. No one is immune to good governance and excellent service delivery in Tanzania. Like Ghana ,Tanzania has become a jewel country that needs to be encouraged. President Obama invites Kikwete as the first foreign head of state to visit white house after his inauguration.

The world economic Forum has bypassed Kenya as a country which has failed and choose Tanzania to host this important Economic gathering and further propel its image to the world as democratic and peaceful country. Andre Schneider, Managing Director, World Economic Forum said, “The World Economic Forum on Africa is an important opportunity to take the pulse each year of the most influential of Africa’s stakeholders. We look forward to holding the meeting in Tanzania at a time when the whole East Africa region is expected to experience stronger growth,” . This is a lesson to Kenya leaders who's image has been tainted by their actions of condoning corruption and impunity.

Kenya needs younger leaders who are development conscious like President Kikwete if we are to compete with other nations on good governance.We are still sabotaging the process of building new constitution. Impunity is encouraged none other Than president Kibaki. Institution are made up of party operatives who instead of working for Kenya are answerable to individuals.It is high time that Kibaki,odinga who both are past 60s to retire as they are expert of old style politics and thrive on patronage.

Ekwe Edia

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Parliamentarian for Rent

The word rent in oxford dictionary is entered as ''pay someone for the use of. let someone use (something) in return for payment'. Yesterday as the debate on illegal reappointment of Ringera was raging in parliament most of the Rift Valley Mps led by Agriculture minister William Ruto were absent from the house on a barter agreement with Uhuru Kenyatta to support them on Mau compensation and will not be pursued on corruption charges if they support Ringera. This how cheap Rift Valley legislature's have stooped down. Kenyatta successfully rented Ruto and his allies to stay away from parliament when a very important national issue was being discussed.

Thanks to the few dedicate Kenyan legislatures who stood against bad precedent set by the president kibaki and humiliated him in the eyes of Kenyans who have suffocated with impunity non stop. There is no single day that passes that we are not spared by Rift Valley Mps demanding this or that. They have been working hard to hold this nation at ransom. Since Moi's departure from centre of power they have acted liked children who have bereaved off their father. They have no sense of national duties. It is us and our tribe mantra that they have been selling to poor innocent Rift Valley resident.

This ninth parliament is congregated by politician who will sell their votes to the highest bidder. Thanks to few individuals who are corrupt and have turned this august house into and auction house. The public have totally lost confidence in the parliament that they are praying for the earliest time that they can be able to use their ballot papers this time without fear and favour.

The Ruto gang who will this time not fool Wananchi were in for a shock when the parliament Marshaled dedicated true patriots of this country who passed the motion of rejecting Ringera's illegal reappointment to KACC. Ruto once more has shown his true colours taht he will use his ethnic calculation to reach his personal ambition without thinking the consequence that it will have to this country. Ruto has failed as leader and will no longer hoodwink Kenyans. We now know what he is made of a tribal bigot who has no national standing. He has campaigned to have the tribunal quashed which is beyond horse or barter trading.

Most of Rift Valley Mps acquired large tract of land illegally during Moi's despotic years in Mau forest where they sub divided and sold to innocent unsuspecting families. This poor families who used their lifetime saving to buy a piece of Kenya to settle and farm. This Mps under the disguise of helping this citizens the run in circus claiming that their people are being targeted for eviction while they no not to be the case. Their wealth is under scrutiny and their cry is a side show.

The Mau issue has now taken an international dimension and it is about saving the world from destruction. Due to Ruto and co myopic views that we as Kenyans are unable to effectively safe Mau and have asked for the world to come to our aid to save our own country. Today 10 million Kenyans are facing hunger because of the destruction of Mau and wetlands in other parts of the country. We are a country that cannot feed its population.Mau will be saved no matter what obstacles that this greedy Mps place in front of the nation.

Ruto using his gang has been fighting Prime Minister Odinga who has passion and vision of saving Mau . Odinga who has put his political life online has campaigned day and night for this forest to revert back to its original habitat. He has the international support and credit goes to him.

The Rift Valley Mps who are shouting on top of their voice should go back to the drawing board and start preaching peace in their home areas where innocent Kenyans were locked in church and set on fire. Kenya will never forgive and forget how those unarmed innocent Mothers and children met their untimely death. How quick can this same warlords seak alliances to grab more power and cause further Mayhem. Their action of skipping parliament when important national issue was being discussed speaks volumes. They had their bargain with Uhuru but rest assured they will loose on both counts. Kenya is bigger than Ruto and gang.


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Kenya's Killing fields

The recent recommendation by Philip Ransley of complete overhaul of the police force has been completely misread by the two principles and are just window dressing while the security of Kenya has gone haywire. The rate of crime has increase dramatically in the last few days which is a sign of things getting out of hand.

Crime is number one issue for Kenyans today. The killing of 6 year old Sudanese boy cannot be taken lightly. It should become a national issue and everybody up in arms and say no to this kind of horrific killings. If we were living in Democratic world there would have been head rolling and blood letting until the crime is solved. No single word from the Commissioner Iteere to comfort this distraught family who have lost their beautiful child.

Prime Minister Odinga is good at gaffes and does it very well when he told the bereaved family that “The child was just at the wrong place at the wrong time,” and gave a paltry Ksh 100,000 for the funeral expense which they did not ask for in the first place. How do you expect a 6 year old child to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The logic that Odinga uses raises more question on his capability of leading this country. How more insensitive can this Prime Minister be????. Mr Odinga please please take back your Ksh 100,000 which we know you need it more than this bereaved poor family.

The Sudanese Ambassador Mr Majok Guadong summed up best the situation in Kenya today saying “It is unfortunate that a young boy could lose his life to a gang of criminals while the government watches.” . The coalition government is failure and need to be sent home packing. The truth of the matter is that their is no government. It is just a roadshow with personal egos being satisfied. Yes Kenyans and foreigners should take their security in their own hands as police are too busy looking after their ethnic folks.
Kenya has become so dangerous that by 6pm the towns are deserted and people go back to their gated communities where even public roads in estates are completely blocked off. There is unnecessary killing of innocent on daily basis by highly organized crime syndicates who have extensive information on their victims before they strike. This gangs are highly trained that they leave no trace after causing mayhem.

Intelligence organisation are pointing fingers to police officers who are working with criminals by supplying them information and support. The police department knows very well the rogue elements within their ranks and have been too lenient and shied away from carrying high profile prosecution against its member. This high profile prosecution of their members will have sent chilling message that crime will not be tolerated within the force. The force choose to brush it under the carpet and not deal with it. Police hate publicity which it wrongly believes will tarnish its image which is already in the boots.

The recent change of guard which was conducted after pressure from all quarters and was not done properly. Mathew Iteera who does not boast of impeccable record was appointed more for his community connection to government than his professional capability. The appointment of commissioner and his deputy were done on the base of ethnic composition of the two principles. In his acceptance speech Mr Iteere was quoted as telling Saitoti '' Sir I want your help in running the police force' '. Imagine the new commissioner begging Saitoti who is extensively tainted with every mega corruption and incompetency in this country to advise and help in running an organisation that need reform yesterday???. It is is very worrying we seem not to be brave enough to brake this cycle of impunity.

The office of Police Commissioner needs tenure office and to be competitively advertised in national newspapers . In this process the country will be able to choose the best able candidate who will also gain instant support from the citizenry. By giving the commissioner tenure of office he will carry his duty without fear or favour as he does not fall within the spell of any politician. This is what is recommended in the whole of commonwealth world and has reduced corruption, impunity and favouritism.

Mathew Iteera was appointed by virtue of being from Gema community and his remit will be serving the interest of the community he comes from and not Kenya as a nation. He will turn the whole organisation into '' Utumishi kwa jamii yangu tu'' as opposed to ''utumishi kwa wote''. Kibaki choose him to serve his intrest as he exits from power in the coming few years. The best that he could have done was to give this office tenure and in the process support his dream of reaching ethnic hegemony. As Junior principal Raila though did not get his way was left with the second slot for his tribe and agreed to play by the rule.

The police hierarchy is already in confusion as both appointment will not work in harmony as they will be directly reporting to their masters to impress them. As we approach 2012 the police will need to shed off their partisan image and work for Kenya and not individuals. This is tall order as they have they already started on the wrong foot of ethnic bias. The only two group who will benefit and get first class service will be the two principles ethnic groups while the rest of Kenyans will do with second class service.

Our Take on this will be no matter how we want to be objective the Commissioner Mathew Iteere will fall under the influence of his minders and fail to carry proper policing and expose Kenya to further mayhem and gang killing. 2012 will be there year when Kenyans go to another bigger picnic than the 2007 one.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Terror Alert

Is Kenya more safer today more than yesterday?. In a commando style raid the U.S forces staged a spectacular raid and took out Saleh Ali Nabhan a Kenyan in southern Somalia where he was training the Al Shabaab and foreign terrorist groups who have visited mayhem to Somalia in the last two decades. The AL-Qaida branch of East Africa which was headed by him was controlled and operated from Somalia . The death brings a big blow to Al-qaeda hierarchy in Somalia. In the last few years Al-Qaeda has been relocating from Pakistan to Somalia to take advantage of chaos in Somalia.

Nabhan who was involved in bombing of U.S Embassies in Nairobi , Dar-es-salam and hotels in Mombasa was listed as top most wanted terrorist with million of dollars bounty place on his head. Nabhan who come from Mombasa saw security officials descending to The Coast in droves. Since those attacks the coast has never been same. The Kenya anti-terrorist police who are ill trained,corrupt and dollar funded raided Muslim homes in Mombasa without due regard to law and culture of the people. They tortured women in front of their children and husbands . In the few months in the coast they visited the population with terror and successfully alienated themselves.The anti terrorist police were answerable to nobody and their performance was wanting.

Nabhan and group supported the Al Shabaab terror group which is conducting massacre of large scale that has never been seen in Somalia. Al-Shabaab which is emulating the Khmer rouge of Cambodia have emptied Somali cities and causing influx of refugees in Kenya. The Al-Shabaab is busy amputating ,flogging and killing the Somali population using flimsy and draconian UN-Islamic laws. Kenya now hosts the largest concentration of refugees population in the world after Sudan. They have on several occasion crossed and raided Kenya's soft spot and left their marks which has been painful to the locals. On one occasion they abducted nuns working in Elwak. The Al-Shabaab have until yesterday worked on condition that they did not interfere with Kenya where they believe to have potential recruitment capacity.

The Anti terrorist police of Kenya have been supplying the U.S with figures which are hyper inflated to look like that they are on top of the job and demanding more dollars from the U.S . The funds which run into million dollars bypass the Treasury and ends up in few top officers pockets. Their is no transparency or accounting for this security funding.The U.S is aware of the integrity of Kenya police which is corrupt and inefficient but are turning blind eye as long as they can lay hand on figures to be presented to the U.S Congress. This group of police officers have alienated the Muslim population whom we need to carry with us in fighting terrorism menace that is about to take hold of Kenya.

The death of Saleh Nabhan should now be looked to as a turning point of terrorism in Kenya. The mere removal of Kenyan element heading this terror group is a blessing and to our advantage which we need to grab. Kenya is better advised to use its Muslim population to rout those who have tendency to support this terror group.

The Al shabaab who have been targeting our unemployed youth are in the process of increasing their target area to other cities in Kenya for potential recruit. The Loss of Nabhan has increased the chances of Al Shabaab turning their spotlight to Kenya. Al-Shabaab has now vowed to carry simultaneous raid in Kenya cities which they have avoided till now. They have placed Kenya in their radar for supporting the embattled government of Sheikh Sharrif which only controls the Presidential palace in Mogadishu.

We need to be on high alert from the repercussion from Nabhan death which Al-Shabaab has vowed avenge and will pick on Kenya as a soft spot. We cannot allow them to see us as soft spot and we have to be able to carry their fight to their home ground.The Kenya security should recruit more Muslims and work flat out to make Kenya safe.

Saida Ahmed

Monday, 14 September 2009

The face of incompetancy

Amos Wako the lame Kenyan Attorney General loves food and travel to detail. His favourite dish is happens to be chicken on skewer.He has become an expert in foreign travel and hotel sampling that some foreign travel magazine are contemplating using his services. The man will not spend a minute in his office to dispense justice and advise the government of the day. He has delegated his duties to junior officers who are unsupervised and danger to the whole legal process of moving forward Kenya's interest.Moi picked Wako after scouting him to be a man who will bend the law and support the incumbent President without following the rule of law.

Wako who is the face impunity in Kenya has an impressive C.V which list among his number one achievement as that of being Guest of Honor of the Government of New Zealand in celebrations to mark the 40 th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. His C.V also has several lectures he gave in various countries. This man has no clue about the respect of Human rights which transcends colour,sex,ethnicity or national boundaries. He seems to be promoting the violation of basic tenet of Universal human right. How he managed to escape all this years from the international community radar of scrutiny and performance is a puzzle.

Under his direction and poor advise Moi was able to detain and torture several Kenyans who were legitimately opposing his government excess. Thanks to those detainees today multi party democracy is now a fact of life in Kenya. He devised a mechanism where this detainees time spent in dungeons will not be recorded and never to be able to bring charges against the government. The detainees who were tortured and maimed are today finding very difficult to bring a case against those inhumane experiences.He recently increased his salary to Ksh 1,7000,000 for being incompetent and sleeping in the job. Wako has now teamed up with Ringera to frustrate the due process of law. As we wait for KACC death the thugs who looted this nation are having field day.

Nothing sees the light day in the Attorney General office as Wako is always absent attending seminars in posh hotels or foreign countries while Kenya government remains without proper legal advisor. Having been the longest serving Attorney General he has overseen all the mega corruption that has occurred in Kenya in the last few years. As Government chief advisor he has ensured that all the cases that were brought was lost by the government. This has raised eyebrows as to where his loyalty lies.

Wako the traveller and menu sampler knows very well when and how to cover for top official who embezzled public funds . The Anglo leasing ,Goldenberg which is today causing suffering of Kenyans due to lack of services architect are enjoying their loot. The culprits are well known and some of them sit in the cabinet table without shame and are still continuing to create more scandals. This heartless individuals are their to protect themselves and ill gotten wealth.The evidence is extensive and will place any one culprit in jail for 150 years but as long as Wako heads that office he has vowed that no one will ever be prosecuted.
Kenya needs a complete system overhaul and to start afresh from ground zero so that we do not loose the next 50years which will be crucial in the health of the country.The government need to save and account for every penny that it makes and collects from taxpayer and redirect it to education,food production,science and technology. Mega corruption should be a thing of the past. Million of students are unable to take part in the free primary school scheme as there is no money to run the scheme. We will now be left with generation of illiterate Kenyans and a negative economy thanks to the likes of Amos Wako. It is time for Mr Wako to pack and go home.
Ekwe Edia

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Glory of Power

Ho Ho Kanu, Kanu ya Njenga Nchi. Kanu which has dominated the life of Kenyans for the last 46 years is about to make a come back to continue from where it stopped. In 2002 several politician joined togethjer in a move that sent Moi and his stalwarts packing home. Wait a minute did Kanu ever go home? NO they just changed its outer cover coming up with a different clever covers with the same old players.

Moi and Kibaki made a secret pact that will see him handing power over to Kibaki despite campaigning for Uhuru Kenyatta and the old man to continue enjoy all the wealth that he grabbedby vitue of being Kenya's leader for the last 24 years. Moi played to the gallery while seeking to entrench his mark for ever in the background.Moi was to remain an ally to Kibaki during his presidency and to advise him how to handle issue that might destabilise his presidency. This Moi has done with due dilligience and to the liking of Kibaki.

As the clamour of multiy party was taking hold in every part of Kenya Odinga and his followers who were prevously absoberd by Moi's Kanu jumped the ship to Join Kibaki's Narc with Charity Ngilu. The baggage that Odinga came in with were 99% Kanu Cabinet ministers and Mps who were corrupt and had milked the system to its knees. Odinga's game plan was to capture power without adhering to any principle. He was not to be guided by ethics or democratic ideal. He captured the mood of Wananchi who were clamouring for change.

In frotnt a huge crowd Odinga capped the famous word 'Kibaki Toshi' which catapulted Kibaki to Kenya's number one chief Executive an act that Odinga will regret through out his political career which is a about to come to an end. In a hurry to to capture power and assure himself of a seat in government Odinga made an MOU with Kibaki which among other agreement was to see Kibaki holding the post for one term only. This memorundum was thrashed by Lucy Kibaki who joked that Kibaki was no one time man.

President Kibaki has so far had 4 stroke and has been lucky to have survived. this stroke and clot left him with a partial loss of memory. During state house meetings the President will be seen dosing in the middle of meeting only to be alerted by his minders. A senior Western Diplomat said that during a recent meeting he found the Kibaki to be repeating himself with disjointed sentences and thought that he was not with it. It now takes several months for diplomats to be granted an audience with the President who has increased his sleeping time at the state house. This has frusted the diplomatic communitiy who are angry that some Ambassodors have been left with their juniors runnig embassies as they have not been accredited. The government is virtually running with minimal input from the president.

Kalonzo and the Kamba's are up in arms sensing that they are under siege from Odinga. Kalonzo led leaders from Ukambani in protesting the sacking of Kioko Mange'li managing director of Kenya buruea of standard. Kalonzo said he has asked the President to look into the issue as there has been several sacking of Kamba's in the civil service a move that is to scare Kamba's from Kibaki admiminstration. Here we go again leaders who claim to be nationalist using cheap ethnic tactics to drum up support for personal gains.

The KEBS Director was sacked for having haboured different opinion from Odinga. Odinga who is now enjoying the trapping of power thanks to Kibaki on and off Amnesia does not tolerate differing opinions. He will use all in his powers to silence his critics.Simple Odinga does not tolerate democracy. The PM earlier in the year cancelled the lincence for the construction of the second grain handling port. He was seen riding in the grain handlingport tycoo'sn car . What transpired in between the two is for historian to judge. The second grain handling port which kenya needed very badly to feed it's 10million hungry citizen was canncelled after this tycoon's car ride with Odinga.

In Luo Nyanza Odinga's name is revered and dispiced with equal zeal. No politician will dare question Raila and survive his seat. Mr Orengo tried to challenge Odinga's hegemony and was out of parliament for 5 years in the cold only to be elected after patching up and agreeing on Odinga's supremacy in Luo Nyanza. with Odinga's blessing he was returned to parliament and appointed a cabinet minister despite having heavily lost the nomination. Prof Nyong'o was directly nominated by Odinga and did not undergo democratic process.

Raphael Tuju who is now a special advisor to President Kibaki lost his Rarieda seat after disagreeing with Odinga.Tuju is a very industrious Kenyan and a former foreign minister who initiated several development in his contituency and managed to build several houses for Rarieda widows. His leadership was felt far beyond Rarieda and his deeply missed by his constituents.Peter Ogego Kenya's Ambassodor to Washington worked for Jaramogi foundation for several years and after Narc coming to power was left in the cold. He knocked Tuju's door after getting nowhere with Odinga.Thanks to Tuju's connection he was posted to Washington where he is doing well.. Odinga has never forgiven him for deserting him for Tuju. Raila is working behind the scenes for his replacement.

Kalonzo and team are now feeling the Power of Raila and seeking Kibaki'a intervention. Kibaki handlers see this as a blessing and a war that is to their advantage. they will like Raila and Kalonzo to lock horns and hand over the coverted price to Uhuru Kenyatta who all along was anointed by Moi. Jamoramogi once said that Moi sees a head of everybody. Moi played Uhuru/Kibaki very well that Kanu will rule Kenya for long time to come.


Thursday, 10 September 2009

IS Kenya ready for takeover???

The more things change ,the more they remain the same.There chilling silence in the barracks today. The chilling wind is coming from the junior quarter's. Impunity in Kenya has now visited every aspect of our life. The line of vision is now blurred. The ODM and PNU are joined in hip that you will not be able to tell who is who in the famous book of impunity and corruption. Kenya is now orphan and has been left without a defender. Kibaki running down Kenya that by the time we realise we will have no Kenya standing as we know. Kenya will then be bracing for the highest internally displace refugees in their own country forget about the 600,000 IDPs who will be child joke.

The rearranging of musical chairs has not gown down well in the public arena neither has it in the barracks. The whisper is getting loud that something drastically need to be done. I m scared today for my country. Where are we heading ? can we stop this madness at once before a junior officer takes over. Is Kenya ripe for this kind of experiment? I'm not sure . I love my country very dearly that when we sing and raise the flag in the Barracks tears run down my cheek looking for somewhere to escape. I love Kenya and will spill every drop of my blood for mother Kenya.

Enough is enough Kenya has become so tribalised that the security of the nation has been left in the hands of one tribe. There is no opposition to put this irresponsible coalition government in check. The other half of coalition is active jockeying for its tribe.The crime rate is massive 20% plus and going up daily. Innocent Kenyans are being killed and robbed in daylight. They have no security as enshrined in the constitution.

The civil society have now come together to form a parallel opposition government as the parliament has failed. What happened to Ababu Nawamba's opposition bill ?? he was silenced and never to raise the issue again. This new development by the civil society which in the context looks innocent is a sign of failed state. Kibaki is flouting and stepping the constitution in and out that the public have lost confidence in him. He has set very bad precedent surpassing Moi who was at the helm for 24 years. Impunity is what Kibaki thrives on.

The military has been politicised since 2007 election violence and the upper echelon speak In a particular vernacular at the displeasure of majority junior cadres. Everybody is watching every body's shoulder. The trust that use to keep Kenya's military ahead of its counterpart has been lost. There is whispers every where and where we are going or leading to is unknown and uncharted territory.

How long can we watch and stomach our right being trampled on,our fellow citizen dying of hunger while our so called leaders are driving gas guzzling cars and spending our tax unnecessarily with things like buying more cars for official. Where do this leaders live in. Are they in today's Kenya.They are burning down Kenya without realising.

Is Kenya Ripe for a military takeover???? this question i leave for you to ponder....for me I will prefer the route of ballot boxes which is a cherished democratic right that has catapult nations to advancement and prosperity.


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Mob Justice

Maj. General Ali succumbed to scalpel of mob justice led by none other than Prime Minister Raila Odinga . Raila wanted Francis Okonya who is very close to him and his family to be named the Police commissioner. During a briefing at Harambee house Raila insisted on having a Luo to head the force a wish that was declined by President Kibaki. Instead Odinga's man was given the second spot which he will share with other deputy commissioners. Raila Odinga led and sustained a coordinated attack on Commissioner Ali since the inception of disjointed coalition government. Raila has been going around the country trumpeting the fall of the commissioner. Maj Gen.Ali as a public servant did not have a forum to challenge this misconception. He was ridiculed in public and private for doing his job perfectly. Ali has been replaced by Mathew Iteere whose has all his finger print in the bungled 2007 election.

Mathew Iteera who share same lineage as Francis Muthaura headed the dreaded GSU which has a first class record in violation of human rights. GSU deployment was extensively used to transport fake ballots to polling station. Ali has been re-deployed to head Post Office and return to the army. On this we can assure Raila Odinga that Maj.General Ali will come out as the best commissioner that Kenya's has ever had. Iteera will follow Muthaura's prescription to the letter as opposed to Ali who was professional who despised favouritism.

Six years ago Maj. Gen Ali was deployed from the army to take over a police force which was corrupt ,demoralised,poorly housed and paid. Kibaki courtiers after taking over power from Moi wanted to neutralise the system that was built for the last 24 years. Maj. Gen Ali who was in line of taking over as the Chief of General Staff had to give way to Kibaki's anointented successor in the military.The best option was to re-deploy him to the police force. In that short period he was at helm of Police force Ali turned it to an organization which was seeking to achieve it is performance of safe and secure country for Kenyans. They become well housed,good transport and improved living condition.The Police force was turning the corner.They were on course to reducing organised crimes. Mungiki menace which turned Central Province into almost a no go area were neutralised.

Ali made a fatal mistake when he misrepresented himself during the hearing of of Rawnsley commission on policing where he failed to read the hostile mood in the room. Ali looked belligerent,uncompromising and on a mission to get rid of criminals which was not taken lightly by the commission. On reading the report Odinga smiled at the opportunity placing his people in places that will help him achieve presidency which has been slipping out of his hand since 2007. The man Odinga wanted terribly was Francis Okonya who was strongly resisted by Muthaura who wanted him to remain at the CID headquarters where he has been clandestinely reporting to Odinga. Okonya's errand to Raila is well documented.

Maj Gen Ali was a good soldier who's loyalty remained with the nation as opposed to individuality. He did his duties to his best ability and shunned corruption. Ali was not involved in single incident of corruption as opposed to other Kenyan leaders. He was at pain when message of police was distorted by few individuals in the ODM led by Raila. Raila never forgave Kibaki for sacking Late Edward Nyaseda former Police Commissioner who was incompetent and corrupt. Nyaseda during his short tenure as commissioner virtually run down the force and turned it into a Small fief dorm which among its remit was to report clandestinely to Raila. Nyaseda after the sacking was deployed to running Odinga's private security during and after election campaign.

Maj. Gen Ali who is a professional soldier did not build a constituency to defend him at time pressure. He acted and followed the law to the letter and on being relieved off his duties has had no body to come to his defence. When Ringer who was re-appointed illegally by President Kibaki the parliament and civil society went in top gear to tear into this unconstitutional act. They were challenged by Ringera's constituency who claim that people were out to finish their tribe. The onslaught of Ringera support was led by Saitoti,Muruingi,Kimunya and the rest in alphabetical order. They put a spirited fight and convinced their ethnic audience for their selfish purpose that their tribe was under siege.

Maj.Gen Ali has no tribe the only tribe he knows is the army and discipline. He has no constituency to back him as he remains alone. Kibaki's courtiers have done their calculation and presented their well done home work. The Bait for Odinga is getting sweater day by day. He is laughing all the way to Bondo believing erroneously that he called for sacking of Maj Gen Ali but his laughter indeed will be short lived. Gen. Ali and tribe less Kenyans will have the last big laugh.


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The List to Watch

The weather today in Nairobi is good.As we wait for El-nino to hit town we are again scrabbling to put things in place as we have become a nation that moves from disaster to disaster. This is a sign of a failed state becoming unorganized as a nation who rely on diversionary tactics. There are several issues which need to be tackled systematically. We need to prioritise issues that affect us as a nation. There is question of corruption and impunity which we have now reached a stage that we cannot handle it. The Ringera episode is tearing the country once more apart. The only beneficiaries from all this saga is none other than Kalonzo Musyoka who has mis-advised the President on several occasion.

Kalonzo with a handful of Mp's at the height of 2007 election violence managed to sneak in and benefit from the chaos.He was quick to take advantage when Kenya was bleeding to death. He remains an opportunist and Judas.Kalonzo goes under the cover religion as born again christian where he is out to mesmerize the population into accepting him as the rightful King after most of the politician have left for the Hague train. Thanks to his sharp eyed Lawyer Mutula Kilonzo. Who hates the word reform.Mutula has been working behind the scene to see the Kamba dream being realised from the laid back President Kibaki who has lost interest in serving this nation apart from his family.

During recent burial Kalonzo bolted out of the blues and asked Moi and Ruto to mend their relationship as it was important to heal the rift that saw Raila benefit . The congregation at the burial were shocked and perplexed. Moi who was angered by Kalonzo jest was quick to answer his critics by telling them off not to mix mourning and politics. Kalonzo is comedian in a recent agricultural show he was trying to be seen to mend fences between h Raila and Ruto only to find that his jokes and foolishness were not that amusing.

Kenya has patriotic citizen who are working behind the scenes to save it from total collapse. we want to introduce a list that Wananchi should think about is our list

1] Maina Kiai

2]John Githongo

3]Paul Muite

4]Gitobu Imanyara

5]Peter Kenneth

6] Joseph Nkaissery

7]Ekwe Ethuro

8]Abdikadir Mohammed

9]Ahmed Isaac

10]Kilemia Mwiraria

11]Njoku Ndung'u

12]Gladwel Otieno

13]Mwalimu Mati

Watch this space.

Elizabeth Musau

Monday, 7 September 2009

Kenya's Future Leader

Uhuru Kenyatta is a leader who transcends all boundaries and committed to building a great nation. Uhuru who is in his 40s proved his capability during his time as a leader of the opposition party in 9th parliament. He listened to his advisers as well as his critics in formulating policies that were to benefit the poor. Uhuru should not be written off as simply being thee son of Jomo Kenyatta and should be judged on his won merit.

Uhuru kenyatta and Mohamed Elmi [Minister Arid Lands] are now showing how to lead by example. They are the only cabinet ministers who have returned their gas guzzling vehicles and are now using VW passat 1.6 as their official cars. Uhuru gave the directive of all vehicles which had capacity above 1.8 litres to be returned to the Treasury but no minister has so far complied. 24 out of the 42 bloated ministries have so far returned their inventories as we go to press. Uhuru is concerned that with the rate Kenya will be bankrupt and will never be able to rise above the massive deficit we are in at present. He is on a war to trim the coalition fuel bill which is now sky rocketing running at 8.3 billion from 4billion a year ago.

Uhuru has formulated several pro -poor policies in his short stint at the ministry of finance. He is a leader who has proved beyond doubt that he has the capacity and what it takes to lead this beautiful country to prosperity. His helm at the Treasury has shown him to be astute and well versed in running Kenya's economy during this time of financial crisis.

There is a clique of detractors at the Treasury who are working for their remote masters and are out to damage Uhuru by making him look incompetent by playing with the figures during the recent supplementary budget. As usual the Members of parliament were in uproar without confirming the case and giving Uhuru chance to explain himself. Censure motion was brought in the parliament and Uhuru carried the day as he was exonerated from charges which were flimsy and fabricated. Uhuru was in no way offloading taxpayers money for his private use.

The detractors are working at full throttle at the Treasury but they have been earmarked and will not pull another trick on Kenya's future leader. Uhuru has been involved in many development project that benefits the poor and catapult this country to the future. He has formulated a vision that will see this country again a working nation that is patriotic and care for fellow citizen.

Uhuru is a politician on a mission to save this country which has been mismanaged since 1978. He is young ,articulate and a front runner in the presidential election of 2012. He is against ethnic coalitions, tribal arithmetic of winning the election, about who is tosha and who is toka. So lets all unite and give Uhuru Kenyatta a chance.

Saida Ahmed.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Lawyers who condone corruption.

The rendezvous of Mr Okong'o Omgeni and Aoron Ringera in Panafric hotel in Nairobi raises more question than answers. The meeting was conducted after terse press statement issued by Omgeni condemning President Kibaki of impunity and flouting the constitution of Kenya. During the press conference Omgeni looked disturbed,worried and full of anger. Kibaki crossed the red line without seeking consensus on this important national issue. Ringera performed a pathetic job that he did not require to be gazetted for another 5 years in a job that pays more than the U.S President and British Prime Minister who have large and advanced economies . After meeting Ringera at the hotel Omgeni made a u turn. This time he turned to press claiming that he will seek audience with Kibaki and Wako.

The Panafric meeting was caught on camera thanks to the journalist and activist who confronted them. There is no explanation with the quick turn of events. Something fishy must have happened in the hotel. Why would the chairman of KACC advisory meet Ringera who was just illegally appointed by Kibaki ?.

Omgeni and Ringera contacts go further than the panafric hotel meeting where deals were made for Omgeni to climb down from his hard line position and carrot that will follow. Ringera is not new on the business of conducting harambee on behalf Omgeni's Kisii home. Omgeni and team have totally lost impartiality and the confidence of Wananchi. He has conducted himself in a manner that has poked hole on his integrity to supervise the KACC.

There is serious conflict of interest and if Omgeni wants to save the integrity of KACC advisory board the honorable thing to do is to resign . It is now the right time for the Whole KACC and KACC advisory board to be disbanded as they are obstacle to fighting corruption in Kenya. They are organization that is covering and promoting corruption. Wananchi should now take the fight against corruption in their own hand. Time for revolution is ripe and let stop this merry go round type of commission after commission.

The former Kacc chairman Ahmednasir resigned after refusing his independence to be compromised by the Executive. Ahmednasir a prefect legal mind is known to fearlessly guard his moral authority and refused to barge for Kibaki's cronies who wanted to rubber stump him for carrying mega corruption . Kibaki has been in office for now seven years of which two years as a result of the disputed 2007 election and in record time has created a warping 180 districts in such a short time out to bribe wananchi to vote for him.

Kenya is heading towards collapse state at high speed and if sudden brake are not applied will happen in the next few years. The coalition government is a curse of the 1500 massacred Kenyans that should not have happened. In today Kenya we still have 600,000 citizen in IDP camps who have totally been forgotten. 400 Kenyans were locked in a church and burned down in Eldoret another similar number were also burned in Naivasha and we as country have not brought the perpetrators to justice. We are still chasing shadows of impossibilities. Justice should be seen to be done and not the opposite. Lets fight impunity now and not tomorrow.

Omgeni should take lesson from Ahmednasir who loves this country to put his positionand reputation in line or will he become just like the other fat lawyers who have no principle and are there to fill the pockets.This type of lawyers should not be allowe to hold our lives at ransom.

Edia Ekwe