Sunday, 30 August 2009

The End of Odingaism

The recent by election has once again exposed what our politician are made of. The quick analysis made by politician is not only sign of the myopic views but have totally run out vision. Odinga might have won the war but has lost all his troop in ODM. Imagine ODM has 100 plus Mps in parliament and only 10 mps attended the party at Nairobi club he organized to celebrate the victory of the two by election.

Before Odinga becoming Prime Minister he had all ODM ,Rift Valley and the country was behind him fighting war on his behalf. Most of the causalities were based in Rift Valley. The youth were bundled in cells not to be accounted for and are missing in action. The Mother of this youth never forgave him. His support to their plight was inconsequential.

During the by-election ODM Ministers and Mps campaigned very hard for their candidates and Ruto personally heavily funded the candidates for both seats a fact that Odinga is disputing. Odinga is very good in taking credit for things that he is not capable of achieving or not achieved. That's how he run away with the ODM presidential nomination by crying in front of ODM elders who were supervising the nomination. they gave him a chance which he has effectively used in benefiting his family and his fellow cronies.

Only 10 Mps attended this party which was a flop and except for Musa Sirma who is unelected Mp the rest were from Luo Nyanza. The captain has no foot soldiers over 90 ODM Mps refused to attend this unnecessary party as they no longer agree with him. The Mps we spoke to categorically told me that they did not attend this party us Odinga wanted to hijack the victory that was not his personally and they have massive difference with him and they will in near future try to dislodge him as the flag bearer of ODM. The Mps who did not want me to disclose their names said that majority of the Mps sympathize with Ruto who will win any ODM election against Raila. This is interesting development which will cause ripples and realignment in Kenya's political scene.

Odinga hates realities and survives in cheap theatrics. His political skill are better used in opposition to keep the day government on their toes. His best statement at the moment is that ''we are in government'' which he has a ritual of repeating every minute. It is only recently after sharing meal with Kibaki in Bondo that he was allowed little bit of space within the government. Muthaura is just in the corner and about to re-enter the scene as cardiologist have advised him to return to work in six weeks.An ODM assistant Minister told me that Odinga is a spent force and even in Luo Nyanza he has a formidable opposition as he has not brought any development to the area except for the PM motorcade.

The Battle for Bomachoge and Kisii was led none other by Omino Magara who graced the occasion with Ruto.Majority of the kisii Mps preferred to attend Rutos fund raising where a smaller party was introduced to the Kisii public as the next formidable party to be watched during 2012 and beyond. Magara who was Raila damu during last election has made a U turn and now is teaming with Ruto. He has formed a wider view after engaging with Uhuru and the rest. Ruto and Magara snubbed Odinga by not attending his meeting whereby he promised that the agriculture Minister will address them. He felt cold and the party was just to warm up and throw Ruto's team off guard but failed to muster ODM Mps.

Another ODM Minister gave the analogy of candle which gives light but in process burns out itself. The Minister said that we should not right off Kibaki who has so far played his cards intelligently and he has Odinga where he wanted. Kibaki is playing high stakes to ensure that with the help of ODM they will bury Odingaism for good.


Siasa Kali scoop

Pace setters read Siasa Kali before commenting.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Ethnic Bigots

As every morning when the whistle blows we go down to ranges prepare our weapons,clean them and start the long and ardours exercise of keeping ready to defend our motherland Kenya at any cost. I love the art of cleaning weapons which is done with mathematical precision. Today the weather is chilly after coming down from the ranges where I had finished exercising I picked local newspapers and after scanning was left in shock on what i was reading. Here i took an oath to defend my country from external aggression but the opposite is happening. Kenya needs to be defended from its internal enemies......

Quote from Standard Newspapers...

"If someone is talking about Moi you are doing so because you fear me. I will not answer you as we are all interested in conservation," Moi said.

No No No Mr Moi people are not scared of you. They are questioning your past poor governance and corruption. Remember you are no longer in power it was 7 years ago when Kenyans bid farewell to thee by throwing rotten eggs to accompany you to Kabarak.Mau was sold under your leadership and your are responsible for the for the environmental catastrophe that you visited Kenyans.No body is blaming Kalenjin's as people on the destruction of the most important water tower in Kenya.Do not engage Kenyans with your cheap politics of fear and torture.

Here is another quote from Ruto...

Ruto, as late as Tuesday night, was saying he was ready to pay the ultimate political price to protect his ‘people’. He argued they had been ‘criminalised along with its leadership, both present and past".

Mr Ruto is playing on cheap circus politics by raising temperature of Kalenjins who feel that they have been cornered by the government through PM Odinga. The Kalenjins suffered during the post election violence and should be left alone to pick up pieces and return to farming and feeding the nation. Mr Ruto is playing on people emotion for political mileage. If they love the Kalenjin so much then he and Moi can donate the land they illegally acquired to settle those who are about to be evicted from Mau tomorrow.

Moi and Ruto are sensing that politic of Kenya has changed for ever and they are about to account for their wealth and political deeds which caused the suffering of million wananchi. In the middle of dealing with hunger and starvation they are pushing Kenya into state heightened emotion. They should thank President Kibaki who is laid back and is not coming down hunting them like chickens. The best place for this Moi and Ruto is tribunal and human right courts to address the 24 years of violation of Wananchi's right.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Kenya's ethnic leaders

Former President Moi survives on the theory of chaos. For the 24 years he has been President he hypnotized Kenyans by preaching that we were surrounded by sea of chaos and we should consider ourselves lucky. Instead of retiring peacefully tending his goats and enjoying his looted wealth. He is not happy and challenges authority whenever he gets chance. He is been campaigning during last election for his sons and PNU which stole the elections which caused the massacre of 1500 Kenyans and displacement of 600,000 more. Moi is active in politics and never went into retirement.He has direct line to state house where is behind the scenes advisor. He has opened a can of worm that will not spare him the agony of humiliation and we want him to account for his wealth and Swiss bank codes. The U.S has succeeded in going after its own citizen who have stashed wealth abroad and failed to pay tax. Moi's wealth has been traced and documented by Kroll report. The old man should have no peace and be dragged to court for human right violation.

Moi is the biggest tribalist and this has been openly exposed by his displeasure with the ongoing census. He gave statement through his Press secretary Mr Lee Njiru finding objectionable for his Kalenjin tribe being dividedor subdivided.It is obvious he is at pain because his is a representative of the ??? Kalenjin.Of course Moi never practised what he preached. In broad daylight he was preaching unity while at night had his Kalenjin kitchen cabinet meeting to share Kenya's wealth alone. He oversaw the total destruction of Kenya as a nation. When he come to power Kenyans were enjoying prosperity in term of Health,education,roads and development. During his reign of terror thousand of Kenyans were detained,exiled and defranchinized. Profit making parastatals were sold at throw away prices to his cronies and tribe. Scholarship for further education was an exclusive of his Tugen clan. Moi grabbed every possible piece of land in Kenya. there is no public toilet standing today in Nairobi. Every piece of land in the city was grabbed thanks to Moi and turned into petrol stations and shops which benefited his cronies.

Today Kenya is facing starvation,electricity ,water shortage due to Moi's misrule and mismanagement. Kenyans have nothing to gain from him. The present regime has just followed his footstep and a repeating his past mistakes. Kenya is begging for food to feed its 10million starving citizen. That is 25% of the population a staggering figure. Where is the sea of chaos??? well it is here in Kenya. My neighbours are unable to feed heir own children and are starving. They buried one of their child last weekend.

Mau was grabbed during Moi's rule.Mau which was home to 12 rivers has completely dried up causing environmental catastrophe. The list of beneficiaries are led by none other than his son Gideon who failed to make to parliament.The president bunch of Rift Valley Mps immensely benefited from land grabbing in Mau and should stop cheating us that they are fighting for their people. We know they are fighting for themselves and Kenyans are not blind.The Mau is national disaster which should be saved at all cost.

Kenya has no national leader they are all tribal chieftains. Look at Kenya's history when Kenyatta took over from the colonialist he populated the civil service and top public post with his cronies and tribe. When Moi took over in 1978 he coined the nyayo philosophy of doing exactly what Kenyatta did and populated the system with his tribe. For the last 7 years Kibaki has reversed every public post and has gone to his people. Odinga is actively doing the same. He has no national outlook. He has appointed his sister Consul in the U.S and has dished several post to his own people. Kenya had hope in Odinga changing the way we did things but he is busy enjoying the trapping of power that he has forgotten those Wananchi who put him in there in the first place.He has become part of the problem and not the solution.

After 46 years of independence Kenya is sill waiting for a national Leader like Joseph Murumbi,Tom Mboya, Pio Gama Pinto and Josiah Mwangi Kariuki who will save this nation from destruction.We need urgent solution.
Ekwe Edia

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Kenya unable to feed its People

Kenya is now officially a failed state.It is unable to feed its own population and the begging bowl is out in the world arena. This country leaders are pathetic and economical with the truth. PM Odinga who loves travelling from a city to a city called Western world contribution to alleviating hunger as peanut. Yes it is peanut if you compare to what Odinga ,Kibaki and other Kenyan leaders are looting and taking away from Kenya. This leaders have led Kenya where it is today it is kneeling down and begging for handouts.In term of hunger it much worse than Somalia where there has been no government for the last 20 years. Comparing the two Somalia shines better because they have survived without a government while Kenya with government has hit rock bottom and cannot feed its population. Forget blaming others and nature it is lack of planning ,corruption and greed that has led Kenya to brink of total collapse.

Kenya is officially facing starvation and the WFP today has issued warning that we need to be rescued before we perish as a nation urgently. Here is what WFP said today ''Before the new appeal for the more than US$230 million required for the next 6 months, WFP’s relief operation in Kenya had already received US$85.6 million from donors, including the United States (US$42.7 million), Germany (US$8 million), United Kingdom (US$7.9 million), Japan (US$5 million), UN CERF (US$4.9 million), Spain (US$4.2 million), Kenya (US$3.2 million), and Netherlands (US$1.5 million).Thanks to the West who are dishing handouts to save us. Odinga is a populist who is PM by a mistake. He has problem with his thought process and gets it terribly wrong.

We are nation who cannot see beyond our noses and set up our priorities right. Take for example the census which will cost taxpayer $100 million, the expenses OP and PM office excess $100 million, travelling expenses of Government officials $50million and what we only need to feed our dying population is $230 million. Now tell me when I see Kibaki and Odinga telling us that things are okay then I know they are economical with truth. There is ongoing electricity rationing,lack water for majority of the population. Disaster is waiting to happen. This leaders should stop being corrupt and lead by example. Did we as a nation needed this census at this particular time when our population is dying of hunger. Why spend$100 million on an exercise that could wait while we feed our population who are now dying.At least if we feed them now we will be able to count them.

The cost of Odinga's furniture for his current Karen House will be capable of feeding 10,000 Kenyans for 6months.The fleet of vehicles at Kibaki's State House will also be able to feed another 20,000 Kenya's for 6months and now tell me where are we heading with this kind of myopic leaders who look fat and well fed while their population look weak and emaciated.

Kenyan Wananchi need to wake up from their slumber and take things on their hands as they have nothing to loose but to reclaim what is theirs. We have been for long been hypnotised by Moi's fake theory of being surrounded by sea of chaos. Moi's is now busy enjoying his ill gotten wealth and preparing his sons for another round of looting spree. No enough is enough. we will not wait and see our people dying while few corrupt leaders are enjoying ill gotten wealth. Indeed we will do something very soon.

Jacinta Were

Stop this politician

This politician George Saitoti was plucked from the university of Nairobi teaching Mathematics by former President Moi who was on meager salary to become one of the richest man in Kenya. When he was in the university he was driving a beetle Volkswagen which coughing in the middle of Nairobi and will get push from the student of Nairobi university. Today you will not come 100 metres near this man's security detail. He has grown wealthy on looted tax payers money.He was Made Minister for finance by Moi and this was the start of looting spree. In few years office he started amassing large tract of land at paltry amount. He has no shame in helping himself to public property entrusted to him as minister. in his zeal to enrich himself he cut deal with rich Asian tycoons who taught him how to conceal stolen wealth in the British banking system and housing.

Saitoti has an impressive financial portfolio in United Kingdom. It is run and serviced for him by an Asian Tycoon in West London whom we we cannot mention for legal reasons. Saitoti is a frequent visitor to the United Kingdom.His wealth is concealed for the time being but will be exposed in the coming months. He own posh houses and buildings in Central London.

Being Moi's vice President gave him a ticket to loot at unprecedented pace that was next to Kenyatta's. Imagine how he acquired the 100 acres of ADC land for Ksh 138,450 which he has yet to pay. How can we trust the security of the nation to this land grabber. No wonder Lucy Kibaki challenged him and wrote him off. She saw what Moi's saw in him an incompetent Politician who is too greedy to offer any public service.

Moi ended up telling at a public rally that this man is not capable of leading Kenya because by the time anyone realises they will be no Kenya. He was wiped out of the last election but used bullying tactic and planted extra stolen ballot papers. He has so far succeeded in bribing those who challenged him.Kenya needs less of like Saitoti.


Monday, 24 August 2009

Ruto's Tribal colour

Ruto is in corner and fighting not to see his name on the local tribunal list. He is fighting and will use all at his disposal to survive this round. His target is becoming the President of Kenya in 2017 a tall order. The schemes that Ruto uses are tribal and anti-Kenyan to achieve his goals. Yesterday he paraded 23 Mps from greater Kalenjin to show that he has strong support. He has thrown the warning shots that he no longer recognizes Raila as his leader. Few days ago Ruto assembled another 15 Mps in Kisii and officiated a fund raising in Omino Magara's tuft who is ODM treasurer. Magara introduced a new party to the public whom he asked the crowd to watch as a future party.This was totally out of order by supporting a new smaller party at the expense of your own party. Magara was one of the strongest supporters and an ally of Raila who has lost faith in him recently. 23+15 makes 38 and that changes the parliament Arithmetic's. Ruto is in the process of frying Raila on his own terms.

Ruto assembled Kalenjin Mps from across the board and went to see President Kibaki without the Knowledge of Raila who happens to be their party leader. Things are getting murkier in Kenya politics which runs no principle ground. Both men are from different bread with different Agenda. Raila wants to clip Ruto before 2012 by frogmarching him to the tribunal. Ruto knows what Raila is capable of doing. He is up in arms and would not allow this to happen as having been taught in Moi school of politics he has raised stakes by realigning ODM Mps. As some of our fellow blogers have hinted that the PMs office is being strengthened for a new occupier who is more acceptable to the wider political class and not necessarily wananchi.

Raila has very poor advisers who are telling him what he wants to hear as opposed to reality on the ground.He has surrounded himself with his fellow Luo's who are corrupt and amassing wealth like there is no tomorrow. The way he has handled the Rift valley issues raises concern on his ability to hold Republic's chief executive office. He has the message but he is busy shooting down the messenger. The Mau issue is a national issue that should have been sorted 2003 when Narc come to power. Moi's regime plundered the wealth of Kenya left/right and grazed everything to ground. What Raila who is being used by Kibaki to dig his own grave could have done is to handle the issue more sensitively while carrying the Rift Valley leaders and its people on board. This is called juggling effect placing marbles in right position. What Raila has done which he is good at is to alienate the Rift Valley Mps and the resident . He has succeeded in raising the temperature of people and its leaders by being bullish and not listening to their views. He is on warpath to destroy their ideal which might have been misplaced in the first place.

Ruto is a schemer who crushed Moi's supremacy in rift valley without raising finger in 2007. During the election violence Moi's farm was raised to the ground and three of his Sons who campaigned with Moi's looted wealth lost and did not make it to parliament. Ruto has been sending feelers for rapprochement the Matriarch Moi for the last few months. Raila by directly attacking and engaging Moi has given Ruto's group the golden opportunity they have been waiting for all this time. The public has been disappointed with the way Raila handles issues. He likes to play to the press on public emotion only to miscalculate.

The next battle will be in the parliament where support for the PM has eroded. The PNU schemers are having field day.Their enemies are battling at on the ground showing their true colours. Politicians who should not be entrusted to organs of the state. Their is background re-alignment going on. Ruto needs to shed his tribalistic affinity and take the bull by its horn. Raila will not survive as PM this time round. Pundit have it that his Premiership is on the wean.


Friday, 21 August 2009

Communication Breakdown

The Ramsley report is out. The reading and recommendation in public domain. There is total breakdown between two security organization The Police and AP. The war of words is is flying between this two organization which are supposed to work in Harmony . Major Ali has time and now been calling for the two security organization to be merged but Mbugua who has Michuki's ears is strongly opposed to any move that will take away his force.

During last election the AP played a very crucial role in the election fraud. They were used by the regime to ferry extra ballot papers around the country using the operational headquarters in Embakasi. This two apparently security organization that is supposed to look after Kenyans are not talking to each other. Their is communication breakdown. Both of them have been recommended for the retirement which non of them is happy. The public has lost confidence and want fast change happening.

Ali and Mbugua are both sharpening their tools to the detriment of national security. No wonder the killing of innocent Kenyans are going unchecked. President Kibaki has called for quick results which he wants to be achieved. The crime around the country is being committed by the same police force which is supposed to apprehend criminals. Most of the criminals have root in police.

The gated communities is new phenomena in Kenya recent years. Every estate is now closed and nobody trust their neighbours. While few year back you could get to anywhere in Nairobi easily. Former President Moi destroyed Kenyan fabric for good. He took from Kenyatta when Kenya was at peace with targeted developmental pace. For 24 years Moi and his cronies destroyed all the parastatal making bodies and sold them for few pennies to his tribesmen and cronies. He keep on preaching about tribalism while practising it behind closed doors. He destroyed the security apparatus by making them work against each other.

Then We now have stooped so law as a nation that we have began kidnapping children and demanding ransom to make ends meet. Where has our nationalism and decency gone. The Kenya police is number corrupt organization in Africa. They now have a medal for that too.

All this has been encouraged non other than former President Moi who actually should be arraigned in court to answer his 24 years of Misrule and looting spree that has brought the security of Kenya to its knees.


Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Strategic Bait

Strategic plan for the office of Prime Minister Odinga??? What ??did I hear that correctly. Kenya is nation that believes in fairy tales. This time 18 month ago the PM office was created by national accord with strategic plan to share power 50/50 . Why has President Kibaki bought the idea very late??. Kibaki is a cunning politician who likes to hand over hangman's noose to his beloved opponent. He plays to the audience with prescion timing.....

The occasion was graced by President Kibaki, Prime Minister Odinga and the diplomatic community. Absent from this pomp and glory ceremony was The Vice President Musyoka and Deputy Prime minister Uhuru Kenya who equation of 2012 will feature them prominently. Odinga face was glowing with happiness that he missed the 18month that he has been in office. Odinga loves power.

The country is broke with credit crunch there is no money to go around. 10 million Kenyans are facing starvation. 70% of youth are unemployed and are looking for solution. The coalition government is like headless chicken. they are running from a disaster to a disaster. Here is what Kibaki has allowed Odinga to do or supervise 1] resettlement of IDPs -a tall order that he will measured on come electioneering period. 2] To reclaim forest and water catchment illegally acquired by groups and individual - This is where his core supporters the ODM have curved large tract of land. He will loose all the votes in this region that voted for him man to man. 4] Food security and governance- 45 years of failure by several previous regime will not be repaired in 2years stint of Prime Minister ship. 5] Upgrading of slums and informal settlements- how will he be able to sort out when he has been unable to work on basic infrastructure in Langata for the last 15years. 6]Public Service Transformation and Youth Employment- They are already up in arms.

Ambassador Muthaura has bee recuperating after heart bypass surgery. He has nor lost his zeal for protecting the President Tuft.His relation with Lucy the defactor President Assistant is next to none. They share same ethnicity background and have many similarities. Lucy detest Raila and Ida and cannot stand in proximity to them. The question of them taking the Mantle of Kenya is out of question. The plan to extend the bait to Raila team is on high gear. Raila is champion in scuttling parties when he smell fat dripping meat on the other side. Kibaki's bait choreographed by Muthaura and is dripping fake fat. Odinga has taken the first bite and needs time to digest the poisonous content.

Political pundit have it that the office of Prime Minister is being made powerful for Kibaki anointed Trojan horse who is in the ODM. Raila will be made to feel very close in heart of government and then will forced to exit through number of ways. This has been calculated and will be accepted by the establishment as safe route. The arithmetic of parliament will change soon.Note that the PM has been kept away from most powerful ministries especially the security apparatus which run the show. Odinga is unlikely to survive as s PM in next six month.

Kenya has change forever believe me. The musical chairs is for the consumption of the political elites. The Mwananchi who owns every piece of Kenya will reclaim it soon. We wish that he reclaims it peacefully without chaos.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hon. Chirau Makwere A Failure

The President need to sack instantly Hon Chirau Ali Makwere who is sleeping on his job. Makwere has become the most incompetent Minister that Kenya has ever had since Independence. He has seen over the demise of transport management in Kenya. The Minister own several Matatus which bring in the issue of conflict of interest.

Since taking over this ministry transport from Hon Michuki he has turned Kenyan roads in graveyard where thousand of Kenyans continue to perish daily. Drivers have become so daring that they no longer follow set of traffic rules . They are law unto themselves with the help of corrupt police system.. In Nairobi matatus are using pavement to avoid potholes and and as extra lane. Using pavement will deliver their passenger faster and they can make killing by putting up extra journey.They flout all the rules that call for decency and public good. They blast their customers with music that will turn them deaf in teens. No regard to customer safety. This all has happened due to Makwere's sleeping on the Job.This Minister is on a mission to give drivers electronic driving licence. Where on earth does Makwere live??. What are the priorities for road safety???.

When Hon Michuki served as transport Minister things were different and Kenyans saw result. Instant result was achieved in short period of time.Matatu drivers and touts were forced to put on uniforms which were clean, neat and presentable.They respected their passengers as their bosses. They observed all the rules as Michuki was just around the corner. Speed governors were installed and it become a must thing to have. Traffic police corruption went down as Matatus followed rules to the letter and no or few faults. We knew Kenya was heading to the right direction. Then the reshuffle come after the bungled elections and we were left with Chirau Ali Makwere who is incompetent and not up to job minister . He is busy figuring out small things like plastic cards that will make no difference or will not reverse the toll death of innocent Kenyans.

Kenya roads are killers waiting to maim their victims. Large fuel tankers pligh this pothole filled roadsonly to overturn and invite innocent poor Kenyans to their deaths. recently the President carried national prayers during the disaster that saw hundred of Kenyans loose their life. There was no Makwere anywhere he was out of the country trying to convince the Americans to land their plane in Kenya. The Americans will not cover your incompetency Mr Makwere!!! Where do our priorities lie???. Then few month again disaster stuck again an overturned tanker and the death of hundred Kenyans yet again Chirau was no where. He was AWOL.

It used to take 4 hours to drive from Nairobi to Kisumu few years ago but now it will take you the whole day plus one if you ever make it safely. Where is the our tax going??? tell us Mr Makwere why do we have to pay for you to fly ministerial flag. Kenya need enterprisingly Ministers who are capable of running their Ministries with result that the public wants. It is high time that President Kibaki took the whip and showed this poor performing Minister where to go.

Go Home Chirau Ali Makwere.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Show must begin

The President , the PM and entourage of Ministers made a dashing flight to Marsabit to feed the emaciated ,hunger ridden population of The Arid North. They took with them including their entire security apparatus. The few hours trip cost the tax payer Ksh 5 million. The whole visit was choreographed to show that they were together doing something about the already dying Kenyans but it is nothing only showmanship. In December 2008 when the population was dying of hunger and the international community warned of the looming disaster President Kibaki was enjoying Xmas in Mombasa while PM Raila was enjoying with his family in Bondo. Nine month down the line they just realised that 10 million Kenyans are dying of hunger. Is it not too late Mr President and Prime Minister???. You have all along been fighting how to line up your pocket's and cronies to realise that Kenya was slipping away from you.

In Nyeri President Kibaki backyard His constituents are now flooding animal feed shop. They are now feeding on animal feed. They have no choice and they have been let down by this incompetent coalition government which is heading nowhere. Mr President they are feeding on the famous animal feed brand called 'Pollard' it cost them only Ksh 1200 for 90kg bag as opposed to Maize which costs Ksh 3000 and wheat at Ksh 4000. The population in Nyeri are now scavenging. They are hungry and they need to feed their families while you are just few yards away from them and unconcerned with their plight. In Prime Minister's backyard Nyatike people have nothing not even animal feed. They have been forgotten. President Kibaki and made recent visit to Nyanza and feasted in Bondo while Nyatike resident had nothing to eat.Now tell me they fly all the way to Marsabit and spend Ksh 5,ooo,oooo of tax payers money on their expense bill to distribute food worth Ksh 1,000,000. What logic are this geriatric politician using?. What kind of leadership skills do they depict?. What they went to do in Marsabit is just for public consumption and the press. Imagine they called diplomats to accompany them and the prominent ones declined. If this diplomats accompanied you they will need to do account to their tax payers.

Look at the picture what does it tell you ?. The poor woman is severely emaciated,undernourished,malnourished and Raila is dipping his hand in her bag ... What is he looking for???. The woman is barely standing on her two feet!!!!!. Look At Kibaki he is looking down upon this poor lady unconcerned with the evolving event. This two gentlemen are part of the problem. With their bloated Ali Baba cabinet and gas guzzling entourage they have caused this nation to go bankrupt. They have got all the priorities of this beautiful nation wrong. They sold the wealth of this nation and deposited it in the fat Swiss bank account. President Obama will not hear their nonsense. President Obama is with Kenya population. He travelled at the back of Matatu, Slept on the floor of sitting room and in this Kenya was refused to served tea at 5 star hotel. Yes President Obama know more of the Suffering of Kenyans than the combination of this two geriatrics.
There is unrest in Kenya. Kenyans have been patient for long, too long. They now see and know things are not right and they will change the course of events very soon. They will take it to their hearts and use their hands to change history.
The Show must begin!!!!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

The collapse of Kenya

Kenya is at brink of collapse. Very few people are taking the security of Kenya seriously. The rate of crime has shot tremendously in last 18 months. The Police commissioner Major Ali is no longer running the show. After being heavily pressured to let go by the international community and the ODM wing in the government he has lost faith in the system and maintains status quo. General was plucked from the military to stop him from taking over chief of staff. Michuki and few Mount Kenya cabals saw how best to use his services and do their bidding's. Remember Ali was a good soldier who was thrown in an office without security of tenure. He now lives from a day to a day. Kenya's insecurity is the creation of the present regime.

The killing spree continues unabated within Nairobi environs. people close to the regime are now on the picking. Not long ago PM office was bungled and all computer hardware was removed which had lot of trail and information which went to the highest bidder. After few month when the PM was confronted with colossal information he changed tact and come openly supporting the government. They had him where they wanted no more deviation or popular tact. His fate is done deal.

Then come the killing of Youth PS Kinuthia Murugu who was an exemplary Kenyan worked tirelessly for youth. He was singled by assassins bullet.The PM attributed the upsurge of killing to unemployment,poverty and issue every Kenyan knows. Yes the Killing of Oscar foundation officials were also calculated to silence those who are pointing their fingers to poverty in Kenya.

Impunity,corruption is killing Kenya. The youth is now up in arms and are co-ordinating their activities to have maximum impact. The Two principals are blind and can no longer lead Kenya. They need to be replaced yesterday. They cannot see what is coming. Kenya is on fire. 10million hungry who wealth have been stolen by few corrupt officials. The Regime is has milked Kenya to dry. Unable to feed its population. They have desecrated Kenya for their greed.

Water rationing,electricity rationing,blackout,insecurity this is the symptoms of a failed state. Kenya is taking Somalia's route . Somali was one of powerful African states before it collapsed 20yrs ago. President Barre was revered in the continent but was not listening to his population typical what Kibaki and Raila are doing. In Somalia they began by rationing water,electricity blackout out and then began breakdown of law,few killing here and there and in few month full blown massacre. That was the end of Somalia.

Kenya is proudly taking that route of failed states. Stolen election, killing of 1500 innocent Kenyans, fake sharing of power, water rationing, electricity blackout and sustained killings . The car jacking and killing of prominent security details is well organised. Kenya is on the brink and it is too late no one can stop. No one will accuse us of not warning you.


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Speaker Marende 'The Man to Watch'.

Hon Kenneth Marende is the man on move. He is a good speaker and a politician who deserves mention. He saved Kenya from another catastrophe when he took over the chairmanship of the business committee of the house. this showed his brinkmanship and skill that none can match. With a stroke of his pen he extinguished the fire that Hon Kibaki through proxy Hon Kalonzo and Hon Raila were about to unleash in Kenya yet again.

Speaker Marende seems to be the only leader who is reading and in tune with the public mood.He has been getting his priorities right. In Mombasa recently with President Kibaki he lamented efficiency is becoming rare in Kenya. He ambushed and totally rubbished vison 2030 which is pet project of Kibaki and Raila by saying ' Hungry people cannot have any vision,so we must do all it takes to feed half of Kenya population which is hungry'.

Speaker Marende has called on Private sector to join Kenyans in supporting food production ' We must produce enough food for internal consumption and even export if vision 2030 is to make any sense to our people'. This is what what the Wananchi want to hear. How to feed themselves and their families.

On the other spectrum Prime Minister Raila Odinga is the most misinformed with very poor judgement. Instead of getting his priorities right he has been turned to a mouth piece for the government. He is not ready to listen or gauge and feel the public mood.Odinga fails to appreciate criticism and will use all resources available to him to crush if any. His idea of working coalition is just but a laugh. He has been confused and corrupted by the little power that President Kibaki has given him on a plastic plate. Here is Odinga's interpretation of achievement by the impotent coalition government 1] They have set up commission to deal with post election perpetrators of violence- Well done you are are very economical with truth. Mr PM you have failed completely to read the public mood. go tell it to the birds. You have failed to reach any meaningful agenda after sitting on several Ali Baba cabinet meeting. 2] They Have set up truth and justice commission. Dead on the track before starting by appointing Bethwel Kiplagat who shed a crocodile tears ion a national T.V in front of million Kenyans was PS in Foreign Ministry When Hon Robert Ouko was maimed and murdered.He was also in team that planned and carried the 1984 genocide of Innocent Kenyans in Wagalla, Wajir. This project has no public confidence. Hon Odinga has very poor judgement and this detrimental to Kenya's security well being.

In poking holes on the 16 moth coalition government former VP Moody Awori said they have totally failed the Wananchi and have failed to solve the plight of the 600,000 IDPs. Awori criticized the coalition for spending money in unproductive activities at the expense of critical sectors like education and health. They are preoccupied with squabbling over political supremacy.

May 2012 come quick and bury all this geriatric politicians to annals of history.


Thursday, 13 August 2009

Kenya on the Brink

Things are hotting up in the political scene. There is panic on both sides of the ODM equation. Ruto has marshaled his soldiers and has assured them no body is going to face a sack. This undermines the Authority of the Prime Minister Odinga. Odnga who is a schemer is now using his ethnic calculation by sending messages through tribal grouping call the Luo council of elders who have turned out nothing other than his mouthpiece.

The Luo council of elders met yesterday elders from South Rift who pleaded with their counterpart to send the message to Raila not to sack south rift Ministers. Franklin Bett and Zakayo cheruiyot who radars have been caught in Mau saga have taken dive and are toning down their language. Odinga has been bullish recently by threatening to take them head on. HE has said all those big fish who acquired land in Mau and then sold it to innocent third parties will face the criminal prosecution which will end their political life. The Prime Minister bypassed Rift valley Mps and went to plead with electorate directly and parading those who did not make to parliament and ask them to vote for them as he will work with them.

The act of Odinga crisscrossing the South Rift has shivers to Ruto team who think The PM felt let down by them bypassing him and meeting the President. Kibaki who is a laid back President is known to be directly taking advice from Moi graduate school of divide and rule. Few weeks ago Kibaki made very well publicised tour of Nyanza where he took goodies worth billion of Kenya shilling. The reception he received while in Nyanza was overwhelming. He has succeeded in wiping completely his perceived election theft. After the well choreographed lunch at Odinga's home in Bondo Odinga challenged his people to follow Kibaki which legitimized his presidency.

Now Kibaki has both teams in ODM divided and singing his tune. The temperature on the political scene has been lowered. He has told his troop to hold their horses and let Odinga and Ruto lock horns as it to their detriment and political demise. This will give chance to Kibaki heirs chance to outshine and win sympathy from hungry Kenyans. The Local tribunal,Truth commission has now been superseded by tackling hunger which is ravaging Wananchi. Kibaki know how to manipulate the hungry and to keep them at bay so he thinks. 70 % of thew youth population who are highly educated are unemployed and mobile. They spent good number of years preparing for employment which is not there. The corrupt way of the few in the regime has stifled and stagnated growth.

This highly educated and mobile youth are watching their families and kin dying of hunger which is not their making so what option have they got ???? The signs are already there waiting for the matchstick to be thrown in the arena.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The World must feed this woman

The bloated Kenya coalition cabinet with the Motto 'Lets eat together' in a session while below a hungry Kenya woman calls on the international community to save her and her children and bypass the fat so cabinet.

This woman is from a country called Kenya. She is from Turkana region of Kenya.She is hungry and has not food for the last few weeks. She has lost the ability to smile. Her face has lost power on left side of her face. showing the world her empty bowls which is a symbol of how incompetent the coalition government is. Unable to feed its population.

Mr Ruto on course to feed Kenyans

The Maverick North Eldoret Mp is on a mission to feed the 10million hungry Kenyans. He has now identified the provinces that are worst affected by drought as North Eastern,Eastern and upper eastern provinces. The Ruto paper tabled in parliament call for urgent......-Use of existing mechanisms such as the Emergency Operation Program (EOP), and the School Feeding program to reach other areas that also require food and water assistance.
-Continuing with the School Feeding Program during the current school holiday in the worst hit areas.
-Installing emergency power generation capacity to make up for the loss of hydro generated power and promote the use of energy saving bulbs.
-Taking concrete steps to deal effectively with conflicts arising from the competition for food and pasture in parts of the country.
- The need to expand the current water storage through construction of several new dams and rehabilitation of new ones.
. The drilling of new boreholes will be intensified.
. Increasing power generation by an extra 2000 MW’s in the next five years with emphasis on green energy.Well done Ruto though late you are taking the right step.

Mr Ruto has asked ODM to stop bickering and get down to real issues that are pressing Kenya today. He has categorically stated that he is not for cheap politics and will not be drawn in shouting match With Mr Odinga.There ongoing meetings behind the scene to chart way out for Orange party. Large majority of the Mps think that the party has been getting too autocratic. Party stalwart since becoming Prime Minister Hon Odinga does not tolerate or respect other members views. He has openely attacked members of Parliament from Rift Valley who according to them were fighting for legitimate . An ODM Assistant Minister told me The PM has only support of Nyanza Mps and according to him he is a spent force . The minister claimed Ruto has a large following within ODM and as the party ODM will not survive onslaught. They are bidding their time and will ditch the party six month before the election.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Francis Atwoli secretary General of COTU bragged on national T.V that he will be a minister in the next government???. Is there something that Mr Atwoli knows that we do not know. Is he going to rig an election,will he be nominated to parliament or will he bribe voters during an election.What constituent does Mr Atwoli brag off. He was shown on live national T.V that he is the head of Africa and Asia trade union and was in a hotel in Beijing where he was picked by a chauffeur driven car to brief the premier of China Hui Jinn Tao. Does Atwoli think by briefing Chinese premier on Trade union matters that he has now acquired the skills to become a minister. Wake up Mr Atwoli from your dream. Kenyan are intelligent people who will never be fooled again. You are not going to buy any votes and you will not arm twist Kenyans.Atwoli become secretary by chance . Atwoli was worker at kisumu post office telecommunication who apart from his monthly salary had no assets . Today Atwoli can be counted as millioner he has amassed so much wealth while claiming to be fighting for the rights of Kenya workers. Let him come clean and account for the vast wealth that he has amassed. Lay open your assets for scrutiny especially Naivasha Villas.


MOi's Blind belief

Former President Moi has been crisscrossing throughout the country with his new found position as peace ambassador. Moi who for 24 years has reduced Kenya to a country that cannot feed its own citizen is benefiting from power vacuum. He plundered the wealth of Kenya and managed even to sell Nairobi city council toilets to be developed into petrol stations. The Mau forest saga was caused by Moi. looking the list tabled by PM Odinga [ The A list of Mau Grabbers , Those allocated Mau Forest Land: • Gideon T Moi 44.74ha • Sian Entreprises 118.89ha Z.P. Cheruiyot 1,955ha ,]the beneficiaries of looting of mau and it is his Son who tops the list . Mr Moi must be having nightmares and knows that his Son Gideon hope of clinching Kanu presidency is slipping. Moi detest Raila Odinga who he believes scuttled his plan to anoint Uhuru as president and appoint his son Gideon as vice president. Moi is actively campaigning against Raila and will use his looted wealth at his disposal to achieve this. Raila has sent several emissaries to Moi who has turned them down. Moi who has hot line to Kibaki has been advising him on all Raila moves. The intelligence have built good picture of of Raila.Voters humiliated Moi's three sons and son in law in the last general election.


How Kibaki stole the Election

Systematic electoral fraud including vote-rigging in a third of all constituencies, stuffed ballot boxes and election officials changing results had a decisive impact on the outcome of the Kenyan elections, an investigation by The Independent can reveal.
In 88 of the 210 constituencies, turnout was at least 1,000 votes higher in the presidential election than in the parliamentary poll conducted at the same time. This amounted to a total of 380,944 votes, considerably more than President Mwai Kibaki's winning margin of 231,728. Even when suspect voting practices in opposition candidate Raila Odinga's strongholds are accounted for, the extra votes for Mr Kibaki total about 350,000.
Violence, sparked by the disputed election results, has raged for almost a month and yesterday the former UN secretary general Kofi Annan flew into Nairobi – the latest in a line of African statesman to get Mr Kibaki and Mr Odingato sit down together and try to find a way to resolve the crisis.

According to election observers, ballot boxes were stuffed by both sides. In one constituency, Mr Odinga won 100.5 per cent of valid votes. In Maragwa, a constituency with near-total support for Mr Kibaki, turnout was 115 per cent.
When the result was queried the returning officer was allowed to reduce the turnout to a more acceptable figure. Under Kenyan election law votes from that constituency should have been excluded.
Observers also reported that counts were changed by returning officers in local polling centres, as well as staff at the National Electoral Commission in Nairobi, largely to favour the incumbent bidding for re-election. Koki Muli, a senior Kenyan observer, said: "They added 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 – whatever they wanted. It was bizarre. We had results which were quite outrageous."
In some constituencies the total announced for Mr Kibaki at electoral headquarters in Nairobi was higher than that announced at regional tallying centres in the presence of foreign observers. An additional 25,116 votes were added in Molo and 17,677 in Kieni. In North Imenti, Mr Kibaki won 78,684 votes, but official ECK results gave him an extra 5,324. In a handful of constituencies where Mr Odinga was strong, the results were reduced by election commission officials in Nairobi. In Changamwe, Mr Odinga won 28,340 votes to Mr Kibaki's 14,813. However, the official result announced at the election headquarters put Mr Odinga on 17,706 and Mr Kibaki on 9,366, reducing Mr Odinga's lead by 5,187.
Mr Odinga had been leading by more than one million votes after the first day of counting following the 27 December ballot, but after days two and three the gap narrowed as results came in from constituencies where Mr Kibaki's support was strong. Mr Kibaki was declared the winner amid scenes of chaos on 30 December, although later the head of the electoral commission said he had been pressured by members of the ruling Party of National Unity (PNU) and could not be sure who had won.
The breakdown of votes raises questions about what went on in those crucial three days between polls closing and the result being announced. On 29 December, Mr Odinga was narrowly ahead with just 21 constituencies left to be counted. The official Electoral Commission results from those constituencies would have given Kibaki a lead of 40,000, less than a fifth of his eventual winning margin.
According to several people with knowledge of the events, senior PNU officials began to worry after the count in Nairobi's Kamukunji constituency was cancelled because of allegations about extra ballot papers. Observers say that PNU officials, realising it would have been impossible to announce Mr Kibaki's victory by 40,000 votes while Kamukunji's 119,000 votes had been declared void, worked with Electoral Commission staff and changed results in other constituencies, to give Mr Kibaki a bigger margin of victory.
The government spokesman, Alfred Mutua, dismissed the numbers as propaganda: "Let an independent body go through the evidence, separate the wheat from the chaff."


Odinga's dictatorial tendency

Yes it has now come to forefront Odinga has raised a storm that he cannot ride. Yesterday he paraded election losers in Rift valley and told the rally that he will work with them and bypassing the Elected leaders from this expanse region. Remember it is the violence in Rift valley that catapult him to the post of Prime Minister. Yes as Gaitho has been spot on 'President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga share power as probably beneficiaries of two sets of crimes. One retained office through a flawed, likely stolen, election. The other won office through the blood of innocent Kenyans'.

Mr Odinga has problem with democratic rules when it suits him he will shout over his voice and now that Kibaki has allowed him to exercise little power he has thrown all that he stood for and now they are singing 'Two legs good for legs bad'. The trapping of little power is dangerous it makes you forget who's blood was poured to make you reach that stage. Now he is busy appointing his relatives to position while 10million Kenyans are dying of hunger. Kenya because high level of corruption is experiencing power shortage.

Mr Odinga vomited on the shoes of donars recently when he told visiting U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "We don't need lectures on how to govern ourselves. Lecturing us on issues that deal with governance and transparency is in bad taste," Mr Odinga said. He is now developing dictatorial tendencies. Yes Yes that is how African dictators develop Mr Odinga and Kenyans will not allow any more dictators. The youth have reached boiling point. Unemployment is almost 70%, Health system has been run down and has turned into fight between Nyong'o and Mugo who are satisfying their egos.

Yes Tinga you should respect your colleagues views and not just cut and run when they challenge you. They were elected by their constituent and represent them. It is disrespectful and in bad state to belittle them in their constituents.Remember Rift Valley voted you man to man. 1500 innocent Kenyans were murdered and 600,000 displaced who need justice that you are blocking.

It is too late to change the cause of history Kenya will never be the same the youth will take power by whatever way.


Corrupt Elite of Kenya

Dear BHC

I was among those who were shouting on top of their voices to support Hon Raila to clinch the Kenya Presidency which he did but was robbed. He had surrounded himself with very bad advisers who have led him from a trap to a trap. He is now the most unpopular leader in Kenya for condoning corruption and supporting wayward ministers. He is in Bed with others and call for status quo. He has now joined the rest of thieves and doing "It's our turn to eat" and "lets eat". This can be proved by his action of employing and posting his close relative to jobs that has been left over by Kibaki's henchman. Why do you here corrupt and despicable people like Kiraitu Muruingi who is running down the energy ministry with so much blackouts saying that he will support Hon Raila for 2012??? IS not that the game of eating "must continue". Shame on the 1/4 of Kenya's population is dying of hunger while they wallow in gas guzzling vehicles and this boated +40 Ali Baba Ministers mouth are full of foul smelling stench grabbed from the mouth and belly of dying Kenyans.

Woo unto them they talk of vision 2030 while Kenya cannot feed its population, Kenya cannot provide basic health to its population. They care only for their ego and their homestead and giving lip service to dying population of Kenya. Indeed they will not rule stones and barren land. Time is ripe and we shall pick the GxN and go to the push then they will realise what they are up to.


Monday, 10 August 2009

Lets Eat -its our turn

Kiraitu Muruingi was once an opposition lawyer who gave Moi a run for his but once he joined government he turned to be the biggest obstacle to reform. He was relieved his post on corruption charges only to be re-appointed. He has yet to prove his innocence barely a month after being named to ministry of energy the triton oil saga was discovered where the tax payer was swindled again. Kiraitu was taped extensively and appeared in Githongo's tape and the famous book Lets eat its our turn. The government ministerial post has been used by him to amass wealth while 25% of Kenya population are dying of hunger. His ministry is so corrupt that they are now rationing electricity as the engage in corruption of high magnitude.

Kenyans will not forgive this corrupt leader who is clinging to this post so that he can continue to loot Kenya's wealth. He is now warming up to Raila Odinga who is equally now involved in nepotism by appointing his relatives to government post after patching up with Kibaki.